Braun Series 3 3040s Wet & Dry Shaver Review

I review the Braun Series 3 3040s Wet & Dry Shaver. I bought this at Wal-Mart on sale for $39.99. It comes with the shaver, power cord, brush, and protective cap.

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Diana Lynne says:

Very thorough video. Thanks for sharing! How was your skin a few days later?

Fishing, Travel, Music and Sport says:

Great review! 13 Have a nice day

DIY Kreatív Ötletek says:

Great review video my friend.You look great

Reiq says:

I did buy one today from Walmart.cant wait to try it.thank u

Beautiful nature.Flowers,Landscapes &Cute Animals says:

Great review and you look great after shaving Garrett. Stay connected. Angelika

RVing AA with the Singletary's says:

Nice job

All Production says:

716 support my youtube chennel

PazarGaming HD says:

39:99???? The hell

I just got this on amazon for $89.99 plus tax (canada)

Fun with Family says:

Awesome review. My hubby would love this.

Fortress of Geekitude says:

wow that’s actually a pretty good job shaving wise. I think i might pick up the braun 3 series. the one i have now is not very good! I am a friend from the FB group and just joined you. Hope you can return the favour!

SeaOtter Rick Rodgers says:

good review!

MrG says:

Watched all through. I always use a disposable on my bits that shaving. Good review. Keep up the good work.

SushilaKiRasoi&LifrStyle says:


gatto_nero says:

Subscribers for ever 🙂

The Italian Food says:

Ciao! Super like for you!

Bark Vloger says:

Great review

Backyard Films says:

very detailed review, awesome video

Fishin N Stuff says:

You just reminded me I need to go cut my hair lol jk, nice review man

CheeryGiggles says:

Thanks for this Braun Shaver review

The Corn Life Network says:

Great video GMan! I really like your reviews!

Jenn in Kanata says:

Great review. Like how you did it live

#PopularFood says:

Cool video! Great review! Left a like for the video.Thank you for sharing! says:

Great review. Braun makes great shavers. The only issue I have with them is it’s very hard to find replacement parts from them after about a year because they change their models all the time.

Theyoutuberpolyglot says:

Happy Sunday like number 15

Home Time Designs says:

Another great review! Great job! Looks like it work well!

E R.A. says:

I have one (3 years old and still has the same foil/cutter cassette), it shaves as good as new; I keep it clean and lubricated (I clean it after each shave and once a week I put a drop of light oil sewing machine in the cutter/foil and trimmer) so it’s been working perfectly in a daily shaving routine; this is one of the best shavers I ever had; recently I purchased a Philips series 1000 rechargeable dry shaver , very good as well; no as good as the Braun but if I do not shave during the weekend the Philips take the whiskers with no problem, it gives a close and clean shave, no as smooth as the Braun but it does the job very well.

sofwan says:

I ve been told that this is better for the skin compared to the manual one

sofwan says:

Like 20

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