Braun Series 9 Full Review by a Barber

my extensive review of Braun series 9 from a barbers prespective. I really love the machine so far. Only time will tell how it holds up at shop. But so far its a great machine.

if you would like to buy a Braun Serries 9 here is a link
braum series 9 shaver-

Drone that i use

whats in my Camera Bag-

Camera bundle –

joby tri piod –

caoon 24 mm lens –

rode mic-

camera sling bag –

batteries for camera –

tri pod –

ring light –

video light for camera-

Tools I use in my station-

braum series 9 shaver-

Walh 5 star seniors –

andis GTX trimmer-

Oster Model 10 –

andis Br+-

wahl premium guards-

wahl shaver finnsher-

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Mr. Unknown says:

Why the hell is this middle-aged man speaks, dresses and behaves like a black 16 year old??

Oscar Henry says:

God bless love your passion

Lea Vohn says:

Please let us know if it lasts at least a year

Imperial Trooper says:

What’s up with the bulging of your tongue constantly when shaving around your mouth? Looks very unnatural and goofy. Makes you look like you’re trying to impersonate a gorilla! Lol

Swillafornia says:

Great review brotha! Ive been using my trustee Braun Series 3 3040s to keep up on my head shave. But ive been wanting the series 9. This is just what I need.

MahaVakyas says:

can you shave your head with this?

Adrian Yanez says:

Good honest review

JoePep223 says:

I just bought a Braun series 9 and I get a better and much closer shave from a $10 Remington battery operated shaver…. The Braun series 9 SUCKS….. Leaves stubble that I have to finish with my cheap battery operated razor. What are you people thinking?

M W says:

So many different series of them , wondering what series this is . I also was wondering if this is the wet/dry one ? Thank you .

Charlie Milsap says:

Big Al, you’re wonderful! This video was just the godsend I needed. I’m going to have to begin shaving my uncle who is a long-term rehab patient. The barber at the rehab uses a cheap straight razor that cuts my uncle, so I just bought a Braun series 9 and needed to see how it was used and your demonstration was a perfect, visual answer; and your review reassured me perfectly about my purchase. Thanks soooooooo very, very much.

Diamond Cuts says:

Great review

Kevin Schafer says:

Can the power cord plug into the razor instead of just the charging base? If so, can you use the shaver while its power cord is plugged into the shaver?

toneman335 says:

I have to compliment you on the production of your video. The image in your video is very clear and has high definition. The other thing is your video has a very clear and strong audio quality. I can hear and understand your voice very well. Too many videos on You Tube have terrible voice audio quality where you can’t really hear and understand what the person is saying. Again your production quality both sound and image is excellent….Thanks for your video

Eye-Zah Official says:

So I have always used the wahl 5 star foils and I bought the braun series 9 today. I’ve always gone over the head with the 5 star balding clio then run the wahl foil shaver over and does a nice job. But the brauns are not doing as good at all. I find I have to go over the head so much more to not even as close as the wahl. So should I start with the half grade or the 1 grade instead? Because so far I feel I have just completely wasted my money on the brauns. Cheers!

Alx gngb says:

Can you use barbercide to clean it instead of the solution?

David Marte says:

I went with the Arc5, series 9 is also great.

AndyAndy AndyAndy says:

It’s been 8 months since video what is the machine like now!?


I bought the 7 series because it was $100. I didn’t wanna pay for a 9 series at that point. Not worth the extra coin when I could get it for well over $100 cheaper. That 9 series is niiice! Makes me wanna pull the trigger just because. I just sold my last Andis shaver to offset the cost of that potential purchase.

Victor Maldonado says:

I have braun series 5 and I’m very happy with it very power and it will destroy any wahl shaver or andis. It also cut wet shave

Vivek Gupta says:

Thanks for the review, It is really helpful. I want to know if braun 9 works with shaving cream as well ? specially for the hair under the chin and neck area. Or one should only use dry for under chin and neck area ?

Graham Burns says:

I have to get a new shaver blade and foil set every 2 months with the andis shaver. How long will this shaver head last/cost to replace ?

tillallareoneluv says:

Looks nice, but no way could I use for travel, which would be important to me.

Alexander Rodriguez says:

Do you clean it the same way as the other shavers or dose it need the cleaning system

Oscar Henry says:

I just purchased my brain 9 series last week

Mark Kuehnel says:

If I win the lottery I might pay $250.00 for a damn razor

Jesse Sessions says:

The People That Put A Thumbs Down Are Just Jealous Individuals This Is Like 10th Video Today I Have Watched On Electronic Razors And This Is The Best Video I Have Watched On It. You Need Way More SUBSCRIBERS And No Dislikes. Your Very Professional And Know Your Stuff Very Well. Good Work..

ivanrdiaz says:

9 hours later…

Big Fred says:

I bought a Braun Series 740s-7….I Love it….its not 9 series level but its light years better than Wahl and Andis. I used this for about 3 weeks and threw away my Wahl 5 star trimmer Lithiom model….gen 2. Its water resistant too which makes it easy to clean. Ill probably get the cleaning station later on. Right now i just shoot it with alcohol and 2 drops of oil. Good video by the way….

YouBean says:

Good job & great detailed review Bro’. I appreciate it. Too bad I’ll be $200 down after buying LOL

Ardent VS says:

Did you try Philips S9000 Prestige? I bought that one and I’m very happy with those razor blades. Why did you pick this BRAUN shaver? Which is better in your opinion?

dan brown says:

How is your series 9 holding up for you

Carlos R says:

How is it holding up??

the b biddim says:

I might have to get one of these. Been using a Wahl 5 Star and I’m getting some irritation.

King Raheem says:

How has it stood up so far?

geedoubleoef says:

Have you got a 6 month update on this machine Al?

Christian the barber El teacher says:

Here in México the cheapest price for the Braun series 9 is $8,550 pesos !! Which is super expensive for us..anyways I Guess we Will need to send some one with visa to purchase it for us .
Love your channel man.
Keep up your hard work.

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