Electric Razor vs. Traditional Shaving

ExpoTV and Braun sent me a Braun Series 5 electric razor for me to try out for you. I absolutely loved it! The traditional shaving always irritated my face, but shaving with the Braun Series 5 really proved to be a tight and smooth shave!

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Lavish Potato says:

This video helped a ton, thanks man

Alex Geld says:

I wonder how would Philips 9000 perform on your dense beard

Nat Mo says:

Sexy Mark. You look marvelous. The ladies love your videos as well.

Ryan Uhrig says:

Mark, have you tried straight razor shaving yet?

Jose Lopez says:

What happens if you don’t put shaving cream

Rael Levinsohn says:

Love the soundtrack for this video, what is the name of the song?

Endtyme says:

Mark you´re HOT AS FUCK and definitely SHAVING THAT BEARD IT´S A CRIME! Lolllll!! You look soooooo handsome with beard! <3

pongo245 says:

I have a question someone please answer. I have been shaving with an electiric trimmer for about 6 years and I have gone through many shavers during this amount of time. I am looking for a shaver that it is best for clean shave. My beard grows in somewhat long and nicely but for job interviews I shave and what not. I have never used a razor to shave my face so will it make any difference to my beard in the way it grows if I were to switch shavers? When it comes to how it grows in will shaving with a manual razor impact the growth of my beard rather that the trimmer?

max factor says:

Real man shaves with chainsaw

tcphll says:

I dislike both electric and cartridge razors. I started using old school double edge safety razors about 20 years ago and get a better and closer shave with much less irritation than I ever did with my Mach 3. I can also buy a year’s supply of blades for less than the cost of a large pizza.

Gary Okonor says:

what that for and I can’t believed you did that

jouliaa riri says:

He got the kardashian’s voice lol

Idrees Baksh says:

Which is best for skin protection

P A U L P A U L says:

I’d pass on the shaving thing. I’d rather trim it to leave some traces of hair, just to let people know that I’m not some shiny baby-like child that still hasn’t hit puberty.

B-MAN says:

got a braun Series 7…. love it… just hard to FIND the series 7 carts!!! lol…guess since a cart lasts 18 months….hmm..

ruben says:

the beard grows back at the same time with both ways?

Barry Kade says:

Many of us consider “traditional shaving” to mean a double edge blade in a razor made for same, single edge (an older style still) or straight razor. You can still pick up a Gillette Superspeed on Ebay for about $10 and a sample pack of different double edge blades for about $5.00. You can’t go wrong with Astra, Personna, or Voskhov blades. Give ’em a try.


Have you ever tried the braun 790?

Val Kaeoss says:


Kervis Caraballo says:

Great video brother!!

10,000 subscribers without any videos says:

can any one tell me how to grow lighter beard

TanusFox says:

Cartridge razors are not traditional, Straight razors and Safety razors are traditional.

ReviewTechAfrica says:

who the fuck shaves dry!?

Offthe Lip says:

No electric razor will give you as good a shave as DE shaving or shaving with a gillette fusion/Mach 3. For the money and closeness, DE shaving is the absolute best. DE razors are cheap and you can buy a 100-pack of blades for $8. Closeness is important to me. If getting your face BBS (baby’s butt smooth) is not important to you, go with the Braun/Norelco.

Hi says:

Can you shave in circles with a braun ?

Mark mac says:

Bro what electric shaver are you using in the video?

Museum of Swag says:

dude I need that beard

Call me says:

you should put links of what you review next time of possible. great video, helped a lot

ReviewTechAfrica says:

ok so u got a free stupid electric razor and U are giving them fake publicity, u are biased and fake as fuck how about u tell us the truth that thing fucking sucks all electric razors suck!

Shebby says:

I need a scientific explanation on both please

Pastor Michael Blankenship says:

Great video, loved how you incorporated your Dad in!

George David says:

what do I think about that hair style? man.. with that beard and that hair style of middle aged man (baldness in progress) I think you like to sit a lot in your knees and suck dicks… in all my honesty! I bet you are gay! fucking homosexual!

10eittaf says:

I have a double and single edged razors. And I agree , great shave big savings

Daquan Witcher says:

What’s the name and cost of the electric razor?

muhammad40000 says:

You look so nice with a beard haha

Bharat Ratan Sharma says:

Traditional Razors are the best. I love my MACH 3 Razors. Nothing can give you a better shave than that.

Finley Dean says:


huntin40 ` says:

hahaha jeff is such a dork!! Come on humps!!! Its all about the sponsors!!!! lol

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