Philips Norelco One Blade | an average guy’s review

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Here’s my honest review of One Blade – a unique wet/dry electric razor from the folks at Philips Norelco that’s perfect for the average guy and whiskers of any kind. For trimming stubble or vs. full beard One Blade is one source for your manscaping needs!
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Michael L says:

How is it the best shave you’ve ever had if you said its not super super smooth upon finishing?

Daan Thijssen says:

nice and honest review 😀

Jennifer Wigal says:

Oh yea. A real review from a real person/guy. Well done.

DannyBoy7783 says:

Thanks for the review. Funny too. I subed!

David Cooper says:

sweet, picking one up

Cameron Palmer says:

any razor bumps

9897samf says:

Dude, there is still a lot of stubble on your neck.

vashsant says:

Lol love the unboxing as SOON as you got in the car.

mzk says:

Thanks for the review, directly ordered one !

Daniel Jackson says:

with 40$ you buy a straight razor for life

Walrus Pirate says:

Brown Tom Hanks

NO NO says:



You do not need shaving cream,  put a small amount of mineral oil on it every 5 shaves  dry,  you are good to go!

Mr. K says:

I did not know the meaning of “Shekels”, never heard the term in my life. I have found out that you are referring to New Israel Shekel(NIS), currency used in Israel. You have helped me increase my vocabulary, hats off to you!

vlove888 says:

You look like Johnny Mathis now! Great shave!

Opium Xo says:

LMAOOOOO! Good review bud

Mike H. says:

This is a GREAT razor for those prone to ingrown hairs. It can be used dry or with shaving foam/gel. If I use it at the sink, I’ll opt for shave cream to keep the whiskers from flying all over the place.

smoke126857 says:

There’s another thing like this out there, it’s blue though. So the commercial twice but I forgot what it was. I got the One Blade and I might get that blue thing too. I still want an Andis Pro Foil and a Whal electric shaver. I kind of find myself wanting to be a collector of these electric shavers.

David J says:

How’s this razor now you have had it awhile ?

Kio outs says:

Hi !I am wondering if this product is not another marketing one,what the reason to buy this and not another electric type shaver??In my country it costs 64 euro…

Joe Morgan says:

Could it be used without shaving cream?

beastwork says:

what does the motor do? is it just vibrating or is the blade moving side to side, like hair clippers?

henry b12 says:

Does the blade have to be replaced?

Lolerzz says:

Thanks for the review, just bought it, will shave tomorrow and check it myself 🙂

david bradley says:

In the ads it says this doesn’t shave close like a razor.

A. Skegee Powell says:

….yo dude. You have picked up a few wash clothes. Throw that old one in the trash!

Adam Kowalski says:

theMediaMart how is the blade after 4 months?

golforfishing says:

I never understood why people shave WITH the grain, instead of against the grain.

forteleaerieneromane says:

you look like tom hanks

Slk Ric says:

How close does it get compared to a razor blade?

Taurasizmo says:

Say please. What do you like? This razor or Gillette??

Oc Fared says:

I have this blade and i love it my skin very sensitive wen I shave with this machine i dont feel nothing no problems at all

Marcos Tomasini says:

Bought it last year in Asda store (UK) for £25, a bargain (now its £50), and its been over 6 months and still haven’t change the blade. Great review keep on going mate. Cheers

MATIX says:

elpres lol

Harlan T Troxell says:

I was so disappointed when I realised the flat part with the cross hatch pattern was fake. Felt like an idiot.

SamZ ASAP says:

Great review! Thank you. I saw the add for this device and my curiosity peaked but was hesitant to not believe an ad of course but from your review, looks like I’ll be picking up one of these tomorrow! Question for you though… I do maintain facial hair. Do you think it will function nicely for trimming as opposed to a straight shave? I’d like to shape my entire face(beard) side under my chin, mid face etc..

TheRatedterror says:

Can we get an update if you are still using this, I am worried it won’t give a close shave similar to a razor. I know it won’t be as close, but maybe between a razor and a Gillette trimmer?

xing xu says:

I already own one, but I still watch these videos because I love to see people’s face when they experience this for the first time.

Rick Lindgren says:

Thanks average guy, great review. Thanks for taking that bullet for the team. Going to pick one up my next trip to the drug store.

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