Phillips Beard Trimmer 9000 with LASER Guide – Unboxing & Review




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Synyster Shadows says:

You sound like that one jackals in class that can’t read and the teacher keeps calling on them to read the most.

Sebastian Fick says:

wow, who ft is reading this?! stfu

Джейсон Хичкок says:

Dude sounds like he’s related to Howard Cosell..

Mester you g says:


Tal Ben Dror says:

The beard is have therefor I am happy. Ermahgerd

Oleg D says:

Worst fucking trimmer i’ve ever had. Attachment head’s comb is too short, and when you trim the beard sometimes the blades cut off entire hair instead of the length that you adjusted. 

Dimmi Leyba says:

Every time you hear “here we have”, drink a shot. Wasted after 3 mins

baseballhunter42 says:

This is a joke right? 

Luckner Joseph says:

You suck bro

anshnet says:

Here is my comment lol

nimil nelson says:

Here we have… here we have … here we have a retard to review..get lost

Himikyadershik says:

хуйня какая-то

Marina Smirnova says:

хрень полная

James Moore says:


IceDevilIce says:


bugattisteve says:

Sounds kinda like Mitch Hedberg

sbn025 says:

hahah useless crap

JS K says:

“unpackaging using our hands” what a joker. very funny review. were you drunk when reviewing? not handy when trimming.

wer 4488 says:

what’s the use of laser

stig5057 says:

laser bull

kryptoniteee says:

Why did you review this like a retard?

The Collector says:

but what function does the laser have if your using it on your beard its not like the laser is very visible on a thick beard

GrowUnderPowerlines says:

Yes. But one question- Does this beard trimmer offer laser guide precision???

akr3985fan says:

Which one your Neck or your Ultimate other the Video was ok until you tried to show the shaver as an extension of your Dick”  not impressed at all..

Felipe Arcazas says:

You’re a fucking genius and I love you, sir

Abdullahi Nunow says:

this guy is like Rick from Rick and Morty savage

Codrin Vechiu says:

sarcastic review :)) well done!

oasisbeyond says:

Clearly not his video.

rohn52 says:

Sooo many cool things one can do with lasers…THIS – is NOT one of them!

Eric Garner says:

Did Helen Keller write the script to this review?

Jay Jelaso says:

Great job no offense

walter bishop says:

I always get better results shaving my beard with beard trimmer instead of foil shavers.I was wondering how close it shaves! thnx

urworkoutmywarmup says:

You suck lol is alright but the way you explain things is annoying

goldenglove25 says:

biggest fag

G13 classified says:

who is this fucking dipshit?

Jonathan Benoza says:


dan due says:

Ok seriously, the laser is totally useless, right ?!

Panagiotis Dimitrios Lampropoulos says:

The lazer helps you were to cut befor you make a mistake a have to cut all your bear!!!

3choBlast3r says:

I like everything that I’ve seen about this trimmer .. aside from the fact that it has a max length of 7MM ..  I like that it’s min 0.4MM that it has the laser, the looks, battery indicator etc. But I eventually went with the Phillips HC5450/80 .. 
1.  it has a longer battery time, same charge time “50vs90minutes use time / 1hour charge time” 
2. It has a min of 0.5 max of 24MM 
3. Far stronger motor + turbo 
4. Titanium blades that sharpen them selves and no need for oil 
5. Cheaper price 


1. This one can go a little shorter (0.4vs0.5) 
2. Has the laser
3. Has a precision head for better detail 

Hakan Özbay says:

%100 useLESS

ana meier says:

Ok…if this is a really laser…so a laser which can cut, is very very dangerous. For the skin, and also for the ryes. And this guy use it like it was just a little bit red light. I think thats just a LED…but easy…let us think it is a really laser wohoooo. Best regards from a laser technician

ali safar says:

I’m gonna buy this! thank you man

Adolf Hitler says:

I her shaved mustache

Yuluga Reyens says:

esto te cura la miopia?

aldamith says:

hahahah XD this could be the silliest review i have ever seen:D but it showed me everything i needed to know so who cares;D

AJay Hubbard says:

This beard trimmer on Amazon: 

Cameron R says:

If you can’t do a straight line with a pair of clippers just hand over your man card and book a fucking sex change.

Oberdan Bezerra says:

Such stupid use of laser. Just to high the price. Shame.

PronunciationDictionary says:

أغبى شيء تم صنعه لحد الان 

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