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MicroTouch Solo is a dry razor that trims, edges, and shaves. It’s a lot like the Philips OneBlade, but $10-$15 cheaper. This is my first look review.

Watch a short update here: https://youtu.be/lgTVX7WyGDc?t=4m16s

Written review: http://bit.ly/2ifa76G

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Luis Garcia says:

Just got mine will try tmmrw morning 🙂

diemutha666 says:

I just received mine today and when I used it to shave,the unit stalled/stopped vibrating the moment I glided it over the hairs but it was still on.I had to tap the side of the blade to get it vibrating but it still reacted the same way.Has anyone had this problem before?Thanks in advance.

محمد sh says:


Harvir Singh says:

1:36 …. lol really… smh

TopFin says:

Can you do a review on the MicoTouch Max?

Hey! says:

When Walter white comes to YouTube

ray jackson says:

great review. you presented it very well

ucity metalhead says:

Why isn’t it for down below seems like it would be better than a razor on such delicate areas.

ray jackson says:

From your review I chose the Philips oneblade. Simply because you said It felt more powerful in your hand. I got the micro touch solo off of Amazon for $13 for my gifts to give out. Thank you again


i have one its good for neck line and arm Pitt so i like the phillps one blade better i probably get another oneblade

Uncle Ricky YOUR Barber says:

I wonder if the Philips heads fit….

Carlitos Gonzalez says:

I bought it and honestly I like how it works.

LoganStarCraft says:

I thought it was for shave to skin like a normal razor. After shaving my beard with this, my skin was super red so isn’t for the soft skin kind people I suppose.

Reggie Holder says:

Does it matter how thick your beard is?Been looking for something good for years.Saw that at Walmart for the same price.Might have to get one.

Scott Campagnolo says:

Just picked mine up! Love this thing. Thanks for the great review

juan moreno says:

Does it work on the Gooch?

Carl Martinez says:

MicroTouch Solo is a piece of crap. Don’t buy it. I bought one and broke right away.

TravelingBarista says:


msirull says:

You ain’t kiddin’ about the “don’t use downstairs” comment. I didn’t know you weren’t supposed do that. Bled like a stuck pig. Fine for chest hair, but terrible around Mr. Happy. (Or should I say Mr. Unhappy after that last episode). Great reviews, dude!

Сергей Ребров says:

корче хуйня полная

Jeremy Gabbard says:

RIP beard

citikane says:

Don’t buy it’s a ciofeca!

User1 Last2 says:

Thanks a lot for the review
Got it down to the very DOT!

Good Job Thumbs Up

Sooner Science Nerd says:

I bought mine from Amazon and it came with an USB connector.
I charged it up and tried it on my face hair and it was pretty good. it left a little bit of stubble, but that was fine.
I tried it on my arm hair, and it did great! I got carried away and cut most of it off!
Anyway, it is the best razor I ever bought.
I wondered why mine has an USB cable.

Louie Montano says:

It looked like you were pushing kind of hard to get a close shave..

محمد sh says:

Not good

William Hughes says:

This product is a piece of junk and the material used to manufacture it is cheap. I attempted to change the hair guide and the end of the blade that keeps the blade attached to the shaver broke off. This product will also cut you so be careful

Esther Gozlan says:

unable to connect the blade!!!!!!!

Rick Baker says:

I received this for Christmas and I like it. I’m glad i watched your video though. It’s always better watching someone use it before I try it on myself and I’m glad i did. The 1 millimeter blade worked good but it did take several runs over the same spots to get all the strays off. Its a good razor though. Would have preferred a better angle for the edging.

Mushroomstamp says:

How smooth do you think this would shave my nuttz

JK V says:

I bought this trimmer. Right off the bat, it feels cheap. I have doubts about how well it will withstand a fall. That said, like you, i found that it cuts hair quite well.
You informed me that the blades must be replaced!
Thats a deal breaker.
Plus i was sore to learn that it cant be used in the shower.
Nice vid. Thx

Alice B says:

Yeah, they basically just “borrowed” the one blade design, added a light, and tried to undercut them on the price, heh.

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