How to Trim Your Beard at Home

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Carlos has to trim his beard a bit shorter for some upcoming work. This Brio Beardscape trimmer showed up at the right time. The quality on this trimmer is amazing.

1. It’s quiet! Much more so than most trimmers on the market.
2. You can change the speed at which it cuts with 5 adjustable speeds.
3. The blade is made of ceramic, 5 x harder than stainless steel.
4. Sharp- cuts without pulling.
5. Built in adjustable blade and includes 3mm, 6mm, 9mm and 12mm guards.
6. Extra long battery life.

The Method:
Start with the sides. Go with the hair to take out some of the weight, bulk and the wispy hairs. Be sure to keep the edge of the guard against your face. To take the length off the front with the same guard rest the edge of the guard against your chin. This will help keep the proper angle to your beard.

For the neck trim you can get the perfect stubble look using the integrated 1.0 to 1.9 mm blade height adjustment and move shorter.

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Beardbrand is a men’s grooming company that is helping men keep on growing by providing education and tools for urban beardsmen to master their morning routine. We’ve found that confidence starts with self investment, and allows men to do great things for their families, co-workers, and community. We are working to break down the negative stereotypes that surround bearded men, and show the world it’s the man who matters, not the way he looks.

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday at 11am EST

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Ondrej Mészáros says:

is this guy sasha baron cohen?

Henry Grand says:

Wow! You looked like a whole new man afterwards! 🙂

cacadodo666 says:

My no beard growing aztec ass is triggered by this conquistador lookn boss ass beard grwin fool

Arianna Hester says:

This was so helpful. I’m trying to learn so I can trim my boyfriends beard. You’re accent is really unique and awesome! Might have to invest in these trimmers for my boyfriend now haha. Thanks again, sir!

Seb G says:

This guy fucks

Om Nwaf says:

God your beard look ugly as fuck

f2509p says:

That thing obviously doesn’t work. Or the video is mistitled and should really be called how to trim the air surrounding your beard.

Mihály Hanics says:

You know it’s an average trimmer if you start off describing it by saying “how quiet it is”.

Wɪɴsᴛᴏɴ Lᴇᴏɴᴀʀᴅ Sᴘᴇɴᴄᴇʀ Cʜᴜʀᴄʜɪʟʟ says:

What did he even do?? Same as before

TheLoneWanderer says:

This is just a product review. Waste of time. Your products are overpriced as it is.

William Ormond says:

Ooch ! Those throat tats must have hurt very distracting… what a mess … kinda limits the employment prospects…let’s hope he has a trust fund…


does hair over your lip bother you? do you trim it?

jeremy says:

I can grow a healthy thick beard, just can’t figure out how to trim and shape it up :/

enkadu007 says:

Nice hair, fuck you

Guy Incognito says:

A real man picks a style. Either you shave (and take up jogging as a hobby) or you dont shave and go for the bit more masculine full beard style.
Your choice, soy boys. 🙂

Ljngstrm says:

I found this to be a bad tutorial

matsenko says:

Massive fart at 10:50 😀

Hogwylde Sinned says:


Aly Mohammed _حضره الدكتور البياع_ says:

Is there any side effect if I used beard oil every day !!

David Moreno says:

Look how quiet this trimmer is: Gives a look like, wow this trimmer is actually fckn loud!?

king of tourism says:

if u want to live life…subscribe me

xPNova says:

wawawewah I like-a your beard!

Level 1 says:

must be an idiot

Gaby Manta says:

omg thanks, know i know how to take care of my amazing beard!!!!! <3

Alexandre Costa says:

Ola tudo bem ! e bom ver um portugues a falar ingles no youtube parabens!!

Xanatos Wolfe says:

What kind of cunt tattoos his hands and neck.

Randolph Tolbert says:

I’ve had my Wahl clippers from Walmart for 15 years. The only cost $20. Don’t waste your money on these fancy smancy designer clippers. GTHFOH

Swapnil Ajgaonkar says:

Thanks for making this video & also for using the attachments.

Andreas B. says:

Ceramic blade is stronger than stainless steel?
Ceramic stays longer sharp, I think he meant to say!

Hunter Hoffman says:

His accent is all over the place

Michael Christiaan D. P. says:

Fagbeard, the wrong style

Harlow says:

Is it just me or does Carlos talk like a Belter?

Enzo Pianelli says:

Carlos I bought the trimmer thank you it works great…. awesome

Addi 666 says:

Nice man! 😀

Regionvoices says:

Does this trimmer have replacement blades

J-Man88UK says:

The grade size he is using is a no4 just incase anyone wants to know…

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