Braun Series 3 Unboxing and Review

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Maykon Rodrigues says:

Hello! I’d like to know If still Works well… I’m brazilian and here is very expensive. So, worthwhile after two years in use? Thanks

Howard Marks says:

you are cool bro, nice video, straight to the point… no bla bla… i enjoyed it… im switching from phillips 3 blades in circle to braun… i have sensitive skin… my Philips is not sharp anymore…. and extremely loud…. bad feelings every morning. .. hope braun will start my morning nice….

Sir Mohnish Singh says:

Do you get a close shave like what you get with a straight razor ?

Writer Pirlo says:

buen video hermano


Will it be ok to use the main part for one week beard. I’m thinking of buying this for someone who doesn’t shave very often.

kenny ianson says:

Thinking of getting one of these, do you need to buy replacement blades for it ? If you do, how much do these normally cost ?

C'est La Vie says:

Can you shave your pubes and armpits?

Rudrakshbanerjie says:

So how is it holding up?

Michael Vee says:

How is the shaver holding up after a year?

Starfals says:

Any idea if this is much better than the 3020? Thats the only available shaver in my country 🙁 They dont even sell the 3040

Chris Pierce says:

Is it still working perfectly?

erickisdaman says:

How is it holding up?

Antoinette Bailey says:

Hey, can you let me know the website where this as purchased? Also how is it holding up? I am trying to buy one for my boyfriend.

Tristan Banks says:

how’s it holding up man ? I just got one myself

Mert DANK says:

Im thinking about getting 3090cc, is it viable for using with foam ? It is also waterproof but does that mean it can be used with foam? Thank you for your reply, good review btw !!

khriseagle says:

how did it hold up?

juniormarquez22 says:

How does it hold up with thick facial hair ?

Sim3k86 says:

Great review 🙂 I’m planning to buy 3050cc model (, in my country it costs around $69 with shipping 🙂 ). I suppose yours is still doing good (I’ve read all comments), but I’m wondering how many times did you need to change Foil and Blades, or how long did the first one last?

MrKaspi097 says:

How this device hold up now ?

Ian Hibbert says:

Hi it says if rinsing the hair out to apply oil,where abouts do you apply the oil?On all 3 blades from the top or just one?Thank you

TechUnboxing says:

how is it?

Benjamin Sedlinger says:

wtf, how is the shaver working good for you? it took me nearly 30 minutes with it to get my skin smoothly shaved

Lukas Heinz says:

How is it holding up??

toolmaker1234 says:

Great review! Thanks for posting it.
I’m looking to buy it and wanted to see a review.
The fact that it’s a wet/dry razor is awesome.
I normally shave in the shower so I’m looking forward to trying it out.

Mark mac says:

Bro ..can you tell me the model number plz

NurseKay Beauty says:

So how is it holding up?

abayer415 says:

Its been over a year. I am about to purchase one and am wondering, how has it held up?

Cornelius Delpesche says:

Just to add a few, it does not pull or pinch hairs or skin even when dry shaving. Could not manage to get some hairs remove even after few attempts even with precission setting but compare to shaves from Wilkinson sword hydro and Gillette Fusion etc i will rate the clean shave a 4.6 out of 5. Apart from the price I would highly recommend.

Travis Weathers says:

do you need to shave with shaving cream?

Viraj Patel says:

Weird question, but do you think it would be good for shaving body parts like the chest or arms?

khriseagle says:

can you post a link to buy this

Na3em0 says:

is it good for thick facial hair?

Randall Stevens says:

Do you apply oil to the blades? also, did you change them even once?

Basil Dar says:

Is it shill holding up

Stephen Waweru says:

Thanks for the vid. Do you have any skin irritation or razor bumps after using it? Are you still using it now?

TheLuminouShadow says:

what exactly the model this is?

Gary Proudman says:

How may charging lights are on when it is fully charged?

Anupam Mahato says:

how are the blades holding up now ? any razon bumps after the shaving?

Darrell Barrett says:

Great review… Just ordered one of these about 5 minutes ago on Amazon. Looking forward to trying it out. Did you use a replacement head for it yet? If so, do you know the specific name for the replacement head? Thanks.

Kyle Hines says:

thanks for review I want to buy but wasn’t sure how it would be on black hair. does it give you bumps after?

saywhuuh says:

thanks for the review

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