Cheap Electric Shaver – Braun M 90 Mobile Shaver Review

Top 5 Shavers available at Amazon here:
1. Braun Series 9:
2. Braun Series 7:
3. Panasonic ES LV61A:
4. Braun Series 3 340:
5: Panasonic ES LV95:

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This is a review of the Braun M 90 Mobile Shaver. If you have thick facial hair I wouldn’t recommend it. However, if your facial hair isn’t very thick it could be a good cheap electric shaver for you. It only has a $25 retail price.

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tom pelley says:

Use Ballistol to clean and lubricate this. Plus, use it on everything.

Jimmy Thrash says:

i tried the p-70 it is ok so i thank i will tray the M-90

Ernest says:

I started using electrics after watching your videos. I always use a preshave such as either Williams Lectric or CVS Electric Preshave (store brand) before shaving.

Happy Me says:

Please do a video on the Series 1 line of shavers

George Mantzaris says:

i own a good electric shaver i get some irritation on my neck any advice to give me please i have just started to use the electric shaver again cheers from australia

dual85 says:

I use that in combination with my philips sensotouch 2d. If you shave wet with the Braun M90 you will get improved shaving performance out of it.

Вилиам Рит says:

Бритва могла бы быть отличной по всем показателям если бы компания Браун не подсунула бы свинью. Народ пишет в отзывах: протирается сетка уже через 3 месяца!!! Купил таки, рассматриваю сетку… и правда, сетка намеренно залита в пластике по бокам, с волнами, т.е. намеренно не ровно. В этих то местах будет повышенное трение и дыры. Вернул оное изделие обратно в магазин. Пусть в Браун себе таким г-вном ж-пу бреет по утрам!!! 🙂

Quality says:

I tried this it doesn’t do shit for me, it’s terrible.

Trued Green says:

Doesn’t so anything At ALL

David Coleman says:

I have it but it is only for my ears . Lol. I use a safety razer to shave . They are the best .

Happy Me says:

I use this in combination with my Series 7 as it picks up the very fine hairs that have been missed. Will change to a cheap one series as the foil cannot be replaced.

Amit Talathi says:

Can I use this shaver if i use the foam?

JDM CARS says:

I have something similar to that…but it’s a Remington and doesn’t work very well

George Mantzaris says:

thank you very much hello from australia i have a very good shaver

Matt Dogan says:

I bought it, hate it, threw it…It is shit!

Bern W says:

The secret to using an electric razor is to go lighlty and against the grain . . . don’t apply pressure, that will just prematurely wear out the foil and push your skin cells into the cutting zone. . . go light, go slow, go against the grain, and shave every day. I’ve been shaving for 50 years and it took me the first 20 years to figure that out. In fact I gave up on electric but went back after some advice from an old guy. But now I love it. I use a high end Braun but bought the M-90 for camping and travel. . . took it nice and easy and it did a great job.

Pwn3dByPhysics says:

Nice review dude!

Johnathan Golden says:

I just bought this shaver after trying out a friends spare. It’s decent for me as it gets close enough and I don’t plan on using it more than once or twice a week. I’d give it a 5/10 for me and a 1/10 if recommended to friends.

Zerobladetion Wot says:

Mine cheap electric razor was only 28 dollar it handle well enough for me. Am very happy with it use only one AAA battery Hitachi brand.

Ian H. says:

Check out the Panasonic ES-RS10 on YouTube, 40% smaller and made in Japan. Buy them on EBay for $25. No brush or trimmer, no biggie.

WudangWind says:

It’s pronounced “brown” not “brawn”, thanks for the review.

Andreas R. says:

I like this man… he looks great for testing shaver’s.
I have got yesterday my new braun series 7, revised version no. 7.

It’s amazing how light they made it, and how handy it is.

Seem’s this shaver can beat my old one, 8995.

I wasn’t not so satisfied with series 5. :-/ I mean my 5090.
Much money he cost, but he doesnt so good shave, as a braun shaver which was 7 or more years older.

Vachagan Balayan says:

on the other hand you’re being paid to promote their stupid expensive shavers,
1. i got series 9 the most expensive high end shit they had
2. then i m30

series 9 just gave up workin right after a warranty (maybe programmed to do so, so that you keep on payin)
i use m30 every day, batteries hold for few months, shaving every day (if you hold more it struggles indeed) but shaving every day its the best so far

Mehmet Meray says:

By the way, it is a bit aggressive shaver. If you have to shave all your face with it, then you shouldn’t press it hard to your face. You could use powder stick. If you don’t have it then time to time you have to keep the head under cold water or shave wet with it with shaving cream/soap or under shower.

DR DR says:

I think to buy Braun 130S Series 1.
what do you think?

faran rihan says:

i have jintian electric shaver, how can i trim(to cut, to make small) my mustaches?

Reverend Eslam says:

Just bought one.

Robert Sustaita says:

You have to go against the grain with this shaver. I use it daily and I go with and against the grain.

chris319 says:

I had one of these and it shaved so poorly that it went straight into the garbage can. It left way too much stubble behind. If amazon had negative stars I would give it a negative rating. The larger of the two Panasonic travel shavers is much better — good but not great.

