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I didn’t want another crummy beard trimmer, so after much research I settled on the Norelco Perfect Beard QT4000- This trimmer is made especially for the beard- with a height adjustable guide built right in. It made short work of my beard and moustache- a little too short as I tried it on the shortest setting (aka the stubble setting).

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Stephie Deng says:

Please review the phillips hairclipper HC5450783

Stephie Deng says:

Buy the remington shaver because it has a vacuum for 55$

Rafael Moska says:

thank you, after watching the video I decided to buy this beard trimmer . greetings from Brazil!

Pepper K says:

I don’t recommend this trimmer at all. The battery is shit. You charge it forever and it last less than 30 min.

Been using it for 1 year now and i cannot wait to throw it in the garbage.

The most stupid thing that really pisses me off about this shitty trimmer, is that it does not fucking turn on even if you plug it in.

The other day It stopped in the middle of shaving and I had to cancel my date.

Jesus help me be more patient.

Simply The Best says:

if 10 didnt work, why did u go from 2………why not try 5-6-7 or something instead of going from longest to 2nd shortest?

Devitra Suga says:

eww white hairs all over the cutter looks disgusting i have black hair and i gag when cleaning up after cutting my beard too the vacuum 1 sounds best for me

Comic Guy says:

I liked it before you cut you mustache for the second time, you looked like pierce brosnan. You have that pointy mustache look mine gets full, like a big caterpillar.  Good job.  I almost bought a ge x550 camera for my vids, ever heard of it?  My following is so small I hate to spend much.  Twenty two subscribers and no money to buy new e cig stuff to demo, using my nexus 7 now to do my vids.  Long upload times though ten minutes takes about an hour.  Twenty minutes three hours and I can’t do anything on my comp till it’s done.  Even though nexus is independantly uploading.  thx for the vid, next time try slow angled, down strokes, might work more efficently.  

David Thomas says:

good review sir, I have a norelco, with a removable adjuster, sometimes i trim with it off, kind of freehand it, i have a longer beard, but i must say you look quite distinguished with the beard lol..

Manny-22 Enjoy-life says:

What !!!! You try 10, then u go to 2 ?? U are Loco

Co⊙zeB○Yz says:

With Necessity items like a beard trimmer, you’re better off spending the extra dough on a better quality product. You’ll find you spend more having to replace the cheaper models than if you did with a good higher cost one. I paid about $125  for mine and ive had it for years and it still works like the day I bought it. You get what you pay for.

Rocker 74 says:

Picked this one up for a good price yesterday to replace my last one which finaly died after about 4 years.

The one I replaced looked ecactly like a mini electric clipper, it had a stand, brushes, 5 or 6 attachments (everything you lose), and a flimsy adapter cable. It lasted 4 years and cost more than this.

This one is simple and was less $ than my last one. Nice cable, the trimmer, the single adapter, and a brush. Tried it out this morning and it was like “zang”. Gone. Right off. I like it. Its likely better than my last. Looks easy to clean. My last one, I had to dismatle and clean and oil the blades every 4 shaves.

People saying spend more, Im thinking this is just a stripped down version of the more expensive. Personally, I dont really care about a vacume, charge indicators or if its nice and ergonomic in your hands. I just want a shave. Phillips is a good name.

Bill Alicea says:

I have the Norelco vacuum model, and works great, however I still get some hairs on the counter.  Then again, Im very hairy…LOL

Simply The Best says:

btw whats diff between qt4000/16 and qt4000/42

idk what those numbers at the end mean

Stephie Deng says:

Please review the phillips shaver sires 9000 with the smartclean .

yuprulesing says:

I guess well have a short bearded reviewer for the next video 🙂

Alecjs says:

You should try something called the desert bullet, it is a frozen treat maker and it makes ice screen in 7 , but its healty because it only uses fruit …. It cost a lot thou

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