Electric Razor Shaving vs Safety Razor Shaving

It’s a head to head match up and the battleground is my face! Let’s see how a modern Norelco electric razor does against a vintage 1959 Gillette Fatboy safety razor. The results may surprise you!


TheRembrandtsHue man says:

I have school tommarow, why is it 8:13 pm and I’m watching someone shave

mrk says:

You should shave with a circular hand move when using the new world;) sorry but it is how you should do

Danielle L says:

nice video! do you think an electric razor will be a good in between for head shaving? my husband started using his safety razor on his head. he’s worried the upkeep will take too long before work so an electric was
my thought for Father’s day.

We Remotely Low says:

Even the best electric razors just won’t get my neck.
Anyone recommend a good shaving cream to someone to just can’t seem to shave without tugging and getting bumps/burn?

Nirmal Ama says:

you are correct old razors win. thanks

Jason says:

Just bought a new norelco so I kinda wanted to know what to expect, expectations are low after watching this

billy smith says:

i use bath soap. i take a wash rag. get it damp. wad it up then in circles lather the bar soap till it is simi paste. little bit of water on it then rub it on your face in circles

E A says:

Safety razor deff wins

Jbirtwisle says:

Often wondered what it would look like if Jonathan Ross and Nicholas Cage accidentally got stuck in that machine from the film ‘The Fly’ now I know. Great bid btw

mansour albaloushi says:

i just enjoy watching him shaving and telling a story lol ..

suelzer says:

Fun fact: I have a birthmark on my face that I actually managed to cut once with an electric razor… Didnt bleed much, but still it was cut

Nicholas Brown says:

It’s nice to shave with an electric – to cut down the stubble some – makes shaving with a DE or straight edge a lot nicer in my opinion

Louie Gee says:

“What mystery lyes within? Ah HA! Still a mystery…anyways” lol

Nguyễn Minh Hòa says:

You should move the e shaver in a circular motion to have the best result

Eric Swindle says:

Ok I know this video is old, but I just saw it for the first time so it’s new to me lol. Watching you use that electric razor made my face hurt. I’m so glad I found DE shaving. I would never go back.

Illuminati089 says:

im actually using a high en electric razor (panasonic arc 5 ) and you cant per say cut yourself where you bleed but if u havnt shaved in a couple days it pulls and when shaving close your skin starts to sting hard when being exposed to water like if you had cut yourself so in a way yeah and im actually starting to switch over to de shaving in the next few months.

koskey06 says:

I think going with any shaving method expecially when switching your face has to adjust. when I switched to a DE razor I could only do a with the grain pass or I would get crazy ingrown hairs a couple days layer when my perfect BBS shave would try to get out of the skin. Now I will still get a few if I do a 3 pass shave bit no where near what it was at first.

Dennis Cassidy says:

I just picked up my first safety razor today and im about to go give it a try… oddly excited for it. the last time I was excited for shaving was before I had to lol

Srinu Yalla says:


Zdog 0513 says:

nick cage

paisleyyama says:

You should do a video on DE vs the new 22 blade razors with a moisture strip.

Justin biebe says:

it should be done in circular motion

Robertロバート says:

I would use a normal razor if I wasn’t so stupid cutting myself all the time. My jaw and chin are too sharp it seems.

Blatta77 says:

Have you tried to clean the razor with ultrasonic cleaner? (Not with razor blades on) Think you can get it done at a jewelery store

vivi SW says:

The video is awesome!!Could you please post our products?

Svilen Konac says:

Old razor setup is King for every thing they selling today

jimijackson says:

Chael sonnens brother

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