Foil vs Rotary Shavers – Braun Series 7 vs SensoTouch 3D

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2. Braun Series 7:
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4. Braun Series 3 340:
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Here we compare the Braun Series 7 and the Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D. We also discuss the debate between foil shavers and rotary shavers. You can find more detailed reviews of both shavers on the website.

Table of Contents:

Shaving Specs – 2:02
Cleaning Stations – 4:37
Shaving Performance – 10:39
Final Thoughts – 12:15

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jpandyaraja says:

having a hard hair growth..i totally wasted my money buying braun…..philly 3 head works the best for me …i will never buy braun again

Sagan Will says:

A shaver/phone/iPod

Ryan Mifsud says:

Which one of them  is the nearest to the Blade shaving ?

Kevin Schafer says:

The Norelco rotary shaver always makes my neck red and raw while the Braun foil shaver doesn’t at all.

ShaneM007 says:

This just goes to show you how everyone is so different. Example, I just purchased the Brand new Norelco 9300 from Bestbuy brought it home with delight in my eyes just to have it smacked right out of me lol. Worst shaving experience in my life. This thing would barley trim any hair from my face. Took forever sitting there in one spot while running this thing yes in a circular motion, Hell i tried ever motion with it, ha…… Ended up talking it back and buying the Braun Series 7 -790cc and let me tell you what a world of difference in the two. NIGHT AND DAY, the Norelco (im sorry was junk and felt cheap in my hands also) it missed so many areas on my face it was like i was in high school again learning how to shave all over again. To my delight the Braun series 7 felt heavier in my hands, options was easier to use, buttons were so much better than Norelco also. Trust me I wanted the Norelco to work out, main reason is i like the look of the rotor type razers lol. Anyways back to the actually products. The cleaning tanks on both systems seemed to work fine, but did notice the Braun was much faster and if im not confused had some kind of heated system to dry the razor also when it was finished. Again both may of had this option im just not 100% positive. Another fact the Braun just felt like it had more power.. I May get smashed by saying this but this is again my opinion, but im sorry its just really hard to hear people say they feel and think the build of the Norelco is superior to Braun and other electric razors. Especially when most of them aint even tried other models of any of them. Cause without even turning each device on you can physically fill the difference in build quality in the 2 products. What im saying is without sounding just like the people im talking about ha, lets not be basis just because that’s the device we ended up staying with, let people make there own minds up. Please take what we say into consideration but at the same time its your face and your money. If you can try both by all means do so, cause that’s what i did and found that yes one device did work better for me than the other. I may of gotten a defective unit who knows, but do remember it felt really weak. Also so you know I know a little about quality , its what i did for work for over 5 years. So trust me it was my job to find mistakes and problem areas. Hell i got paid to do so. 🙂 Look neither of them are going to be the perfect razor. We just have to find the happy medium we are going to settle with in the long run, cause no one wants to keep paying for those high dollar throw away razors like we have been doing for years, plus i kind of like the idea of not having my sink clogged up all the time with my facial hair….
Also a quick note the rotor type razors have always pulled my hair out instead of cutting it, well seems that way. Not so much on the foil type ones like the Braun…..
Nice video man…… keep up the good work……

al nav says:

No Philips review. Useless.

wave runner says:

I have tried both and the Norelco is better. You can use it at any stubble length whereas foil shavers require time consuming trim down first.

Rock Justice says:

I have many electric shavers foil and rotary. I have the norelco featured here and it is by far the best I have ever used. The Braun dulls a lot faster and is falling apart at the trimmer. Rotary are the clear winners..I tried the Braun as it was on sale and it does not compare to a Norelco. My previous foils were also inferiour.

TheLordstrider says:

i just can’t decide. 50% say Braun 7 is best other 50% say norelco philips 9 is best. no idea what to buy 🙁

Darin N says:

I have very course facial hair, can you recommend one of these two shavers for me? Thanks

rrrandommman says:

NEVER brush the foil, read the instructions, that will damage the foil, only brush the cutter block.

