HONEST Braun 9095cc Electric Razor Series 9 REVIEW + DEMO

The Braun Series 9 Electric Razor is an amazing machine. The only problem is that every video review on YouTube is either a paid sponsorship or else the reviewer got the razor for free from BzzAgent in exchange for a review. I paid over $300 of my own money, so I am going to give you an honest review – including pointing out some of the negatives to this razor – of which there are a few that never get mentioned. I’ll also do a demo on a three-day growth of thick stubble, as well as let you know if this is worth upgrading if you already own the Braun Series 7.


SilentBob420BMFJ says:

I’m going to remember this razor, years from now when it drops below $150. I’ve owned a Braun 8585 in the past, and it was awesome. Currently own a Cool Tec, which isn’t as good as the 8585, but still good. But ya, if you look at videos of people shaving with electric razors, they do NOT look like this video; it literally is mowing that shit down in 1 pass, wow.

Joe Edwards says:

All plastic body? Nope.

Michael Cherri says:

why doesn’t anyone talk about the ground breaking led screen / features.

Benjamin Zhang says:

man you are a hairy man

GeeLowjo says:

I was going to buy it but the reviews on the replacement heads are pretty much ALL bad. Same with the 7 series. So since I don’t want a future nightmare i’ll be going to Panasonic 5 blades instead. Plus those heads are super expensive !

Gougoulina 20 says:

because of the plastics thing, I am not going to bay it

Johnny says:

I hate when manufactures paint plastic parts with a chrome finish to make them look like metal. If it’s plastic, just be honest about it. This looks really cheap and sad but they still charge you $300 for it. Shame on you Braun! Deal breaker indeed!

Victor Belmares says:

Bed bath and beyond has the Braun 9 series in the low 200’s if I’m correct $220 to $230

Kevin Choi says:

So 9090cc and 9095cc both are made out of plastic chrome covers right?

144Donn says:

Thx for the review. I have been with Panasonic for at least 20 yrs but they have gone down in quality like a boat anchor. battery goes in no time, machine eats up my face..and well I am done with them! But, the shaving cream has been good with electric. It provides a nice shield..used to use lectric shave eons ago..never liked the small or the oily film it left. But, I hear you!

Yongxiang Gong says:

Plastic handle and easy to get fingerprint are absolutely killing my willing to buy it.

CeNTuRiOn33100 says:

Seems like a pretty good shave but damn this thing is $$$, I just can’t see myself spending that much money to shave my face (but good video anyways).

Thomas James says:

9:15 OMG That’s great!! Thanks for a real man’s perspective. I got this shaver today after seeing your video. $499 here in Australia. Thrown my Philips rotary shavers in the bin!

CariagaXIII says:

i smack a kid with that razor

Joseph Ramos says:

Series 5 is only $99 on Amazon

KnifeGuy375 says:

Outstanding Video! Thank you! 🙂

Cole Ruddick says:

Great review! Thanks for sharing. Good to know about the plastic body. For the price…makes me think, “hmmm”.

Mohamad Khalil Hamieh says:

Thanks for posting

Marcus Dupuy says:

isn’t that titanium and not plastic? wasn’t that the whole marketing about it?

Kingtoneable says:

I just got one last month it’s the best shave I’ve had in years it does get as close a blade i pushed to hard on my chin area and it cut me! Best electric razor ever

Sergey Velet says:

Great review. thanks!

GabeR6 says:

Love the video man. Just a little Tip for future reviews: try n shorten it a little bit. A little bit too much story telling. Could’ve been shorted a minute or 3 🙂 other than that lovin the videos

SilentBob420BMFJ says:

Is it worth it over a series 7 though? It’s DOUBLE the price, I mean WTF.

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