Wahl Beard and Mustache Trimmer

Wahl trimmers are listed on Amazon here: http://bit.ly/wahlgroomsman

More info: http://www.electric-shaver-guide.com/wahl-beard-trimmer.html

This is a full review of a popular Wahl beard trimmer, the Wahl Groomsman. It’s a very affordable trimmer and for certain people it will be a really good match, but there are definitely those that won’t like it. The review gives some final thoughts on exactly what you can expect from this trimmer, and who it’s best for. For alternative reviews check out the website.

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Shahriar Nashid says:

plz make a review of Wahl trimmer all-in-one lithium ion….thnx

Yair Otniel says:

this video helped me a lot!!!! hahha thanks

michael stuart says:

Bad video.

Billzloveschelsea says:

I only ordered this to fix my sideburns up when they turn bushy and funny.. I hope this machine does the job.

ಠ_ಠ says:

the man must have mustache
only woman shaved

Hurst Last says:

Can it be use to cut head hair?

pablo romero says:

When I’m using it by removing my beard, it turns off and stops working, then i connect it to the charger but always has a red light, i do not understand how do i load it? or is damaged factory. Please, someone explain to me

unreal says:

Philips is the best……

neeklia says:

I own this trimmer for about a month, and completely agree with your review and comments! You’ve done a great job illustrating the pros and cons of the trimmer,in a very accurate way!

AR says:

I find your videos most trustworthy and helpful since you take the time to let us see the performance of each product. Can you compare the WAHL trimmer in this video against the WAHL Lithium Ion (comes with 17 pieces & 5 yr warranty)? And do you plan on making a comparison video for The Best 2014 Electric Beard Trimmers?

Gavriel Mayerhoff says:

have you ever used the peanut? I have a pretty thick beard, nothing crazy though. I’d say right around average, maybe a drop below. I have a norelco multigroon, and I use the precision shaver to shape it. While i like it, i find that it doesnt shave close enough, and i’m left with pretty visible stubble that somewhat ruins the point of shaping a beard. So I bought a braun shaver that looked pretty small to shave it down, but i didnt think it did a good job. A couple of friends mentioned the peanut, so I wanted to know what you thought. I also saw the norelco click and style, which has a full shaver plus trimmer attachment. 

just hoping for some advice here. Willing to spend up to 50 or so, just want a good strong trimmer that also does a good job shaping the beard without leaving an enormous amount of stubble. 


Diego gasca gomez says:

genial 🙂

Sinatra says:

You look cooler with a beard

xxDJCUEBALLxx says:

I just bought these. Owned them for five minutes and their garbage

Ryan Grant says:

How do you open the siZing clip???

Conqwiztadore22 says:

so it doesnt leave stubble so is it a compromise between avoiding a razor/ingrown hair and having a somewhat closer shave?

Dervin Foster Jr. says:

I have the same trimmer..had it for 4 yrs now it’s going out, won’t stay charged for no longer than 10 mins..but was great while it lasted, bout upgrade to Wahl Detailer..

hYpYz says:

very good review, it’s just what i need

Marcello Capone says:

Is this the Wahl 9916 or the Wahl 9918? There’s a £4 discrepancy as far as the price goes between the two but I don’t know what else is different.

D Fields says:

came looking for some assistance..sure didn’t get it…perhaps u should try READING the INSTRUCTIONS before u critic a product….WITH THE GRAIN…

Tyme ranui says:

can you use these for edges and sides of hair not beard hair

Ronaldo Câmara says:

i bought a similiar here in brazil and i had the same impressions that you had 😀 thanks for the video bro

John Real says:

what do you think about the Wahl Lithium Ion All-in-One Trimmer?

Conor Condon says:

if you were looking to completely remove the beard why would you use a trimmer

Hazard says:

took me 10 minutes to open the damn package to take out the trimmer.

Roxanne Rasmussen says:

my son Alex Rasmussen watched this. 🙂 age 18. 🙂

Vance Hastings says:

I got the same model when I was about 20-21 had it until I was 30 before I lost it, still charged and worked fine, just a tiny bit dull which is to be expected .

The Zapping Channel says:

what would you recommend for maintaining a beard by trimming it ?I mean my beard is not very thick so could it work for me?

509g1 says:

Is this the 9916 or 9918 version what’s the difference are they both powerful or is the 9918 better cause it’s metal ?

Luciano Castro says:

May I use my machine to cut my hair? I have little hair, and it is very thin, more thinner than my beard.


D.v katkade says:

1 2 3 no esay ky hota hy bal kay size kay liy hy ky

Si mon says:

Honest review – dont buy the Wahl … swapping out blades etc, is a pain and they dont last – VERY flimsy!

JalipeJude says:

@ElectricShaverGuide, 4 years later, would you still say this brand (and/or model) is still good for edging/creating an outline beard?

23dlc says:

Can someone tell me what is good for trimming mustaches

James Persico says:

Thank you so much for the explanation of how to remove the attachment! Was struggling for a while, despite having read the instructions!

palanzana says:

which trimmer?

Chuck Vapor says:

All this shit did was pull my fucking hair and not trim shit….sorry for the cussing but this shit will tear youre fucking hair out and its painful

David Smith says:

You’re doing it wrong.

Chuck Dumont says:

I have the older model but it’s still the same. The attachments aren’t hard to put on and take off. I don’t know why you’re having issues.

Theodor5150 says:

That thing cuts nice, I got the Wahl Detailer because I am more serious about trimming but this one is nice. Wahl has the best blades of the modern clippers and trimmers. Oster, I hear is the best tho.

Trixi trxi says:


m0nsta ga1nz says:

What a puss

Marcello Capone says:

Can you zero gap this machine’s blade? I saw a lot of videos on here of barbers zero gapping their clippers like the andis t outliners or slimline pros (removing the blade and pulling them up closer together to obtain a sharper, more precise line/trim).

So I’m wondering if you can do that with these as well as I’m looking to buy something slim and mobile to shape my beard.

Mr Burns says:

I bought the Wahl Professional 8900 trimmer from my hairdresser today. She uses a Wahl too. Got a Remington Rotary Shaver for Christmas but it kept pulling so it had to go. But l love the Wahl trimmer my hairdresser uses so she ordered one for me. They usually cost £75 but I got mine half price for £32.99.

ZiDDi JaTT says:

i had the wahl clippers 1918c model which i think is kinda same  as this guy using in this video but older version i guess because mine didnt had that WAHL logo on front…  bought it in 2006.. just stopped working last week lasted me long time..i had other trimmers too but this one was by far the best one….i even took it to india for my trip over 3 months. worked fine with different outlet

Pete Horam says:

I’m looking for something just for outlines and necklines so this could be ideal. I was thinking of either this or the philips oneblade as I didn’t know if this would shave close enough but it possibly will.

Adriel MUtopia says:

I greatly need help. I want an electric shaver that doesn’t have rechargeable batteries or blades that have to be replaced, but corded only. I need it to shave my beard because shaving razor blades cause me bumps. I have curly beard grow so when the razor cuts too low, the hair sticks to my skin before resurfacing causing hair to stick and bumps on top of my sensitive skin. Anyways, i was very detailed, so I can get the best recommendation. Thank you.

Dervin Foster Jr. says:

I have the same trimmer..had it for 4 yrs now it’s going out, won’t stay charged for no longer than 10 mins..but was great while it lasted, bout upgrade to Wahl Detailer..

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