Philips Norelco OneBlade vs MicroTouch Solo

Here is a head to head comparison of the Philips Norelco OneBlade vs the As Seen on TV MicroTouch Solo. I think they both work pretty well. The OneBlade costs $10 more but can be used for wet shaving.

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Marc Boyd says:

saved me money thanks

peterboy sonicat says:

Thanks for this video. I love your reviews.

Electric shaving takes the fun out of the shaving experience IMO.
Professional barber shop shave tips and techniques;

Hot towel on face. (average time for hot towel 3 minutes. Pulls away dead skin and removes facial oils and bacteria.)
immediately after, apply hot/warm lather. (create a lather before hot towel)
Use sharpest blade possible. (Your blade is either sharp, or it isn’t. There’s no ‘almost sharp’ or ‘almost dul’)
Two passes.
Rinse with ice cold water. This closes the pores on your skin without introducing extra chemicals, fragrances or oils that can aggravate/interfere with the natural PH balance of your skin. Cold water also stops nick burn sting and stops bleeding of most razor cuts.
Use a quality after shave lotion (not collone) only after all pores are closed and face is 100% dry. The body naturally secretes its own special fluids and oils to replenish and flood skin pores. This takes time. Never interfere with this process.

Max Åberg says:

You my good sir have an excellent beard

J Johnson says:

I’ll keep my Braun wet/dry triple header.

Luis Garcia says:

I got the phillips, for better results you should use it after a hot shower.

Super Scion says:

gREAT rEVIEW. And Any FEmales Will See How Shaving [yo mug]
Is A Masculine Thing, As We are Generally More facially Hairy, and Find It INteresting, I suppose. It can Be a Pain IN the Neck Literally, So a Good Tool [razor] Is, “good looking out!” – Kudos

André Brown says:

No comparison. The Solo is terrible! OneBlade rocks!

LongIslandP8ntball says:

Phillips one blade is garbage. The blade doesnt last that long. I think i got 3 shaves out of it n i shave my head. I winded up tossing it

Russell Regulator says:

I would like to see a review on what you use to shave your head vs another competing product.

Schänder MOnd says:

Heisenberg Reviews razors.

richard stevens says:

Youre comparing 5 blades to 1 blade thats not fair

Fuckyoumean Haaa says:

Why didn’t you just shave one machine on each side entirely?

M Skallywagg says:

What are they like on your head

charles hinkle says:

I think next time you should just do one side of the face with one razor and time how long it takes to get clean shaven and see which side feels smoother.

Cristea-Antoniu Craciun says:

To bad you don’t clean your fingernails first…

Justin Helms says:

Love your reviews! I mean who is gonna actually shave their face to test a product…no one! This guy is awesome!

David Devan says:


luis contreras says:

Alguien que pueda explicar en español x favor

Jacob Hosler says:

I just saw an ad for the microtouch on Facebook and they used you in the ad.

Joshua Childers says:

Idk how you shave with your shirt on! Lol I can’t do it.

Kornelije Kovac says:

8:46 Whoooa .Too close. Step back 🙂

AladdinSaneNYC says:

You mean one can’t use the Micro Touch Solo as a “wet shaver”? By the way, I subscribed to your channel Dynamite reviews, mate. Bravo! Peace…♐

Ruan Koss says:

Freakin’ Reviews
How do you crop a bald head?

lsmv2002 says:

Finding replacement heads on Amazon is a big deal when it comes to convenience. The micro touch solo does not sell replacement heads on Amazon. That’s something you should definitely mention in the review.

Rosemarie Cooney says:

great video buddy…. everyone… save your money they both suck … save for a Braun… (mic drop)…

ahmed Badshah says:

What basically this thing is? A razor like Gillette, electric shaver or trimmer???

GlobalistEnemy01 says:

You look like Rob Halford with that goatee!

GamingOfTheLegend says:

Must say the one touch is quite good for barbering too

420 Dogs says:

This guy looks like a cross between Randy Couture and Common!! Awesome videos, I love the comparisons!!

Dannie N says:


Ion-Christopher DiMeglio says:

The SOLO took half as many strokes – I counted every one! (Not.)

GEO3535 says:

Great video

Luis Martinez says:


Stevie Foster says:

one blade looks better .. ive just filled a 5 page servey to get a tester product of the one ..see what hapens not expecting anything really accept loads of spam emails telling me ive won this that or t’other see wha gwan

Dax Frost says:

Hey man, thanks for the great review. How did they hold up over time? I am considering the Oneblade

Ken Mitchell says:

I personally have used both shaving tools. I personally use the one blade. I have to shave daily because of my facial hair growth. Having sensitive skin and shaving dry is horrible. When I trim my goatee I use the comb but it doesn’t work well wet when trimming. I have had the one blade for nearly a year and I have changed the blade once. I’m not saying that the solo is a bad unit, but when you can’t dry shave because of the sensitive skin, you do what you can. I am very happy with the one blade, using shave cream is as close to a standard blade that you can achieve. I use a single blade safety razor, the kind your father/grandfather used. I also about once a month use my straight razor. I can’t find a decent barber that can use a straight razor out here in Vegas. The last guy I knew of and went to for nearly 16 years, has since passed away. I love a good shave with a straight razor. I have been lazy this week and I have double the growth that you cut off in your video. I’m still going to shave in the shower and keep on doing so until I find a better way. Until the day comes that something better than the one blade, that is where I will stay.

James K. says:

It usually takes a few charges to get the best out of rechargeable batteries. If there was a way to get rid of that light would help,lol. Phllips Norelco makes good stuff.I have a beard trimmer I’ve been using for over 7 years, still takes a good charge.Thanks for the Vid.

Shannon O says:

Can you use it on your head?

John Napier says:

I randomly found this channel. Instantly subbed after the first video lol these reviews are on point, mid length, great detail, good voice. One of the best review channels I’ve seen. (No I’m not a robot account lol)

James Conway says:

I have the one touch but didnt lnow that u can actually use shaving cream with it. I like it holds in the hands very Comfortable

fuffy442 says:

1) The difference in pitch is created by the speed of the cutting heads. The higher pitch means faster movement. 2) Stacy is correct. Pulling a razor is much more effective (efficient) than pushing one. 3) Clean your fingernails if you’re going to do any hand close-ups (4:27, for example).

Stevie Foster says:

whats the worst that can happen if you use the solo with shaving foam??? maybe it will assimilate u lol

Hakan Kalayli says:

Philips Good

ExiledEnigma says:

Review on straight rasors

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