MobiusX says:

I bought 3d senso touch, its faster than most electric shavers and its good for under the neck but it doesn’t even give you a close shave so I had to do it every day, I had an old norelco electric shaver model that used hq9 heads speed xl and the shaving quality is actually better, these ultra heads are not even good, i returned the 3d sensotouch today, i used it for 2 weeks, fuck that shit

Ad Mirer says:

What i really want to know”: is the Philips 3D any better than the earlier Philips models?

LapSiLap says:

Why would you shave one side of your face with one shave annother side with another shaver and NOT show the results? Strangest review ever.

Anthony Wayne says:

Which is more effective for black men’s (curly) facial hair?

Cole Ruddick says:

Excellent side by side comparison of two of the best electric shavers! Thank you.

whiskey4blood says:

The truth is there is a HUUUGE diference between rotary and foil, but people will always defend their decision, so they will say that they are ok with their rotary crap. But make no mistake Braun foil is way better than any Phillips shaver! I had both and am never going back to Phillips!

John AK72 says:

After shaving my neck gets glowing hot, so far I’ve tried 4 different Philips razors and same result! now wanna get a Braun.

G and K says:

I have both of these shavers, same models as in the review.  I have both with the cleaning base.

I think the Braun works best for me only if I shave every day.  As a daily shaver, I think the Braun is better, but just slightly better.

The sensotouch 3d, a huge advantage I found is if I don’t shave every day, the Braun often can’t cut my hair at all, unless I pre-shave with my Philips body groomer.  The Sensotouch 3d shaves the longer 3 or 4 day long beard.  It still has some difficulty with the longest hairs on my neck, but it WILL cut them.  The Braun is noticeably slower, once I have 2 days growth, and stops working at all after about 4 days growth.  That said, using the body groomer first before using either of these will result in a very fast shave, vs attempting to shave off a 4-day beard with just the shaver.

Now my beard may be a difficult one, it takes me about 3 months to look like Santa Clause, so I may be a heavier than average beard grower.  But for me, the rotary

Also, NEVER EVER drain your lithium batteries all the way.  A lithium battery is DEAD once completely depeated, and cannot be recharged.  In fact, most systems that use lithium cells will prevent you from discharging them all the way by turning off when power gets low, but if you don’t recharge soon the batteries will self-discharge and eventually go dead.  Lithium batteries can exhibit a kind of memory effect, but unlike Nicads, this effect is cured by fully charging NOT fully discharging.  A charge controller chip is in charge of deciding when it is time to charge to 100% (usually  lithium batteries last longer if most charges stop at something less than 100%).  Of course the selection of a better charge controller chip is critical to getting proper battery life.  There are also slight differences between lithium cell type, as some have nearly zero memory effect, while others have more.

The batteries that need to be discharged every use are the older nicad batteries.  The nicad batteries have a strong memory, and frequent charging without a discharge will quickly destroy them.

At least this is the conventional wisdom of electronic engineers that design such systems.  of course your mileage will vary.

robert4you says:

You can easily clean the Braun under running water, just like the Philips. I don’t understand what’s the problem? You don’t have to use the cleaning station every day, it is OK to use it once a week or once every two weeks and the other days use warm running water to clean the shaver. The Braun is waterproof you know… And one more very important thing: You NEVER EVER use the little brush on the shaver foil & the cutter cassette (Braun), please read the manual and watch the illustrations. You seem to guess a lot in this video. Read the manual first and then make the video. This video is leading astray.

