The Best Grooming Tools On The Market | Alpha M. Grooming Awards 2015

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In this video men’s style, grooming and fitness expert, Aaron Marino of, goes over his favorite grooming tools of 2015. These are the best of the best. This is the first annual Alpha M. Grooming Awards. In this video we will cover the best facial hair grooming tool, the best back hair removal tool, best nose hair trimmer, best hair clippers and the best tweezers and finger nail clippers.

Aaron Marino of alpha m. has tried, test, and bought thousands of grooming products. These grooming tools are simply his favorites.
Norelco QT4050 – he has tried a ton and nothing comes close to the fine precision and craftsmanship of this Norelco. And get this- it’s the ‘cheap’ one! If you want the perfect designer stubble or manscaper, this is your tool.

baKblade – for back hair removal, there is nothing better on the market. It can be used dry too.

Wahl Styler- for cutting your own hair if you are brave enough! If you buy quality (and this is quality), the tool will last!

Zamberg Clippers and Tweezers – the tweezers are sharp and precise, and the clippers are amazing. You get what you pay for – this set is made of German steel.

Remington NE3250 – it has two little blades that don’t cut you. It’s easy and quick to use as well as inexpensive.


darkmask441 says:

I thought that razor was $40 but I just checked on Amazon and it’s over $100


dude nowadays i dont have the patience to sit in a barber shop its such a waste of time and that guys mouth will be stinking all over my face

jean tsai says:

i want a beard like you man

Pritesh Patel says:

Yo alpha, I need the link to the Beardscape that you just did a sponsored video for – I need me that deal. cheers. P

Prakhar Narang says:

what is the link to the trimmer to cut your hair.

James Peart says:

can’t find a norelco qt4050 that isn’t $100+


Joshua Rowsom says:

Where is this years?

Bryan L says:

The nose hair trimmer has terrible reviews online, lots of reports that it does not cut well, will give you Larry Hagman eyebrows and oft will break down on you in short time.

deakon jarvis says:

Gee, I wonder if this guy could speak a bit louder, my neighbors down the fucking street can’t hear him!

Chris Morales says:

Absolutely love your videos. Subscriber for life. When will you be doing the 2016 awards?

Sanaullah Hossain says:

You look like Andrew Garfield + Jake Gyllenhal

twerking Gpanda says:

I used a cheap razor it couldn’t get all the hair and now I’m itchy

Hunter Kalka says:

time for 2016

WiZaRdUsMaN 7 says:

Watching at 3.01 AM

Nathan Dice says:

alpha chiuaua

Oldies Playlist says:

Can you do this again this year?

Dimitri Garcia says:

Really tried to follow what seems like solid advice but can’t take the shout-talk. Even at lower volume, damn. Sound like the mic works, no need to Billy Mays it throughout.

Thomas Crabtree says:


da dawg says:

i use a single blade razor turned side ways up and in my nose fa my nose hair.never cut myself and its supa clean

Boris Beverton says:

@ 06:22 Remington ! It is the best. Don’t waste your time, don’t waste your dime… get the Remington.

I found it @ Walgreens for $13.99. It works great for manscaping, too. And it will not nick you if the skin is taut, so it may be best to be up for the job (so to speak) when using.

I do wish the Remington had two different eye brow attachments, one smaller than the one provided for a closer trim, but the Remington is so good with ear hair it is a plus one.

MCRoadkill Videos says:

my go to brand for hair clippers is Remington, I bought one about 15 years ago for 50 bucks and it still works as good today as when i bought it. thanks for your video!

Raian M says:

95 bucks shit. I have a twizer or however you say it . it lasted since my grandpa’s time and I am using it now and it’s still in one pice not rusty still shining


last time I checked, the QT4050 was around $40 like the video says, now they cranked up the price to $109. This is just crazy

nasserbrn says:

Norelco QT4050 whats the replacement for it? can’t find it on amazon.

Klickavelli says:

you are awesome!!!! thank you so much!!!!

Ramazan YARANERI says:

that was few ad mixed up together. i hope youve been paid well because your video is a useless waste of time.

PSIsmashbrother626 says:

You should really do a 2016 one

fernando filion says:

hello, would you use a clipper as trimmer?

SrgCuddlez says:

have a question about men stuff!!? ALPHA. got a question about semi-man stuff? ALPHA. Alpha 2016

David Hamill says:

alpha m.
What would be a good pubic hair trimmer for under 40?

Lee Gordon says:

Always on point

christian verley says:

Just started watching your channel, and I have to say thank you. Thank you for not being some aggresive and condescending “alpha”. Your energy is joyful and you seem very friendly. Also thank you for not adding to the sterotype of douchey “alphas”. Keep up the the good work I’m loving the show.

mateo gomez says:

I’d recommend Karmin

eton300 says:

Why is the Norelco one like $100??? He said it was like $40?????

Matthew Smith says:

Are you doing these again in 2016?

justinator12345 says:

We need a new trimmer option! The qt4050 isn’t available anymore. Any suggestions?

GrowUnderPowerlines says:

I have the Norelco QT4070. AKA Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer 7300 vacuum trimmer ($200). Used it since 2011. It’s decent. After a ton of research, I bought the Remington 4045A. {*Remington MB4045A The Beardsman Beard Boss Full Beard Kit with Titanium-Coated Blades, Copper ($50)*} After 2 months of use, I am very happy with it. The Remington 4045A has a precise flip-out edging trimmer separate from the regular trimming blade. This feature far outweighs the vacuum feature of the Norelco in usefulness and functionality. The only downside I have noticed in the Rem is that the the vertical adjustment wheel becomes slippery if your thumb is wet, making it slightly harder to adjust after a shower than the Norelco’s horizontal adjustment wheel. However, the guard combs on the Rem give you a more even and controllable trim than the contour comb from the Norelco. The Rems add-ons include a boar hair beard brush that tames my beard better than my wood beard combs and the all-metal scissors it comes with are decent quality. The third guard comb on the Rem has an adjustment wheel on it that allows you to get really precise with your stubble length and downstroke trim for a longer beard without the stick out strands.
I am not paid by Remington. I think many of their (Remington’s) old trimmers were dogshit and was hesitant to take a chance on this one. It’s good. Lithium battery and everything. Rem stepped it up on this.

William B says:

what is the model of the norelco trimmer

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