Rugged89 says:

I’ve had the m60 for 6 years same old blue one and never have as ny problems works better thin 100$ ones all day best 20$ I ever spent and I still use it now never had to replace anything on it besides batteries that’s it

Flustered Kid says:

Does dis work on dick hair? 😛

Georgina Adams says:

Planning on buying this as my son’s first shaver – not much beard there yet so hopefully it will be awesome!! 😀 Thanks for the review! You didn’t show us how the trimmer gadget works tho!

faschuck says:

Prior to taking a cruise of New England and Maritime Canada last summer, I decided that I needed to purchase an electric razor because: 1). Taking my beloved Parker 71R ‘traditional’ safety razor on a cruise ship is a definite no-no (*per TSA regulations*); 2). Even though I could have taken my early ’70s Gillette Trac II cartridge razor (*which is permitted by TSA regulations*), I didn’t want to tie up the ‘phone booth’ we were to call our state room’s bathroom. With that in mind, I made haste to Amazon and various other consumer product review sites and compared three of the best-selling battery-powered electric razors against one another. These were: 1). The Braun Mobile Shave M-90; 2). The Panasonic ES3831K; and 3). The Remington TF70CDN. Seeing as how the former of the three beat the pants off both of its competitors in the consumer reviews, I took the dive and bought the M-90 via an eBay retailer, from whence I only paid (as Tyler had stated in the video above) $25 and took delivery of it barely 4 days later. With that said, here are my findings: 1). The M-90 generally does a very good job on me quality-wise, as it really does shave me nearly as closely as my Trac II; 2). While I rated the overall shave quality as ‘Very Good,’ it did take me about 20 minutes to do both my face and scalp, which is still quite faster than even that aforementioned Trac II, which I onced timed at 34 minutes (*three-pass wet shave*); 3). While it IS nice to not have to worry about lugging around a charger for this shaver, the cost of AA batteries (*even inexpensive store brand ones*) DOES add up over time, as you will find that you will only get 30-45 minutes out of one pair of batteries, which can be pretty problematic if you’re like me and use an electric shaver every day; 4). If you should (for any reason) damage the foil or even the hair pocket itself like I did on my cruise and go to buy a genuine Braun-made replacement, be ready for some sticker shock, as that entire unit nearly costs as much as the shaver itself, although I did eventually find some ‘generic’ Chinese-made replacement foil/cutter sets for only @ $11 on eBay and I can report that they work wonderfully. Because I knew that this shaver was under-powered and that I didn’t want to lug around a whole 24-pack of AA batteries during my time at sea, I went ahead and bought a full-sized Remington F5-3800 2 weeks later and ended up taking both that AND the Braun with me on my cruise. So, having said all of that, is the Braun M-90 a bad electric razor? NOT REALLY. While I don’t use mine as my ‘dedicated’ everyday shaver, it still comes quite in handy for me as a clean-up razor for those rare times where my wet shaves with my Parker are just slightly of the mark. And as for my shaver of choice for everyday use, I ultimately went old-school and bought what is arguably the greatest electric razor ever made: a vintage, plug-in-only 1978 Remington XLR 2000, for which foils and cutters are now more widely available than ever. Still, don’t be afraid to at least take the Braun M-90 for a spin…

Happy Me says:

You can’t get replaceable foils for these shavers . You have to buy a new shaver when the foil is worn.

B-MAN says:

Man you really need to test of budget shavers lol

Happy Me says:

Have always used Braun shavers. German reliability I guess. Had the 9590 and the trimmer mechanism broke two weeks before end of warranty. Braun sent me brand new series 7

Umais Zia says:

Good review.. i was planing on using it for everyday shave but this review changed my mind.

captfalconXX says:

Thanks for showing the actual facial hair shaving there. Great review !

Mehmet Meray says:

A great product which I’m using it for many years. It is always in my briefcase. I do wet shaving and dry shaving. Mostly I shave once in two days and if I have to shave everyday then the second day I use electric shaver. Generally I use brown for my face and Philips for my neck and under my jaw. Sometimes when I shave in a hurry then I can’t shave as perfect as possible around my lip, under my nose or bottom line of my neck. When I discover it, then at the office I use this Braun to retouch.

Si L says:

If you are a hairy beast, do not bother with this shaver! Great for people that have very little facial hair.

vMatzG says:

this shaver sucks for neck, but rest is fine

Vaios Karpathakis says:

Man this doesnt remove anything, its crap

Happy Me says:

Great videos by the way. Keep up the good work. Have subscribed to your channel.

ivy Strauss says:

When I bought it I thought it was the biggest piece of shit ever, but it kind of is, but I’m used to it now, but I should of bought the Gillette fushion

Philip Georgiew says:

this is complete shit , it cut me everywhere even with shaving cream

Pwn3dByPhysics says:

I would recommend buying a better camera to record with, but overall a good video!

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