Brio has a new Beard Trimmer! | Brio Axis Unbox & Review

Check out the Brio Axis here:


David Keith Zachary says:

Great camera work

Matt Beard says:

Great video . Like always always have me laughing you a funny ass dude

clint carey says:

So I’m starting a channel for beard products reviews any advice that you can give?

big j Aquatics vape beard says:

scuba we love you…

Edward Moon says:

He was trimming “downstairs”…lol…

Devin Brown says:

What dat axis do

Dani Flores says:

Sad and I literally just got my beardscapes today in the mail.
These are a lot more cost friendly 🙁 plus I have a shorter beard

The Beard Dream says:


yume_xt says:

It always feels good in the hand

Alejandro Villarreal says:

Also had a question dose beard dye ruin the beard?

Steven Yantz says:

Looks like a great trimmer. Love my Brio Beardscape!

Henry Carroll says:

What’s a downstairs??? Lmfao!!!

adrian97c says:

I use reg waul clippers to do my beard trims, using a 3 clip… do these axis come with a 3clip size clip?

The Bearded Menus says:

Dope sauce

bMUR's Bearded Experiences says:

Nice review man, i’m am debating on getting one to go along with my beardscape, Cheers.

Jonny Muñoz says:

What’s good great beard channel quick question beardtube whats the best month to get a beard trim ?? I have a 4 and a half months beard

Binks' Beard and Bourbons says:

Nice review. I’ll have to get one of those at some point.

Edward Moon says:

If there is a giveaway I need in on it…have to add it to the kit…I use my brios for everything

AlonBalonMagnivCuson says:

Can you do a review of the Philips Norelco Multigroom 7000 MG7750/49?

TheRealTaegashi says:

Nice review! I saw that the new axis just came out and was wondering how long it was gonna take you to review them lol. Question. What do you think about beards in job areas where beards are frowned upon like in healthcare, food service industry, some business environments, etc.

Paul Banks says:

You trim your down starts hahaha

wayne boss says:

Got the beardscape yesterday for father’s day. Love it.

Alejandro Villarreal says:

Any stores where I can buy them both?

Bearded Blastoise says:

Just got my beardscape a few months ago will have to wait a while to before considering a new trimmer

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