Panasonic Hair trimmer ER – GB80 review

This review goes more in-depth on what the Panasonic hair trimmer ER GB80 can do


White Mail Privilege says:

What happens when the little bottle of oil is used up?

Sean Houlker says:

thx bro, this sure help

juantana7 says:

Can you use it without any combs on body hair? It did pull a bit when I tried but I just got it and had not charged fully or oiled.

Kavian Tehrani says:

Great video…tnx

wayne harrison says:

Great in depth video of Panasonic’s ER GB 80. Worth watching if you own or are have ordered trimmer.

Chris Doc says:

I bought this after my previous trimmer packed up. Spent half an hour with the instruction manual but could not figure how to take the blade off. Me and manuals probably!! Wish I had just gone to your video first as you demonstrated it very simply. Great video. Very helpful. Thanks.

Md. Zabed says:

Hi nice to see your trimmer, but how i can buy or get in Bangladesh. pls mail me

Mark Monroe says:

Great review,!
If my barber says he used 2 1/2 to cut the side of my hair. what setting would that be on this trimmer for a touch up, until going back and getting my hair cut

Ben Fehr says:

Great review man, I’ve been looking for a solid beard trimmer. What would you recommend as high end, I don’t care about spending the money, I just want something that lasts long and is powerful. I like that this goes to the half millimetre. i’ve like to get something that trims to about 5mm for my beard. This thing just doesn’t sound too powerful

Jose Ram says:

Hi, the charge status lamp is always on when use the trimmer? My trimmer only change a red ligth when I stop use it or when I start charge it.

WayneR says:

Hey man, great video. I am so thin on top I keep my head shaved weekly with Wahl clippers with the number 1 guard. These are about worn out now so was looking to buy another pair and wonder whether this will achieve the same cut for me?

AKS Sundaram says:


Barnaba Rudge says:

Very good show.

A X says:

Will my Panasonic Arc 3 adapter work/ be compatible?
Pls post closeup pic/ Model No of Power Adaptor for Trimmer

Robert Bradford says:

Very good review…just got mine yesterday, will use it today first time. Good info here.

Adam Alesna says:

i didn’t know that i can take the blade out and clean it. just watch this video and now my razor is working. the reason why it’s not working the inside has a lot of hair. thanks man! the manual that i have is in Japanese.

Heem Hassan says:

Is that water proof?

Ruan Koss says:

It is good to cut on the head (the height of the cut is 0.5mm)?

markor86 says:

hey man, great review!
i’m deciding between Panasonic er gb80 and Philips Norelco 7200, the price is more or less the same….do you have any comments maybe?

Noah Mitchell says:

Thanks man!

foxafox says:

Can I trim my beard with it ?

Abdullah Buttt says:

Is it better than the Philips one blade pro??

బొక్కిసం Bokkesam बोक्किसम ボッキサムకిరణ్కుమార్ Kiran किरण キラン says:

can the precision trimmer be removed?

Husain AK says:

Hi. Thank you for your review. I just have one question. Can you still use it while the charger is plugged in?

Florin Barascu says:

Thanks, this really helped!

manu tre says:

very nice video…. by the way i think your fire detector’s battery is dead Lol !!

Ferdiotas Arouet says:

thank you sir. Just one question, my device does not include the comb for body hair and the precision trimmer… do you know why? The model is the same..

Penty says:

Thanks for a very good review. I bought this trimmer as my 15 year old babyliss clipper died on me. The great thing about this trimmer is the body hair comb, or as I call it, the “Nakasaki” comb. I can confidently trim my intimate parts without the worry of nicking myself. It also does a really good job of both trimming my beard and cutting my hair. Yes it’s expensive, but I think it’s definitely money well spent

DLM says:

how the hell do yu detach the blade

Pooya Seif says:

Thanks for the review 🙂 As far as I know the only difference between er-gb70 and this one is only for the body hair comb. what is the advantage of the comb ? if I trim without the comb it will cut at 0.5 mm which is better that 1.5 mm.

yo raul says:

If you didn’t had any hair clippers, what would you buy between this and Andis US PRO, considering this is 5 pounds more than Andis on Amazon.

Роман ЗП says:

Thanks a lot! Very useful for me

jiggier says:

Thank you for the review. It helped me to decide.

jla7785 says:

Excellent review and added opinion. Very helpful!

Ahmad Shumayal says:

I have the exact same trimmer with the exact attachments and everything. It sells in my market as ER GB 75 S and Made in Japan. I think due to some voltage issues.

I got it for a deal at 81$ with a Panasonic Dual Blade Shaver free! I am happy with it.

The only thing that was weird adjusting to was the oiling part because my previous Philips Norelco trimmer didn’t need any oiling. I thought it was for heat dissipation and lubrication?
Now I know why my hair gets pulled when I use it without oiling! lol

Thanks for the review.

Weslly Stunff says:

I Saw a video that people do fade without klips? Do You know how to do this?

макс белов says:

What do u think, is this trimmer better than philips norelco? I have just heard some bad words about philips.

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