Who Makes The BEST Beard Grooming Tool | Norelco vs Brio | * NON-Sponsored* Review & Comparison

This video is NOT a sponsored review, I just thought it would be cool to compare two GREAT tools.
Norelco on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2uqY2Qn
Brio Special Offer: http://bit.ly/2tiyTXO

In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, Pete & Pedro , and Fashion Anchor says that he’s having a good ole grooming tool battle today! In the ring are the Norelco (his longtime favorite) versus Brio.

The problem with Norelco is that they stopped making Alpha’s favorite model. The new one is sub-par compared to the one he loved for the longest time. He used it for pretty much everything (beard-to-body) but his hair. It’s been a great tool. Brio reached out with their new product (this video is not paid however). He agreed to try it before doing this video, and he put it through the paces for a week.

The Grooming Tool Battle | Norelco vs Brio

* The first feature that Alpha noticed was the weight (aka quality). The Brio is almost twice as solid and heavy as the Norelco.

*The next aspect that Alpha noticed is how close the bottom blade is to the rake with the Brio. The teeth are tight which means when manscaping with the Brio, you’ll not pinch and you’ll have a closer cut.

*The Brio is much quieter than the Norelco.

*The Brio’s speed at which it cuts can be adjusted.

*The battery life is days with the Brio which the Norelco’s was good (not great). The Brio can charge in the wall as well as a USB port (Norelco just wall).

*The Norelco has one attachment, and then you adjust. The Brio’s attachments are double-sided with micro-adjustments which give more flexibility and control with length. You can also adjust the blade to the rake.

*The Norelco has a reservoir, which the Brio has none so the clean up effort will be a bit more.

*The Brio product is fantastic (rockstar!), and the price is under $60 which is comparable to the old Norelco model that Alpha loved.


Darrel's channel says:

Alpha how do you properly moisturize your skin and keep it hydrated etc..

Dakota Soileau says:

Aaron- I just got my Brio in the mail & wow. Best $60 I have ever spent. Thank you for the special deal!

Yan Coates says:

If your in the UK and your order a Beardscape using the code AlphaMEurope….despite it saying so on your order confirmation email….you wont receive the free case. The reasons why? The free case isn’t offered to European customers who use the code and also because they don’t have them in their UK warehouse.

Trevor Smith says:

Snag one the other day. let’s see how it stacks to the Remington Beard Master…

Ruche Ramlucken says:

Hey alpham. I need to ask u a favour. My parents dont allow me to do online shopping. I would like to ask you if you could please try to arrange something so that you can have a brio shipped to me. Because the brio seems really good. And shaving is always a hassle. I wish i could buy 1 but my parents dont allow me. So please AlphaM can you please have 1 shipped to me. For the sake of my teenage years and for. I really hope that you can

Joseph A says:

so I ordered the Brio and didn’t get the ‘special’ case …

youngerk420 says:

I brought that brio trimmer tried to put the trimmer guard on and the clipper part fell apart. Very dissapointed in the quality of this product!!

Adam Mayhew says:

Wow this review is almost as good as Tiege Hanley

Mostafa Nikouyee says:

why do I find this useful? I don’t have a beard and never will have one

David P says:

i need one with a foil shaver attachment

ilango wren says:

How to make grow beard..? I have no beard at all…i need both home remedy and modern product suggestion together..tq

Please Go says:

Have that same Norelco – average as f. The vacuum was the only positive. Purchased a Trym for like $25 not long ago and it’s way better.

Mahé Alexandre says:

Ugh I’m in France so I can’t buy this baby because they only sell in the USA…… Sad life i went on the website to immediately buy it…. I’d need someone to receive it for me in the USA and then sell it to me

Rios A says:

Does anyone actually own one of these? I’d like a Real opinion on it

Andrew Prickett says:

I want one of these but Amazon and Brio are sold out!

Valdas says:

Can you make a video on how to take care of beardscape? There are not many great tutorials 🙁

Andrew McLean says:

When will it be available in Canada?!

Tente says:

Hi! And the golden question…..which one is the best for the X zone without cutting them? Like so he makes a video!

Gerard Cainen says:

Your beard Trimmer doesn’t ship to Canada… What a surprise

RizMister says:

They don’t sell Brio products in UK? :/

Paul Connolly says:

Holy vascularity!

Mark Perry says:

Most of your analysis is spot on, but your advocacy of the Norelco is a mystery to me. I purchased it based on your recommendation and was very disappointed. Where do I start? No matter what setting it is on (even without the guard) you have to go over hair several times in order to get an even cut… ESPECIALLY when trimming body hair, but even on your beard. It seriously makes trimming take twice as long. Without the guard, you don’t get as close of a shave as you do with other products… in fact it’s the worst i’ve had for this. Not only that, but you van only trim going one way… you cant use the product going back and forth over hair. The battery only lasts about an hour. The only thing that the product has going for it is that you only need the one attachment and can do several lengths using the various settings. Having said that, I would gladly use products that have several attachments to get better performance. HOWEVER, despite my bad experience, I bought the Brio.

Leo_Architect says:

Just ordered! 🙂

Dr Pellypo says:

Was going to buy one but sadly only US shipping. 🙁

Danny says:

Anyone know if the brio trimmer is waterproof?

Matt Beritich says:

Thought of you when I bought my first Rolex today man. We’ve come so far!

Shane Parsons says:

I wish you would have told us that the link / deal is for Americans only… Big let down.

Torpedo says:

No deals for your Canadian viewers….come on!!!

David4831pk5 says:


Waseem Sells says:

Get the Panasonic.

Allen Fuentes says:

I think I just grabbed one of the last ones, when I looked back on the page after I made the purchase, it said sold out. Seems Legit. Can’t wait to get it!

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