Brandon Crapo says:

There really is no clear winner, there are advantages to both. I have used both rotary and foil shavers and both work great

guitarcountry1 says:

I have used many electric shavers over the years. Even tried a razor blade for a while. Just got tired of all the cuts and pain. I used the Schick Flexamatic, Braun, and others. Then tried the Norelco. So what do I do now? I use both a screen shaver and a rotary every morning. I start shaving with the screen, currently using a Remington DA307. Then for the final touch, I use a Norelco. This works the best for me. I have tried just the Remington or just the Norelco and they both have their issues. But using the combination works really good for me. I have done this for years and it’s the closest to a blade I have found. So instead of either / or, I am using both of them. The Remington first, then final shave with the Norelco. Seems crazy, but it works the best for my beard. Anyone else tried this?

Brandon Crapo says:

There are just some different pros and cons to each

Alaska Boy says:

Reading other reviews, I agree, the Braun foils did not hold up, and they seemed to be a cheaper build.

myflesh10 says:

I find that for manually cleaning ANY electric shaver, some canned compressed air(air dusters) works really well for detailing after a brushing, or using them exclusively instead of a brush, although one will use up the canned air faster if using exclusively. They work especially well if one has the tube piece to direct the air in a narrow focus towards the foil/blades/etc.

Ivan Grbavac says:

what would you say is the better for shaving head?

myflesh10 says:

Thank you much for all the vids and the pdf guide, I’m checking it all out b4 I buy.

Scott Ramsay says:

I want to buy one of these. But I don’t want a shaver that’s just for totally getting rid of my beard. I grow hair very quickly. But I sometimes like keeping some stubble and I also want to start designing. Mainly shaving specifically off my neck. I take it a rotary is allot harder to actually style a beard.

Jeff M says:

I like the rotary shavers a lot better.  I tried the braun foil shavers.  It was an entry level braun, but it couldn’t cut my longer hairs.  So it is true what they say, braun’s might not be able to shave you, if you go longer than a week, like i like to do.  And rotaries are closer than people like to believe.  It’s close enough for me. 

Eric Sligar says:

I just recently purchased a series 5 5090cc and after the first week I get close to bbs every time. I was raised on norelco and never had it work as nice as my braun. Very nice review.

Steve Garrison says:

I got my Braun 790 with cleaning station for $35 at my local auction . Probably a returned item but works fine . Bet I got the best price on this unit of anybody here . I have a question for the shaver expert – great job on the presentation Braun versus Norelco by the way.  Replacement shaver heads are ridiculously expensive at around $60 . If I regularly use the automatic cleaning station, should I ever have to replace that foil cleaning head? Is there any procedure that “sharpens” the existing head ? Finally, I don’t like to fool with the cleaning solution and read somewhere online that it is essentially Rubbing alcohol and I use that with no ill consequences. In fact I even saw some place that there was a scent that you could add to your rubbing alcohol. Have you heard of this procedure and is it okay?

Shankar Sivarajah says:

First of all, great job with the reviews. 

I have a question. I have a problem with my skin. Some hair is growing inside and my skin is gets easy irritated. Should I choose to use foil or a rotary shaver? 

Thanks in advance mate. 

Martin Szy says:

I purchased the Norelco 1250X 4 years ago. Today they no longer make the same replacement blades. It is still working with the same old blades.
They are the RQ12 with UntraTrack technology. Because they have changed blade design I have decided to go back to Foil. Braun seems to be consistent.

One Uncle For Three says:

Braun also has three closeness settings.  The closest setting is like a razor.

Miguel Serrano says:

great video..

PurplEDC Reviews says:

I have a sensotouch 3d and when I first tried It I did not like it.   I do a wet shave and no matter how hard I tried I couldnt seem to get a smooth shave like I would with a cartridge razor like the fusion or hydro.   I always would feel a tiny bit of stubble when running my fingers against the grain with the norelco.    I am not positive but what I THINK I was experiencing was the effect of the lift and cut feature on norelco rotaries.   No other razor claiming to do this gives this effect.   But what happens is I exfoliate,  use some shave cream and shave with the norelco.   I get completely pissed off that I cant get a close shave and after a few minutes shaving I give up.    Then a very odd thing happens.   I dry my face off and 5 minutes after my shower the stubble can no longer be felt and my face is just as smooth if no smoother than when i use a regular razor.   It is deceiving because you think your razor isnt working but then you dry your face off and the hair sinks below skin level again after being cut.    Now I love my 3d.   But I was 1 shave away from returning it to get a braun 7 series.  I am glad i didnt because as much as the brauns give me what I feel is a a close shave, I get more irritation and I have to shave more often. 

