One BIG Problem With Electric Razors…and 3 Ways To Solve It! –
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Video Summary:
2:27 – Look for a cooling system
2:57 – Look for a razor that shapes to the contours of your face
3:33 – Look for a razor that can use multiple attachments
4:25 – Bonus Tip 1
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Slater0239 says:

I bought an electric razor because of a stroke that limited the use of my left hand. Worked great and as I gained use of my hand back, I went back to my disposable razor. Semper Fi!

360 Review says:

awesome video

Ragellflagell says:

I’ve always used and electric razor, started cheap now I have a high end one that can wet shave too. Only just started wet shaving with it, the difference is amazing, the shave is maybe 10% better, but the comfort is 100% better like night and day. You do need quality shaving cream that won’t dry out your skin.

Jeffrey Edwards says:

Great have a shave while driving a car, what a tit.

Andrew Jackson says:

I prefer “Ultra DRY – ultra COLD” Shave. If you live in a colder weather states, just prep your face with damp rubbing alcohol cloth. Make sure the cloth is pure cotton. Go out side, where your skin will instantly dehydrate and cool off. Your electric shaver will glide over your skin like SILK. I don’t bother moisturizing or using after shave. I just let my skin “heal” on it’s own and use moist wipes after an hour or so. Cool dry air, from an Air conditioner has the same effect.

Doom Head says:

Trimmers don’t cause irritation

Kristóf Vadnai says:

Im 15 and my “beard” started growing
Is a Philips s1310/04 good for me?
It’d be around $40

mikeypinder says:

really useful video and I enjoyed the tips. thanks very much

Afzal Ansari says:

I like to use old style `RAZOR’

joe woodchuck says:

Men are going back to double edge razor shaving and for good reasons. Look it up. I’ll never change from double edge razor shaving. As far as I’m concerned electric shaving is only good for quick touchups.

Tetutar Shampaloo says:

This buffoon sounds like a salesman. Annoying AF. Kept repeating the same shiz over and over.

Alex Greb says:

Ты не умничай. Ты по русски обьясни

First Last says:

For those prone to ingrown hairs, a razor is unfortunately not a good option. Same for rotary shavers. Top of the line foil shavers can supposedly do better because they don’t lift the hair like a rotary shaver. Is there any reliable solution for those extremely prone to ingrown hairs?

MrPleers says:

I used an electric shaver for about 30 years. (Mostly Philips shavers) But switched to wetshaving about 2 month’s ago. (I should have done that a long time ago.) Irritation was never a problem. But getting a good close shave. Especially the hair under the jaw were difficult to shave. I found out that wetshaving is not only way more effective. But also just feels so much better.

Greg Crabb says:

Looking for a new shaver, don’t know if I want regular dry or wet/dry. I’m on my 3rd Braun (out of 30 years). Just changed the foil and cutter out with a brand new genuine Braun “Made in Germany” set but it still doesn’t seem to cut right. I must have whiskers made of steel! Started using my grandfather’s old Norelco until I decide. Even at around 30 years old it still does better than my old Braun. But I don’t really care for the rotary action. It’s harder to get right up close to my mustache than it is with the Braun.

robert1235421 says:

20 years ago in military! You dont look that old – well done!

Fernando Navarro Villanueva says:

Irritation? Maybe if you don’t try to cut your head off with the razor there won’t be any problem

Mustafa says:

Why do people watch this guy? He doesn’t say anything that isn’t already fairly obvious.

Christopher Bunselmeyer II says:

You want a wet shave Try Traditional Wet Shaving!!!! less irritation, smoother shave. it may take more time but you can get into the groove of the shave. although electric razors are very cool and efficient I agree, in fact I use one myself but only for Dry shaving.

Ghryst VanGhod says:

agree’d, as a man with very coarse facial hair, a decent wet and dry electric razor with shaving cream is a far superior and more comfortable shave. i could never use electrics until these became avalilable

pkj77 says:

use aftershaves after shaving and use one that prevent irritations

TheShaveButler says:

Oh well, imo nothing beats a nice brush, shaving soap and a safety razor or a straight… 😉

SimsForever says:

I have just bought that Phillies shaver you had in that video.

jkyboxerbriefs says:

The pocket square straight up style’n…first thing I noted. Wet shave is where it’s at too…Nicely done!

John Hudelson says:

I think it does not make sense to do a wet shave with an electric razor. If you are going to the trouble to wet shave you might as well use a blade, either a cartridge razor , safety razor, or straight razor. I started out years ago with a Norco shaver and then went to the cartridge razor, which I liked better. Recently I switched to the safety razor, which I like even better.

niacal4nia says:

If you read the manual, it mentions your skin needs to adjust which can take a week or two for irritation.

Uno Carb says:

I shave bald and have hair coarser than steel wire..any suggestions for heads?

Gregory Roth says:

I don’t think I would recommend anyone shave their face while driving.

Kb123 B123 says:

I used the old Remington electrics, but they gave nasty cuts when the foil wore down and needed replacing- yikes! Now I just use safety razor…I like I can flip it over and use the other blade.

Frank Colombo says:

Every single guy here needs to save and invest in a BRAUN electric shaver..

It will change your life.

BRAUN is thee standard when it comes to electric shavers.

Rocking in a free world says:

This guy is so well groomed he looks plastic.

Kevin Bushell says:

I use an expensive Philishave with the floating heads, and have trimmer attachment and have no irritation, unlike the foil shaver which always irritated my skin. Just rinse it out under the tap, and its good to go too.

Jack Daniels says:

Did he just promote distracted driving?

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