Kemei KM-58890 Rechargeable Electric Razor REVIEW

The review video of the super cheap KM-58890 Electric Shaver.

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Alias Anybody says:

My first thoughts were “no blood,…. please”. xD

Joshua Roy says:

first again

TuxKey says:

Hahha when you were shaving I was holding my breath for the first seconds hahah thinking oh my god he’s going to cut himself surprised that you didn’t hahaha won’t recommend you do this often 😉 we need you alive mate hahaha

andre2509 says:

What camera do you use for this video? I liked the fluidity and quality, I wanted to know the brand, thank you!

anurag chaudhary says:

compare to gillete mach 3 as iam using mach3 almost from last 12 years .is this give same result like mach3.

juntjoo nunya says:

These look like their heads are interchangeable with norelco parts. Please confirm this is so…

mayiandjay says:

I feel like shaving now! Great video ideas brother!!!

Sayit AsItIs says:

I just bought one of these from China and I am pretty impressed although I use it every two days. I couldn’t figure out how to open it up for cleaning but I’ve got that now. Pretty decent shaver and trimmer for a few dollar. O the box is suggests that you wet you face and soap the beard then use the razor until the soap foams then wash it off and the shaving is done. I think you might be using the razor the wrong way. Try another video

Hridoy Mondol says:

what price in bangladhes

ReviewKanal says:

Are you satisfied? I bought their electric brush and I was so surprised how good is…Honestly, i didnt expect to be good as it is. Also bought on GB. Here is


do these cheap ass shavers shave good? are they of good quality? How does this compare with the Philips Norelco which I own!!!

Roma Svidenko says:

Русский? 😀

dekzan says:

I thought these with 4 blades were for shaving the head bald…not face ?

Larry The Barber Man says:

like it

Vlad Kiryukhin says:

how much is the watts in this shaver?

TuxKey says:

I switched from electrical to de razor I can recommend that to everyone with sum nice Russian de blade best in the world. I won’t be going back to my Braun

RUS says:

I think you should try to shave in a circular motion with this.
I just bought a Kemei foil electric razor for my Dad from ebay, i hope it does not hurt him and is useful for daily shaving.

TechnoNewsNow TNN says:

Loving that intro

Peter Pchen says:

Of course it hurts, because you have to use the trimmer first (for the long hairs), after that, i think, you can use the 4 pieces shaver.It’s the same with my Philips.Thanks for the video!

Michael Fox says:

Your accent is too hard, are you from Russia?

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