Braun Series 7 Electric Shaver


xxRVxx says:

have you tried it on your looks like it would work up there.

xxRVxx says:

it probably only works best with hair no longer than 1/16 of an inch,that’ll work for me.

Rita Alber says:

You should just make a video of you jerking off and then post it somewhere like Xhamster or Pornhub.

Gary Mc Intosh says:

omg ur hott

John Medved says:

Dude, use the clippers built into the Braun!!!!

π 火 酉 Π-san says:

THANKS. The add. he was pre-shaved, watch video slowly.

sashou skyy says:

Good review thank you

Ian Muessig says:

That was a good review, brief but detailed. However, please don’t use hand sanitizer. That’s not what is in the cleaning cartridge, I assure you. Hand sanitizer is mostly gelatinized rubbing alcohol with glycerin, their cleaning cartridges are mostly ethanol with fragrance and a blade lubricant. Hand sanitizer is a gel and is viscous, it won’t pump through the system nor will it flush out the cleaning head. You could use just rubbing alcohol however that is not lubricating the foil and blades which will cause damaged and shaving discomfort. The Braun cleaning refills can be had as low as $6 a piece when purchased via Amazon in 4pks or at local Walmarts in 2pks. I using my cleaning station every single day and I still get almost 2 months from one cleaning cartridge. If you really insist on trying to save a buck then look into an off brand refill solution like shaver saver for example. These at least contain lubricant to prevent damaging your shaver. Another thing, an electric foil shaver is not intended to shave more then 1-2 days growth. You were correct in pulling out a trimmer first. If you shave once a week then a foil shaver may not be the tool for you unless you want to start with a trimmer everytime. I wouldn’t go more then 2 days when using a foil shaver.

BP5M says:

This Shaver is on discount in a mall in my city, was thinking if I should get it. Thanks for the review, really concise.

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