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☆ Review: Braun Series 9 – 9090/9095CC Shaver.
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☆ Review Breakdown ☆

♦ 0:08 – Intro.
♦ 2:36 – Box Contents.
♦ 4:26 – Shaver Overview.
♦ 6:31 – Operating the Cleaning Dock.
♦ 8:44 – Final Opinion.

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Renaldo Aggrey says:

there are some top electric shavers the past braun has tended to irritate my skin but I have sensitive skin I do find Panasonic is kinder to skin. But I am more expirienced with electric shavers now than I was when I had the braun so that could be reason but good review well done


phillips 9000 shits on this rotary are way better for coarser hair

leon tar says:

Nice review,Tnx

Ez Valaki says:

This device very good, easy to use and faster. Anybody can tell me something about the battery lifetime.

MyKeyReviews says:

@ Jack Mack: I honestly don’t know how the shaver knows its own hygiene level, maybe it times how much use you’ve had with it from the previous clean.

The whole clean process takes 43minutes (3 minutes to cycle through with solution, 40 minutes to dry it).

You can charge the shaver directly though couldn’t comment on whether it’s faster to charge or not this way as I haven’t time it.

mbwisc3737 says:

I have a Braun Series 7 which I’ve been using for a year and I’ve tried to like it. Unfortunately, I still think the Philips/Norelco rotary offers a faster shave and picks up the hairs on your neck. So, my next razor I’ll be going back for those two reasons.

SouthernFried87 says:

Can anyone attest if the Series 9 is really worth the price over the cheaper Series 7 and Series 5 shavers?

Apurva Shroff says:

Done deal. Now waiting for it to arrive 😉

Ziyad Bin Fahad says:

I usually have a beard and grow facial hair. So, if I bought this product, I would make it shave the extra unwanted facial hair depending on my style, such as the hair that grows on cheek. Would it do the job perfectly as if I wanted to shave everything? One more question, if I pass this shaver next to a long hair by mistake that I don’t want to shave, would it cut it? Because I used to shave a very basic traditional shaver and it didn’t.

Thanks for the great review!

jack mack says:

Do we need to clean after every shave or it will indicate to us, how does the system knows the hygiene level?mWhat’s the longest cleaning time? Is there any difference in timing for direct cord charging and dock charging? And must the shaver remain in the dock when not in use?

arrGjjj says:

Great review man, thanks!

msrich1982 says:

Thanks for a great review. I’ve actually just bought one of these so your tips on how to use it for best results were very useful, as my previous electric shaving experience has all been with a rotary.

Kevin Choi says:

Do you think its worth paying extra for WET & DRY featured 9series? or save some money and go with standard non-wet&dry model

john leto says:

My first electric razor and I have to say its pretty ffen brilliant. Just not sure about the cleaning process, It SEEMS? to require cleaning in the dock after each shave.

Shayne Davidson says:

Is this better than the Andis and Wahl shaver

Alex says:

What is the length and width (in cm) of the LCD display?

Danny Devnani says:

wher can i buy in the Philippines.

Robin Mossing says:

Just bought one

Kalvin One says:

It sounds very noisy and huge in your hand? How about shaving the other parts of your body with it?

Reben Pacino says:

Hi, do you think I need to use the dock after every shaving ? as I shave only twice a week, it seems a bit annoying if you the dock every single time. thanks for video.

General Grizzy says:

Does the shaver charge when cleaning it?

Kevin Schafer says:

I think the trimmer is great.

Vacion says:

I shave my face and my pubes but I don’t have a cleaning kit I just wash with hot water and hand soap is it clean?

Shayne Davidson says:

Is this shaver over priced because it cleans its self?

Soteres Joannou says:

Could you use this shaver for your chest & back?

GeorgeDaymondLush says:

It is disingenuous to suggest that this is a review. It is not – it is a video clip of unpacking the product and as such a huge waste of time

john leto says:

Good review thanks

Reflections Observer says:

How often do you need to clean the shaver with that special alcohol solution ? After initial cleaning cycle, can you reuse that solution or it’s one use only ? And if you can reuse it, does it dry out or you can have decent amount of time between the cleaning cycles ?


John Firefly says:

May I say that it’s so refreshing to watch an intelligent review with someone who can speak well and, most importantly, clearly. An excellent review and another sale – you should ask Braun for commissions!

Adralicus Alcander says:

Very helpful, review thanks. I just received mine today. All need is a main adapter then I can charge it up.

Jerry Gibson says:

Instead of using their cleaning brush, could one use a toothbrush that has SOFT brissels? Can the series 9 shaver be cleaned in the series 7 cleaner?

Gouki Shin says:

Can’t find the 9095cc replacement foil. Does it works on any 9 series foil?

David Conway says:

Yep, chalk one more sale up thanks to your review. Thank you.

Customer Reports says:

all recent braun series 9 models are waterproof so you dont have to worry about using shaving gels

B-MAN says:

Always liked the series 7..I have a series 9000 Philips…and it’s…not as good lol

Hao Wang says:

how does the shaver know if it needs a cleaning? by running time or it does has the function to monitor the cleanness?

Bill Khan says:

Bought it. Thanks for the review mate.

osman ahmadzi says:

very helpful many thanks man

Jenna Flower says:

Braun – fucking lyers! The model 9090cc is same wet&dry model. I shaving with foam/water & its all ok.

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