Braun Series 9 9095cc Review – Full Overview and Recommendation

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What’s in the Box: 1:09
Specs & Features: 3:27
Cleaning Methods: 5:29
Shaving Performance: 7:42
Final Thoughts: 10:06

This is a full review of the Braun Series 9, 9095cc. I cover everything that’s included as well as my personal thoughts on shaving performance.

A common question is whether this is better than the Series 7. This is covered in a the video review, however for more information you can visit the full review article on my website:

Braun Series 9

If you don’t know which electric shaver to buy, then download the buying guide here:

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Eth Nick says:

Did you find the Series 9 better for top lip shaving? This was the only flaw of the Series 7 I found.

chrisjee18 says:

Eey Tyler,
When will you upload the videos about your beard?
How long are you planning on growing the beard?

daniellindeen says:

I got a series 9 9290-cc, i have used it three times now, and notised that it is really hard for me to get te stubs under my cheek.

Allan Hancock says:

Braun CS says using this shaver (or any of the CC shavers) with foam or gel will void your warranty – the reason given that soap will damage the cleaning station; only “s” suffix shavers are approved with shaving foam, according to Braun. “Wet,” according to Braun, means water only. Additionally, 9 Series replacement heads are frequently unavailable or are listed north of $100 – three or four times as much as Series 7 heads, or more. At least one authorized Braun site lists the 90S/B replacement heads as “No Longer Manufactured.” I’m not sure what’s going on with P&G/Braun, but it deserves mentioning.

husnain haider says:

I have bought series 9. Dry one. And I have thrown it in the bin. The worst shaver you could ever imagine. It cuts your skin.

Sidi Ma says:

Cleaning cartridge, lithium-ion popwer, Philips Norelco Shaver 9300 best sale

sergio hegner says:

Hi, I’ve read some reviews saying that even being wet&dry it can’t be used with a cream or foam, so which model can I safetily use with cream without clogging the head? This top line model 9095cc owner manual clearly states that can’t be used with cream?! How come?!
Thank you for your answer.

Michael Brennan says:

Gentlemen, it’s time to take your daily shaving routine to the ultimate level. The Braun Series 9 9090cc is hands down the absolute best shaver your hard earned money can buy. I upgraded from the Series 7 790cc I purchased in 2013 which was and still is a fantastic daily grooming accessory. I honestly didn’t think one could get a better shave than the Series 7, but I was wrong. This unit provides the most comfortable, skin close, irritation free shave possible. If you will use Williams Lectric Shave preshave lotion before you shave, you’ll have the very best shaving experience…period. Follow the guidelines for cleaning the shaver with the supplied cleaning unit and solution to keep your shaver in pristine working condition. Also, purchase a bottle of Braun’s shaver oil to keep it lubricated between cleanings. This system will bring you many years of trouble free service.

Eric Ganske says:

Thank you for the review.

Romdhane Denguezli says:

hi , can u tell me please which one is better , Braun Series 5 5090cc or philips S9711 ? thx :))

Michael Cherri says:

love your videos on shavers. i did have a few questions on the series 9 shaver…you did not touvh base on if its metal or plastic..and didn’t say anything about the ground breaking led screen that the 9 series has.

Daniel R. says:

Great review. Just purchased the Philips series 9, I like it a lot, zero irritation and very quiet. I do however wish the shave was a little closer, which is why I’m considering the Braun series 9. I’ll have to try it out to see which one performs better. Cheers.

Moe Jones says:

Excellent review, very thorough, thanks!

rileyzeke1 says:

Thanks for the info it was helpful. For what it’s worth I have a seven series Braun now and like it better than my previous Panasonic five series. To each his own I guess. They’re both quality shavers.

Alan Mushnick says:

Can a 9093s shaver be cleaned with the clean and charge station?

Michael Brennan says:

I just upgraded from the Series 7 790cc to the Series 9 9090cc and I’m beyond happy with my new investment. I didn’t think one could get a better shave than the Series 7, but I was wrong. This shaver is superior to any other on the market. It’s currently on sale for $219 on Amazon and worth every penny. To get the very best shave, please use William’s Lectric Shave to get the closest, irritation free shave every time. Thanks for your review.

Fernando C says:

How does it compare with the Panasonic LV95?

Chriss says:

I have a question – on my Braun Series 3 I had holes in optifoil heads – it happened twice and I had to buy new one – is it happens also in Braun Series 9?


May you comment ES LF51 please ?

Kasra Taherkhani says:

Hey Tyler. I bought this shaver a few days ago. the cleaning indicator lights up automatically even if I dont actually use the shaver! I clean it with the clean and charge station but after a few turning off/on (without touching the shaver head)cleaning indicator lights up again. is something wrong with the shaver?! thanks

Uncle Fabio says:

Sad you compared it to the Seriea 7 which never got an update post Series 9 launch. The updated Series 5 line actually provide much better performance. I also prefer it over the Series 9 as the smaller head is much much more convenient to manoeuvre around the face. You really should do a review on it and the Norelco 8900. They are both affordable, yet offer the most high end performance possible.

Dave Smith says:

Is it better than Panasonic 5 blade shaver?

duelibop says:

Wich one is better? Panasonic es-lv9n or braun series 9? Thanks.

Stephen Cannon says:

Thanks for sharing, I decided to go with a series 7 and pocket the difference.

griebz says:

Does this cut as close as the arc 5? Cool vid btw

lewisdoyle says:

How does this compare to the top of the range Panasonic shavers? I moved from Braun to Panasonic about 5 years ago but considering the Braun 9290.

Cupcake Sammich says:

Tyler is super easy on the eyes, and enunciates all his words.

Thank god this video has no annoying background music.

rockman says:

Hope you get the chance to review the Panasonic ES-LV9N-S

Mike white says:

Great review Tyler good to see you back thanks

Steve F says:

For a Dry shave, compare and contrast the performance of the Series 9 9293 and the Series 7 7865?

mike johnson says:

Stop lying my nigger saying that this is the only razor to get close dumb ass crackers always trying to sell lies.

Faisal Nicholas Moolla says:

Bought the Series 7 over Series 9 based on this review. Many thanks and really pleased with the performance after upgrading from Series 3.

J.N.M. III says:

will the Series 9 Shaver fit into the Series 7 cleaning base.

zouvele says:

how about for everyday shaving?

Kevin Teran says:

why would I pay 300 for this ?
when I can get the andis profoil shaver for 80?

borbetomagus says:

I wonder how this would compare to a shave provided by a Mühle R41 or a iKon ShaveCraft Tech.

Adi Khan says:

good to see you back after long time. there isnt much of information on the current different shavers out there. i have very sensitive skin so i need your suggestions that what do you think which shaver would be best for me to chose? here in Sweden i searched alot of different sites and even asked from the sellers that which one is best and the results are mix , the top 3 i have found on basis of people’s choice are phlips, panasonic and braun.
but i am still confused where to invest my money. so kindly can you suggest something that works fast on average 4 days grown hair and which doesnt damage skin since i get redness very quickly… hope to hear from you soon.

Alan Mushnick says:

the other issue is the locking of the head, how important is that? Mine doesn’t seem to “hold” the lock. Any thoughts?

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