A useful review of the Philips OneBlade – Finally no shaving sensitivity?

*Read this for a quick summery – if you don’t want a long video!*

For years I have sported either stubble or a beard, but not so much for stylistic choice – shaving makes me flare up like an angry person slapped with sandpaper (probably because they’ve just been slapped with sandpaper). Have I finally found a product that prevents/ reduces this? I think it’s the best so far, but the full review says all.

A few things to note if you don’t wish to go through the whole video!
– It helps with sensitive skin but it’s even better just to trim a beard (in my opinion).
– The design of the OneBlade is so that you go against the grain (unlike normal bladed shavers) as this helps pick up the hairs.
– Sorry for the long video, it’s the second one I made so cut me some slack!

This is a full test, both wet and dry with a short beard/ long stubble. I’d like to think this is the most in-depth review of the OneBlade so far.

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Dax Frost says:

Great video man, thanks

lmutley says:

you have to shave downwards first, and to stop the rash keep dipping the head in a glass of milk. it works a treat. i have to shave everyday and the milk helps a lot with burn rash to the face and neck.

Jason Clark says:

I’ve found it what’s wrong,it’s the transformer.I change the charger & it was fine.Excellent product. Cheers Jason

ZekiYC says:

That was really helpful bro, thx a lot for the vid. I think I’m going to buy it

NO VLOG says:

that product sucks at all i have 45 min and 60 min and they are horrible my beard is on 10 days and still use Gillette

Brett Ooops says:

Very expressive eyebrows lol

Village TV says:


R Williams says:

Try witch hazel . works for me

Manish Vyas says:

So much talking. Geez. 40 % of video time in the beginning was just blabbering about website and other useless stuff.

reginaldo padovan says:

Melhor deixar a barba crescer, irmão! Rs

cosmin5678 says:

dear pete, try shaving with the grain, not against it. in the wet shave you go against the grain and i’m not surprised your skin got irritated.

osɯᴉuǝp says:

Okay now try on your pubes

Village TV says:


Daniel Niculae says:

I don’t like it, blades cost you almost $100 per year. A cheap $30 shaver does the same job. Don’t buy this junk!

steel ssstu says:

If your a man you could shave with a good hunting knife,young blokes today sound pussys to me

Tudor Ionescu says:


Kelly Becker says:

You are so beautiful!! You look good with and without a beard! Thanks for the review 🙂

Mustafa says:

6:34 to get to the shave
It was painful waiting that long dude.

Jesse Lane says:

4months per blade is based on usage Daily? Every 3 days? Weekly?….. I only shave weekly, so would be good to know if I’ll get more than 4 months use.

craig bryson says:

I have the same sensitive skin problems as you described so I bought one of these based on your review and after using it both wet and dry following the instructions very carefully my face ended up looking and feeling like I had just shaved with a cheese grater ….NOT IMPRESSED

paul goodier says:

Wow you can certainly waffle on

Allostasis says:

Have you tried it with applying some oil frist? Most people dont seem to know that you get a lot better shave with applying some coconut oil first, then shaving cream. And for you this is even more important, since you get absolutely no skin irritation when shaving with oil applied to your skin.

Hello Pussy says:

I have to thumbsdown from too much talking next time put a time mark when is the shaving start

DDDE44 says:

Some rubbish, the red skin in the neck because the knife cuts small pieces of skin
This means that the knife is not of sufficient quality
Here’s an explanation:

Matt Machon says:

Try to shave from the top to bottom Under your chin!

GrumpyOldGits says:

My beard is so sensitive, I held a blade to it and it started to cry!

Wilfredo Petit says:

You’re gorgeous!!!

Chessa Burke says:

You’re beautiful

J. E. says:

How many times have you broken the blade, and what´s the cost of a new one?

Sebinator007 says:

Video starts at 7:22

martin klass says:

Man, you talk so much. never get to the end !!!

Tyler Fields says:

what an awesome niche product review. thanks

Legionarul micoza says:

Dude, you talk TOO MUCH!!unlike !!!

Jesse Presley says:

God! He talks as much as a nervous whore.

harry kirk says:

i am at 9mins 50 secs for fuck sake get on with it

This Is Ade Brown says:

No 2 not supplied because of the Pro version having a fully adaptable attachment (with a number 2)

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