Philips Norelco OneBlade Review

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This is the OneBlade from Philips Norelco, and I have to say that I am very impressed by it. Now I can take 1 razor with me when traveling, and it makes less clutter in my bathroom where I keep all of my shaving items. Enjoy the video, as I am loosing a beard for this one!


Stuart Baucum says:

So the oneblade is waterproof and you can use it when you have shaving cream on your face? that’s pretty cool. I hinted to my gf to get me one for Christmas because it looks more convenient than a standard electric razor

miklo castro says:

Does it hurt when shaving dry

Gaetano Alessandro says:

really useful, thanks

Faroek Nasierkhan says:

The goat is nice!

Gigi A says:

You are super cute❣

XxKazxX xoxo says:

if only there was a face cream that eliminated hair growth on face… I would buy it for $1,000 but it had to be effective and fast acting
… also I would consider laser if it wasn’t too expensive

Anonymous says:

lift and cut technology, does it pull?

Nick Lyons says:

Is this John Iadarola?

geson86 says:

WHy does he sound like a dieing puppy when trimming just abit at the goatee?

BlueJundo says:

Yes very helpful review

Jason's Journeys says:

So it can be used without using shaving cream? I just bought it at Walmart, it was on sale for $17, and u get a $10 off coupon on a pack of 2 spare blades. I haven’t used it yet.

Mariovo5 says:

I can’t wait to get one this coming pay period.
But Nov,23,2017 I will get the Series 9 from Braun. And next check I will get the Nerelco.

Fedz 13 says:

Is this better than a Wahl trimmer?

Chris says:

Hi, great video! I like the way my beard is after 24-48 hours of shaving (5’clock shadow to some), is this achievable with this? You said it gave a smooth shave, but I have read reviews saying it’s not as close as a razor shave (from something like a mach 3)?

NYCHog147 says:

So not to be inappropriate but would you trust it to shave your sack ?

antx138 says:

I get crazy razor burn with regular razors (Gillette Fusion and the like), so would you recommend this in regards to skin sensitivity?

Carlos Danger says:

Can you use it on your hairline on the back of your neck without it coming back thicker

Sergey Pokrovski says:

Your camera is really crisp.

KatBandit says:

not as close as disposable razor?

first name last name says:

I remember the word gooch before anyone used it. Waaaayyyy back in the late 80s was when my family used it to call my cousin.

justacitizen says:

Great review. Thanks for the video. I bought one of these too and before using it wanted to see someone’s review and landed here. Good job.

Andrew Carpenter says:

Just ordered based on this video. Thanks.

Andrew Nenstiel says:

I bought the product today at walmart as it caught my attention and then checked reviews coming here to see how it works 😀 Man I love it, I had the best shave ever! The last razor I owned was the Norelco wet/dry razor forgot the model but it was a top of the line kit that included a cleaning station, well that was a pain in the ass especially taking the head apart to remove all the hair and as for the shaving was hard too, it was very limited ways to shave hard to reach and with this razor all things are possible, I can shave anywhere!, and no clean up maintenance other than to clean the sink of hair and replace the blade in 4 months.

kevin pinkham says:

I got myself norelco one blade last night used work great wet dry FYI hair does fling off
One bad thing cut my neck

Stephen Valenzi says:

I like the funny faces when shaving 🙂

sam pittman says:

So it is not effective per your review. Every review so far say it is not effective.

bahhaziz says:

can you use it while charging?

Carter Bourgeois says:

When you say that you keep it in your shower I’m guessing that it’s somewhat waterproof now I know that nobody is going to submerge it fully in water but I should be fine with using it in the shower and it being splashed and whatnot?

Ken FREEMAN says:

I have an older Phillips Norelco electric shaver and it wasn’t shaving close, because I have a fast growing beard.My wife called the customer service number and they recommended the 5100 series that will shave closer.I was cleaning under water like the instructions said and I eventually had to take the blades apart and clean.This model has a plastic ring that you put on the blades to lock in place.To make the long story short,this is not customer friendly to lock the blades.I took to a local fix it shop and they said that this was something they never saw before.I called the customer service number and after explaining the problem and ask how they would solve my problem,I asked to speak with a supervisor.I was recommenced to get the one blade razor.I saw this video and now I am more impressed with this model.I am going to buy at Walmart later today.

danyal manouchehri says:

Its mad that every year you get encouraged to try the next exciting razor normally with yet another blade. But now its all about having 1 blade. And so the circle completes. I personally shave with a piece of glass. But my jawline is so sharp I blunt the glass.

Solaris Music says:

Putins love child

pisse3000 says:

That’s pretty damn incredible actually. I’m sold.

hshs says:


I only intend to use the 1 mm trimmer (no clean shave). Will my blades in that case last longer than philips’s 4 month replacement time span (based on 2 shaving sessions a week)?

Thank you very much.

Regards from Holland.

Yuda Abgineh says:


Mike Ritz says:

If you actually need a close shave and have course beard hair this product will not preform to get close enough and even to get remotely close to a normal shave it takes way longer then if you just shaved with a blade I purchased this product after watching many review videos here on YouTube and was extremely disappointed after actually trying it myself.

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