Panasonic Wet Dry Beard Trimmer – Model ERGB40-S

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hi,,im hus after purchasing the same model,,its brilliant,,it gets into all those niks n can produce any type of style with ease jus wished id have found it sooner,,anyways;how often wud u recommend to oil the blades thanks!

Kingdom Of Mog says:

God that thumbnail is perfect

V.V. says:

The biggest disadvantage of this kind of trimmer model is “you could not notice when the battery drains. It might happen when you are in the middle of trimming your beard and you can’t plug and play simultaneously. The trimmer should have an indicator to show battery percentage.

echo444 says:

My poor eyes! Good shaver video though…. you know they have an interchangeable body shaver shave-head too? Not saying you need one… just sayin lol. Merry Christmas!

Bryan Medina says:

So what is one that you recommend?

Barnacules Nerdgasm says:

Timmy in the shower, now this is a video! #GetsPopcorn  

st0rm says:

Disliked for sexy clickbait thumbnail…

Matt Schaefer says:

I wasn’t expecting that!!!

Style Review says:

The best review of this trimmer we saw so will be featuring this as a video review on our own review for this product. It will bring you a few more views. Great review TimmyTechTV. Really found it useful to learn that it wasn’t great for the shave function. This won’t bother everyone.

Josh Hearn says:

Anyone still using this trimmer. My Wahl Lithium Ion bit the dust after like 5 years. The motor was so strong but terribly loud. How strong is this motor

Daniel says:

So whats the best beard trimmer in your opinion? I need a recommendation. Btw, great videos, keep it up!

KMS Scharnhorst says:

god darn u sexy beast hmmmm

Luis Alfonso says:

Yes i love to see more of this type of video 🙂

LPG9000 ! says:


Xaqaria says:

Great review Timmy. Glad you chose to do a close up… You better let your wife know you are taking videos of your showers and putting then on YouTube!

Tom Litfin says:

Well I guess I will not be getting this.  I want it for the same reason trim it and then shave it.  Thanks for the review.

Vinhhotboii says:

great video!!!

Forest Standalone says:

What is that cap-comb made of? Hope its metal…

Poe Tay Toe says:

Get a real shaver and buy a safety razor or a straight razor. Best choice I’ve ever made.

Trancer006 says:

Mmm nice chest!

Jonas A says:

I have to be honest.. I got a semi :3 *Timmy Nudes Leaked* huehue

Unidos says:

Does it also work with the charger cord on?

Commodorefan64 says:

Seriously I have a $5 ShaveMan trimmer that takes 2 AA batteries that I’ve had for almost 12 years now, and the motor is as strong as the day I bought it, and the blade cuts just as clean, I do oil it every so often too keep it in top shape, but the power button is starting to go bad on it as I have to hold it for it too stay on, and I’ve not been able too find another one like it, which is a shame, and looks like I’ll be staying away from the Panasonic ones, and keep on looking. 

ImTheEpicCanadian says:

Actually liked this quite a bit. More!

LPG9000 ! says:

if it was called panasonic wet dry beard trimmer 9000 id buy it in a instant.

k1e1v1i1n says:

Jumping jebus I wasn’t ready for that lol. Nice job! I’ve never had one work for my beard.

Mutation666 says:

Like the new direction

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