Wahl Cordless


Kathy Bunch says:

that button do feel cheap like its about to break

Staf Staf says:

Hi. What’s the name and model of your favorite Trimmer? Thanks.

Saneo Maka says:

Which trimmer used to line up your beard

David Johnson says:

That beard is crazy precise.

whitesmoke hiding says:

so you changed the blade on the cordless ? what blade an was it easy to change it ?

Chris Hill says:

I just switch blades, they on point now famo, thanks

Ivo the Great1 says:

So true bro keep up the great info,my slimline pro button just broke on me its made of cheap plastic .

Big Fred says:

Good vid bro….I shave with clippers. I used the Hero’s for years until I fryed em in a 240 outlet in Kuwait….lol…wasn’t paying attention. Anyway, I wanted a coordless set of clippers that have good power and are coordless. I ordered a pair of G-Whiz clippers. What do you think of those as far as using em for shaving.

Hammad ! says:

So what wahl trimmer would you recommend ? Rechargeable lithium battery ?

1 LOVE says:

Man make a video on your beard line up..

Boogii Boog says:

great video but plz give the names at the same time thank you

mortif says:


Andre' ClassicCuts says:

Yooooooo your beard is dope bruh any advice? I am currently growing mine out for the first time ever

Marq A says:

How do you shave your head

Flash Gordon says:

What do you mean they didn’t hit? It isnt speakers haha do you mean cut?

antu nyno says:

What blade is that on the wireless detailers?

Sam Sandoval says:

What Trimmer is 2:12?

Junior Abreu says:

Yo I’m on amazon looking for that blade you got on the detailer is this it Wahl Professional Adjustable T Shaped Trimmer Blade #1062-600 – Designed for Specific Wahl, 5 Star, and Sterling Trimmers – Includes Oil, Screws, and Instructions ??????? Let me know wassup bro

Herb Lalanne says:

What is the name of the comb/pick at the 8:51 mark that you use for the cruddy temp instead of the sponge???

Uriel Campos says:

I`m from brasil man, and i dont undestand all that u said, the most important thing i can get it though.
Keep posting videos like this one and show to us your work materials.

Can u undestand me?

Brian Gentry says:

good stuff man keep it up

TJ Basilio says:

what was the exact blade you switched it with

Abdiel Romero says:

Whats the name of the blade you change??

Aisa Bygrave says:

Thought you were gona leave them trimmers in for the whole video! 🙁

Arvind K Gupta-Lawrence says:

Thanks for the video, man, cool tips. Some feedback: please indicate the model names as you hold them up to the camera, because unless we know them already, we can’t recognize them with you just saying “this one” or “these” (or maybe introduce them at the beginning?). Also don’t swing your weight so much from one leg to the other while you are talking, could make some viewers seasick 😀 Keep it up!

Saneo Maka says:

Out of every trimmer u ever owned which gives the closest and crispiest line up

OgGarcioVega says:

But what did he draw on his mustach with??

That black dude says:

This was a real nice and clean video. I was just thinking about getting another new cordless trimmer

Kyle L says:

You sold me on these! I hear a lot of barbers singing the praises of the andis slimline pro li’s. It’s nice to hear someone talking about something else.

Alberto Martinez says:

dope vid man.

conducttracks says:

Bruh, I need names! I can’t go the store and ask for the model “These right here.”

Patrick Doyle says:

hello great video info what are your thoughts on using the peanut as a trimmer I’m here in jersey and I completely lost faith in the barbers up here so I do it myself but I would like a sharper trim what can I use

MrSteelr4life says:

What are the clippers you call your #1?

jazzblaster says:

LMAO that beard is precise as fuck

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