Braun Series 9 9095CC Wet/Dry Electric Shaver Unboxing/Review

braun series 9 9095CC shaver review, electric wet dry shaver for men. My series 7 shaver trimmer broke, so I upgraded.

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5280 Street Dogs says:

Charge then do review with working unit!

Mark says:

Good video but I want to see you shave with it.

Henry Rz says:

I have a question! Is it better than braun 7??

Danial khan says:

is it better than norelco 9000 series. Can’t decide between this and norelco 9800.

Danny Gonzalez says:

While the cleaning cycle is going on are you getting liquid spraying out from the cleaning station? Not a lot but just enough to notice it.

leon tar says:

Nice review,Tnx

Jonathan Spencer says:

What do you think to the shaver?

Umeed Kassam says:

Can you use this on the chest area


I have been using this for a month. I was sick of irritation from shaving with Mach 3. I learned a year ago. That taking a shower brush you know one of those Bristle brushes for ur back sell at cvs target. Well I learned that exfoliated is the key to shaving. U scrub off the dead skin. When u shave the hair goes below the skin and if haven’t exfoliated scrub ur skin the hair can get stuck under dead skin this has made a major diff. NOW ONTO THIS 9095cc. I for the first time switched to this device of razor and I AM NEVER GOING BACK. This razor is amazing people have told me my skin looks healthier. This razor has never dinged me, it has never made me bleed or cause ANY irritation.. I will give u all some tips.I tried it on a 3 day old beard and I have a full beard very dense. I washed my face exfoliated dried myself and did a dry run IN ONE PASS the hair melted off and it felt like nothing was touching my face. I was instantly in love. I dry shaved for about a week. I jus didn’t see how using shaving cream would help cuz it’ was electric. LET ME TELL U with shaving cream and a warm face it cuts even closer I to get my full upper lip rub this rite over my lips!!! No lie I go up and down to get my bottom part near lip it cause no irritation at all. MAKE SURE TO jus keep rinsing it off with warm, water after a few strokes like u would with a razor. And it will amaze u. Best Buy rite now like 242 find it on amazon for cheaper if its fulfilled by Amazon MAKE SURE screen shot it take it to Best Buy say i found it on amazon fulfilled by Amazon and it is 10 bux or whatever cheaper and they price match. BUT it has to say fulfilled by amazon. I shaved 5 days in a row I would never do that with a razor it si simple awesome. No do not need to to the cleaning every time guys. Simply take off the blade run it under hot water clean the inside with brush and backs other charge station. Get it from Best Buy try it if in week it’s not for u return it simple. But try it with exfoliating first and a warm face a clean face u will be amazed. If u have a real beard use a beard trimmer first to get it down it performs best on 2-5 day facial hair if it’s longer I trim it. Love it my face my skin never looked better. NO more inflammation I used to get from razors. LONG comment I know but I love it that much any question ask me

John E McDonald says:

can I shave my ass crack with this shaver???

faisal s says:

did you try it with shaving cream ?? please advise

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