Shaving Minimally || Braun Cruzer 6 Review || How to trim a beard

In this episode of Thriving Minimalist .Com I show you how I shave my face with one small tool. No razors, no water, no soap. Upon request I am reviewing the Braun Cruzer 6 Beard and Hair Trimmer. I have used this trimmer to shave my face and trim my beard for about a year. In this episode I will show you how I shave and shape my beard with this trimmer, the features of the Braun Cruzer 6, and how to maintain your trimmer.

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Björn Mundt says:

Meanwhile, one cartridge razor blade costs about 4-5 US$ per piece!
Guys, we should go back to traditional shaving. Or as seen, other technologies such as trimmers/clippers.

Gillette (Procter & Gamble), who runs about 70% of the worlds shave-market, right now makes a campaign against beards!
“There are so many germs in there. Beards is so dirty. No, you should better shave and use our (fucking expensive) overpriced blades.”
I use a traditional DE Razor. One blade costs 15-60 Cent. That is minimalism.

Todd Fogleman says:

Great review and tips. I did notice you lose eye contact with the camera. I really like Braun products too. I just got this one for 50 bucks on Ebay, Amazon was higher.

Anatolian ✣ says:

Nice beard bruh!!

nikster says:

stand around naked, see your viewership skyrocket, Consider exploiting it, Conner.

ilias ben says:

Is it waterproof?

Luis Baltazar says:

Thank you for that video. I was wondering if you have a video coming on how minimalist budget money

indian4peace says:

Hi. Which is better…. Cruzer 6 or bt 5090?

Marino de Oliveira says:

Does it work as a body groomer as well??

Rodrigo Lopes says:


Lucien-Frederic D says:

Thanks for this review! You mentioned other models, more expensive from other brands probably doing a better job. Could you link us some of them? I am having troubles maintaining a precise & equal 7 to 12 millimeters long beard length on an “Action Joe” kind of beard of mine.

Aaron EHC says:

thakx i go get one

eddie zizek says:

how come this is minimalist? i have scissors and a bulletproof mindset that makes me cant give a fuck about what other people think about my beard.

FinerIntel says:

This is a great and thorough review. I just bought the Cruzer 6 and needed a quick guide on how to use it. Thanks a lot!

Mika Tarkela says:

I would like to know how the biggest guard performs.. I’ve been growing my beard for a year now and would like to make it look a little cleaner but not take too much off the length..

Freddie Slaughter says:

Thanks for a great video on trimming your beard with a very good Braun Cruzer 6.

cyberprodigy says:

Thanks. Just what I was looking for. Nice, clear explanation and experience sharing.

jespernoren says:

I have the same, never knew that you could open the top to clean it… haha thanks a lot for the help solving that small problem, it was a total mess inside!

Love your videos, keep them coming!

WARHEAD 1936 G.P says:

Can this shaver work for body shaving?

Vladislav Rõmarov says:

Have you purchased that black f*ckin plastic attachment separately or together ? I got this razor, but I don’t see such an attachment. Im so f*ckin’ frustrated! Moreover, I saw other videos about this razor model, but could not find any attachments at all( for shaving I mean, not for cleaning razor like oil or brush : ) )

Kel Collins says:

Exactly! A beard or stubble needs to be grown out passed the sand paper stage so that it feels softer to the person’s face one is kissing! Your beard rocks! Filled in nicely.

Hey Conner, ever been to Hippie Hollow?

Are you a “Burner”?

Jesse Hargrove says:

how much did it cost? how close does it cut? im black and a razor gave me bad razor bumps so im trying to find clippers that can cut close

Wesley Stark says:

Thank you for this video!

Yunior Gamboa says:

great video man

Gerrad Chawki says:

I just bought it. I also understood how to clean with your video thank you

Jackie Hoang says:

do you also use this for your head hair?

jayathome says:

How about a video showing the part of the country where you live? Especially nature! I don’t have the budget so it’s my minimalist way to travel! Lol

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