Wahl Detailer vs Andis SuperLiner | Battle of The Edge Up Trimmers

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Johnny Burton says:

Hey man, I just got a Andis SuperLiner Trimmer, it is dull and cannot shave close, how can I sharpen it ?

Mohammed Jaffer says:

Whats the difference between the andis T-outliner and the superliner? apart from getting the extra shaver head with the superliner.

Nini Claxton says:

Wahl Detailers are horrible… As a barber, they dnt last long at all. I recommend not ever getting them again. And is edgers r the best!!!

J o n a t h a n says:

love the beard.

Def Noise says:

Hello. I currently modify blades, both Wahl and Andis. if you were interested I’d like to offer you a blade to demo. Let me know if you’re interested

def roach says:

Great video..very helpful…I love the commentary….have you done a review of the bevel clippers? I was thinking of buying them but they’re quite costly….

Dan Maverick says:

Your camera focus is brutal. Couldn’t even finish your video

Jeffrey J. G. says:

BRDGNG thanks for the video. I have a question though. I just bought the Wahl T wide trimmers, and they dont feel as sharp as you say they are. what can I do besides adjusting them to make them cut a nice crisp line? Thansk hope to hear from you.

LOWPEZ says:

Wished I watched this video first. I have the whal detailer and the Andis prof oil shaver.

Curt and Lindsey says:

I used the Wahl detailer for 3 years. It did the job well (stubble) but when I tried to change the blade I found out the screws were not threaded correctly. Got it apart in many pieces. I might hit up the Andis…thanks man.

Daniel's Opinion says:

whats the difference between the superliner and the superliner plus?

Kristapher Walker says:

Great video bro. I’m in the market for some new trimmers. Tell me how is that shaver attachment working for you now?

MrGaboon says:

Are there other differences between Detailer and Detailer Extra Wide besides the Width? Greetings from Germany

Raul Rios says:

Im tryin to learn and just got a Wahl designer that came with a peanut trimmer. but I think it’s too small for shape ups and doing my beard. Was choosing in between these 2, thanks 4 the video. superliner it is


i had the detailers, the motor was weakening after 2 years, i opened them and it seems like there’s a circuit board attached near the switch, a resistor of some sort burned out. 2 years wasnt bad though. im gonna check out those andis though.

"Superstruction" DCUO HERO says:

Are those specific superliners for beards only?

VideoSensei says:

That message was prerecorded

Trayvon Monette says:

I was looking for some clippers to shave my head and I like those Andis.. I wanted to know did I need to use the clippers first to shave my head before using the head shavers???

mateo gomez says:

I prefer Karmin

James Seary says:

God bless you and good job being a good steward

Cecil Helstone says:

i m from outside the us where can i buy this superliner from andis in miami wallmart does not seam to have it when i check online

Mr. Ashley T. Head says:

Good post. I was debating getting another pair of Andis. I’ve been using Andis since I was 18 and they have never failed me. First pair last like 5 years.

bulldogydog13 says:

thanks bra verry helpfull.. the only thing here in the netherlands… if i wanna order the andis bruhh it cost me like 120 euro€ so ya kinda lucky lol

GseWorldwide says:

anyone know whats wrong with my super liners? They sound smoothe when they are upright but as soon as they tilt at all or are upside down they make the loudest rumbling gurgling sound and they are not cutting nearly as good as they did out of the box. Ive inly had them for 3 or so months, and i take care of them mint so whats going on? Anyone please help.

Azhadi Asyraf Mohamad says:

good content ..nice vid man thanks!

Frank Lanbrano says:

How come you don’t fade the beard in?

Billblackeye says:

PLEASE HELP! Are Andis TrendSetter good clippers? I am thinking of ordering them but I just need some opinion on them!!
I will be using them at home but I want them to be a quality product and last for some time.

Cool Cool Cutter says:

good video. i had the Wahl. my Wahl broke after 7 months.

Juan Tellez says:

Your bold what are you going to comb

Winston Robinson says:

Will be purchasing my Andis Superliner today. Thanks man.

Steven Rivera says:

does this cut closer than whals penut machine?

Sir Charles says:

Think I’ll go ahead and get a pair.

Official App Reviews says:

Loving the videos.

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