How to save money #2: the best electric shaver I have ever owned!

This is an unpaid review of the Braun 790 cc (7 series):
I have owned this since November 2009! Also I show you how to maintain this unit with secret tips from online and from an experience Braun repair person! Enjoy and please check out my other videos on how to save more of your hard earned cash!

Braun 790 cc:
Braun 70S Head Cassette:
Braun Clean and Renew 4 Pack:

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Franz Stroughbin says:

German quality. Usually worth paying more once instead of constantly buying cheaper stuff.
I have a 5090 CC and I use a seperate liquid to refill the cartridges which saves you a lot of money, too. The brand I use is called Fluid-Tec, but is only sold in Germany, I believe.

I bet there are several available in the US as well, but you have to research a bit, some aren’t so good as they are too oily.

Baddog3290 says:

Last year i switched from cartridge razors to DE safety razors. for several reasons. but i am looking for something that i can use if im late for work. and dont have the time to shave. I have been looking into this shaver and i might get it even though. I havent bought any razors nor shaving stuff for a whole year and a half now. coming from $25 a month to not spending any for over a year on blades, when now i get 100 blades for $10.

Tommy Harris says:

Why don’t you just stick to wet shave, preferably with Gilette mach3It will be closer, smoother and a lot less hassle.

Oscar Leo says:

Can I use 70 % alcohol and orange oil for the cleaning …

Rull Mourn says:

my Remington has worked great for yrs, did you buy the cheapest model they made when you owned one ? another thing , leaving razor blades in any liquid will dull them.

WH Mitty says:

Good vid. I just bought one of these shavers and after 51 years of shaving I’m finally getting a shave which is easily 95% as good as that with a blade with ZERO irritation and I do mean ZERO.

You probably already know about this but check out this guy’s video on how to brew your own cleaning solution to save yourself a few extra bones.

ItsBrian says:

Coming up on 5 years of ownership and daily use! Still going strong. My second shaver head got a small hole on the top. Bought another head so when the current head breaks more I can switch over. I might do a video of me actually shaving like another user suggested.

Crispy Peppers says:

sit doesnt have trimmer for style, just the razors so…braun series 3 could be better for the price and it shaves pretty much like it so…

Mark says:

Awesome tips thank you

Dilip Goel says:

Is it possible to charge it without the docking station, like if you’re travelling?

MarkII69 says:

lol you dumb prick.

Lea williams says:

Hey, I just found your youtube, I hope you are still making videos. I do not know if you do but you could sign up for amazon and their thing they have so if you share a link from them, and people go and buy that product threw your link, you will get some money back from it. Thanks.

Johnson Lawn Care says:

I use mine to shave my head and it do a great job and I don’t bump up

ItsBrian says:

That’s a good idea about spraying the isopropyl. I don’t use the cleaning base that often so to me its good. I agree you can mess up the foil but I don’t touch it with that much force but that’s a good point for you all out there to not mess up the shaver head. Haven’t seen the shaver online without the base but good to know. I saw this shaver with base on amaz for $166 today. Not bad. I should just buy a back up!

Michael Polulack says:

Really want to save even more money!  The solution is basically 99% denatured alcohol, with a few drops of scented oil.  I’ve been washing out my fluid containers for the last 3 years with my Braun 5000.  I rinse out the containers with hot water, let them dry overnight, and refill them with the denatured alcohol.  I don’t use scented oil anymore because just the denatured alcohol works fine.  Try it!  I saw this tip on YouTube and it works great!

25musicmaker says:

You really should not use this cleaning device; it sucks.

Rock Justice says:

I have the same unit and trimmer broke. I have never broken my many rotary norelco.I have many as I leave one at work, home and cars.The more expensive ones DO shave better. .Save money by filling cleaner with rubbing alcohol.

李德胜 says:

my shaver is still good but the cleaning station seems not working properly – each time i press the button, it won’t spray fluid to wash the blade. so I guess maybe the pump motor is stuck?

Ron Allen says:

Thanks for the tips; I’ve just invested in the series 7- 797 wet/dry model. I prefer a wet shave being  African American my hair is coarse and naturally curlier, ingrown hair really becomes an issue. However, not with this shaver. I love it!

