Philips Norelco QT4050 Vacuum Beard Trimmer Review

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This is a full review of the vacuum beard trimmer from Philips, the QT4050. This review really reveals that there can be a pretty big difference between the performance of various beard trimmers, and it’s always best to know exactly what you want out of a product. Fortunately by the end of the review we figure out exactly who will benefit from this trimmer, and who needs to look somewhere else.

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Peppino Lamont says:

Mine has lost its charge…won’t even work when plugged in…can I change the batteries??? How to do that?????

ternitamas says:

I really like your stubble at the beginning what length did you use on the trimmer to get that look?
Nice review!

ChefAtilla says:

You should have cut out the music and let us hear the trimmer running/working to let us know what it sounds like and how loud it is…This would make it a much better review… Maybe you should review the qt4070?

Joseph T. says:

Should mention the L. E. D. functions too, which is another selling pont feature .

HoOGenghisB says:

As somebody already mentioned, giving us an ear for the sound of the trimmer when its being used would be a good addition to the review. Also, I would find it helpful if you discussed any maintenance thats involved. Some products need oiling? I would like to avoid any and all kinds that involve that stuff.

Matthieu Gagnon says:

Could you somone anwers this.

Can you increase increment by 0.5mm or just 1mm? Can you shave at 4.5mm?

Bruce Walsh says:

I’d be curious to know if the battery last as long as it’s advertised.

sauroborsi says:

what’s the name of the model at 3:52 ? thanks

Karl Hans says:

how do you clean the chamber that has the fallen facial hair?

trallalalalaish says:

you know there is a new type out now the QT4090 that I have bought and it has one more comb to do the lines so it is great! But yeah I am Swedish so maybe you don´t have that one jet, but prob you do because we are often the ones who gets everything new the last. 😀

MGFitness says:

got the 4070. it’s amazing. beautiful and efficient.

leonidas gr says:

when you use it without the clipper (just metal) its the 1mm lenth ?

rozowyslon says:

Good job! Thanks for this review.

Shawn Afshar says:

I’ve been using the istumble for a few years now worked pretty good but it’s time to move on to something else

bang shot says:

is this good for shaving pubic hair and balls?

PlumDutchess says:

Just what I was looking for. I needed a good beard trimmer for my dad. He has a normal one-length-all-over beard and needs a new trimmer, since his old one is slowly dying. I saw this one and when I looked for a review I found your video. The vacuum on it is something my mom and I love the most ;).

Adam Browning - Hill says:

The spring at the blade area popped out when I was cleaning it. Now I can’t put it back. Any tips on how to do that? It doesn’t work without it.

rdewes says:

it is bivolt

Tabish Syed says:

Just bought one but mine does NOT say Norelco. It just says Phillips. Maybe because I got mine in Canada. Got it from Amazon btw.

josue barreiro says:

Thanks! This help a lot

Seth Yellin says:

Thanks bro! I learned of another one from Philips, today off Lazada, buttttt, not for that one you show for sure with difficult trimming a beard with the style of blades, for that price, with my Jewish/Italian/etc beard?! Uh no. I skimmed to the in use part and I am glad I came across that. Heh. I was gonna get it for my head, beard, and neck. O. O.

TheDoctorDokins says:

Does this shaver works on 220 volts?

omar renno says:

awesome man

drotegu6 says:

Could you please do a review on the 4070? Interested to see if they made any noticeable improvements, particularly with the blades protruding from the shaver itself, thanks!

Frank the Ant says:

Kinda seems unusable If you want to do any type of shaping.. Which is pretty disappointing..

utilizator333 says:

Always informative reviews. Excellent!

bradthebluefish says:

This really helped me determine what to get which will be the Philips 3500 series rather than the QT4050 or QT4070. I want a goatee and as you suggested, these beard trimmers are usable for for it, but do not protrude enough to style a beard with ease. Thank you for the review. – Brad

fantomforces says:

I bought mine at Kmart.

Srinivas Gade says:

Which one you suggest QT4050 or QT4070?.

miredrinn says:

Can i get a close shave by this? My work place requires no beard at all and my face should be like baby face. İf this one cant which one can?

LACali4NiaNATIVE says:

where can you buy this

varadh sidgiddi says:

Is this wet and dry trimmer.Will it work with water and foam.

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