Braun Series 7 for the black guys face

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Justo Inspace says:

Good lookin out..

Prince Lenny says:

Is this the Braun 7 760 series?

nomadyelnats says:

Good video brother! Just what I needed to know. Thanks.

Ed W says:

Glad I could help bro!

Michael Burton says:

Well done Ed, great informative video, I have a Braun which is over 10 years old and still going, but it’s time to upgrade and I have been researching other options, just to keep up with what’s changed out there. Well I can honestly say after watching your vid, I’ll be returning to the Braun 7 series, they are well built and although initially pricey offer great value given the lifespan

Steven Penny says:

What’s the model number?

Ed W says:

Yes, it’s a wet and dry shaver

Mowork says:

nice video. I just started using a series 7 myself and have to say I’m totally impressed. I use it to shave my face and head and the shave is real close to what I get with my blade.

Mowork says:

Here’s a tip to try: before shaving, splash on some witch hazel and let it dry for 20-30 seconds. The witch hazel makes the hairs stand up and allows the shaver to cut smother and closer. You may not see a difference but since I started doing this, my shaves, head and face, have gone to another level. Give it a shot.

mktking says:

Hi. Good vid. These shavers have very specific model #s. Is this the Braun Series 7-740S-6 Wet & Dry Electric Foil Shaver? Thanks

Big Ike says:

Thank you

Charlie Twyman says:

are you tall

Nicole Carey says:

Finally i found your video !!. For a black man shave review; know i will buy this for my boyfriend. *a black male.!! THANKS so much.

ShodyBoy says:

Great video man!!!! This is exactly what i was looking for!

Ed W says:

Thanks bro! I’m gonna make another video after I use it more.

M H says:

I just got a BrAun 7 series…for cheap…and as a black man with a jacked up course beard that curls all the time…I will say with confidence that THIS IS THE BEST RAZOR IVE EVER HAD!!! I used this razor for the first time while I had razor burn from trying to shave with a razor…my skin was very irritated and as well as sore…so it was like the Ultimate Test for this razor in my opinon…and it FELT GREAT! I never felt any pinching of cuts to my face!

I did my research too! I looked at various Websites for the best razor for black hair. I bought a Wahl super close shaver that was trash and a waste of money. The way the BrAun works is it feels like when you are shaving, it actually lifts the hair up and cuts it up. BrAun is like what Dyson is for Vacuums…It is the best money that you could EVER SPEND AS A BLACK MAN….

FYI all of the 7 series are the same….some are newer lines from the 2010 launch but they work amazing well. I swear this razor has changed my life. EVERY BLACK MAN SHOULD OWN ONE!!!

John McCaskill says:

This is my last resort. I’ve tried everything! Thanks for the review.

Blah, Blah, Blah says:

Great vid! I’m looking for a new razor and could not decide. You have seriously helped me decide…

damian humphrey says:

Great video!

HATE is a sign of ENVY says:

Why did I get excited when he started shaving lol. I got sensitive skin hope it works

Ed W says:

I have to shave every 3rd day for work. Sometimes a little more depending on where I’m going.

M Francis says:

Nuff respect from London uk, I’ll be checking that out NOW!!!

Ed W says:

This is the 740s-7 model

Ed W says:

No problem bro!!

Ed W says:

Hey bro sorry for the late response. The model I have is the 740s-7. Hope that helps.

jarib cockerel says:

Man, you have saved me the stress. I guess im madder because my dad shaves with no problem but if i even put clippers to my face, all hell breaks loose. Thank you

Douglas Phenix says:

Thanks Ed appreciate it. I just got the 9 today cannot wait to use it

Livelive says:

YouTube is like that, zero to none black things to bazillion trollers

Ed W says:

Thanks bro!!!

Ed W says:

740s-7 is the model

baconwittyeggs says:

Perfect! Helped me make a good purchase move bro!

Dodge magnum says:

How often do you shave

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