Eddy Sarmiento says:

I have the same shaver and base. Great shave but need to use bump stopper cream and it works.

Helder Quintas says:

Very helpful review thx

ItsBrian says:

I think I can do that in another video. Lately the base has been not connecting…I have to do the rubbing alcohol thing on the connectors to get it to work. arg.

Showtime N says:

Can I put shaving cream on my face and shave with it ?

Daniel Christiansen says:

You might save money with electric shavers, but you’re running a pretty big risk of spending more than you thought you would. Something might break on it- And don’t expect to save time either because it takes a lot of time to maintain and clean it everytime. Only buy it if you really hate blades.

Chris123 says:

I like the black system better.

ItsBrian says:

Yeah it is. Was expensive initially but overtime saved me money. It isn’t perfect (the charging cradle keeps giving me probs) but it is 4 years old this month and I use it every day at least for 3 minutes. they say 6 years is life expectancy

M Schmitzquadrat says:

Great review, thanks for posting. Convinced me to by a 7 Series.

Scott Valetti says:

I have an 8000 that I have been using since 2004! Just 2 months ago I finally replaced the original cutter and foil. IMO nothing compares to the Braun.

s1k2y3e4 says:

good review man…I almost teared up when you said that it was the best razor you’ve ever owned in your life. lol everybody seems to say that Braun 7 is the way to go. good tips on the cleaning part

Going Throttleup says:

after using razor blades for many years i bought one of these Braun series 7 with the cleaning thing ive done,don’t miss walking into a cold bathroom wet shaving and all the mess. dont even need a mirror.

ROUSH4203 says:

I just bought a replacement series 7 7090 due to mine mysteriously vanishing at my cousins house. I’ve had quite a few electrics before trying the Braun and these are the best electrics you can buy. They get closer than a razor and do not tear up your neck.. I’ve read reviews of people returning them after two shaves and you must give them a few weeks for your face to adjust to them. They are excellent shavers

condorhero says:

best review ever. g

Kane K says:

Hi Brian,

Great video! I started using electric shavers in about 2008, at about the age of 21. I always seemed to cut myself with manual razors. I spent proabably a few hundred dollars trying “cheap” rotaries, like philips and a norelco. Both of these broke in less than a year. I live in Australia, and we have a store called the “shaver shop” walked in and ended up purchasing a Panasonic ES8109 with the cleaning station.

This cost me AUD $180 from memory. This shaver was extremely good for the price, and lasted 4 years, until the LCD display stopped working, sideburn trimmer broke and finally the cutter bar flew off Sunday when I cleaned it, and I couldn’t work out how to get it back on.

I had been looking at the Braun shavers for a while. Went to the closet shavershop and purchased the series 7 789cc for AUD $349. Took it home, gave it a quick charge and was absolutely amazed at how it shaved!

The Panasonic would seem to “pull” hairs and hurt at times, and like you mentioned I did cut myself a few times, when the foil was broken or I pressed too hard.

This shaver was amazingly comfortable and gentle (even on the 5th turbo setting!)

I researched the difference between the 7 and 9 series, and from what I have seen their is barely any difference. Plus I didn’t want to fork out AUD $499, and I liked the display on the series 7 better.

Only downside with the cleaning station, my model doesn’t have the “quick clean” button; and it doesn’t seem to have a drying heater as my Panasonic did.

I have been shaving manually this week, and honestly the series 7 is as good as I was getting with a manual shave (the same few ingrown or few flat lying hairs got missed).

Todd Swisher says:

I bought this shaver a week ago and I cannot get over how awesome it is, having used a high-end Norelco rotary for the past 8 years. This Braun 790cc is far better in many ways. And I have been searching for info on how to clean, when to clean, etc and your video was the most helpful info I have found, so thx! So now, the with the info I have gathered, including your vid, I am taking the cutter off and vacuuming mainly from the bottom with a micro vacuum brush after every shave and then I will give it the complete clean once a week. I have researched buying alternate formulas, mixing my own, etc. But your method is cost effective enough for me.

Premium Kicks says:

have you used the alcohol yet? instead of buying solution from braun?

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