MWS ICT says:

A little education needed with regard to lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries: it is __NOT__ good to fully drain them and then charge to full. That was the case with the old Ni-Cd (nickel cadmium) or Ni-MH (nickel-metal-hydride) batteries.

With Li-ion batteries — that same battery technology in your laptops and cellphones — it is best to discharge to about 40-70% and then charge to full. 

That being said, it’s never a good idea to keep a Li-ion battery charging either. The problem with the Philips Norelco shavers, for some retarded reason, seems that they weren’t programmed to automatically shut-off power when fully charged. I hope they at least programmed the logic into their Sonic toothbrushes (coz I have one)! Perhaps the newer Norelco shavers have this firmware update (it’s controlled by the firmware of the shaver) which would justify the change in the name (from 1290x to ‘series 8000’).

See, any smart company that cares about the consumer would program the device to stop charging when it detects a full charge. It aint rocket science — just simple logic programmed on a chip that manages power to the device.

Despite this, not knowing whether it really is built into the device or not (usually the manual would say it has “auto-shut off” when fully charged or something to that effect) I would still unplug the charger from the wall when not in use because it STILL draws power even with nothing in the cradle.

So please… do NOT fully-deplete your Li-ion batteries folks. That was old school batteries in the 80s-90s. Today we have (or SHOULD have) ‘smart’ power management built into our devices, and Li-ion batteries that work better when their molecules are constantly moving. 

PS: best way to store a device with Li-ion batteries is to have it at 40% charge. No charge can easily result in your battery bloating/expanding when you start charging/using it again if left in a no-charge state for more than a couple weeks. 

Wuchtamsel says:

I can’t help myself, but this guy has a bad shave in every single video. Heck, look at this beard-shadow! Not exactly seducing to try an electric shave…

woll324 says:

Was going to buy a Braun but it looks like the replacement heads are hard to find, crazy expensive and not the same quality as the original one

SilentBob420BMFJ says:

I have to stop you right there at :55. Foil shavers DO give a closer shave 95% of the time, but that doesn’t make it better for everybody. For instance, I just read a review from a guy who enjoys the “I shaved yesterday” look, so he doesn’t want the closest shave, thus uses a rotary.

But for the most part, after looking at pros and cons of these razors on other sites, they often say “well there’s no clear winner”, but they say this after listing clear pros and cons that favor the foil, unless you really need something from the rotary, like if you only shave once a week.

Maybe this is wrong to say, but I’d guess that at least half the people who buy rotary just don’t know any better or just don’t care.

Steve Garrison says:

I have the Braun 790 and have already written a comment here but as I read other comments, I got an insight .  The Braun does a great job shaving me as long as I shave frequently. If I get lazy and go several days (being retired I can sometimes do this) I find that the foil shaver has a rough time knocking down the longer stubble. I have an inexpensive rotary shaper that does a much better job under that circumstance. So when I get lazy and forget to shave, I use the rotary first and then the Braun – the rotary knocks it down and the Braun does a much better job of making it smooth.

Charles Mangum says:

Enjoyed your presentation.  You cleared up some important questions for me.  Well done.

Randy Taylor says:

reviews like this are putting Consumer Reports out of business. Great job!

One Uncle For Three says:

Braun batter lasts a 100 hours.  No need to bring cord on trips.  Bring the brush though.  I use the lighest setting so no ingrown hairs.  I’d rather have a 5 o’clock shadow.  Would like to try the rotary.

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