PHISCO Electric Rotary Razor Shave #2 | an average guy’s review

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Here’s my second shave and review of the RMS8112 Wet/Dry, Electric Razor for men. Key features include a quick charge lithium battery with USB charge port, 2800PRM high speed, muted motor; double track rotary shaving heads(3), LED cleaning, charge, and safe lock indicator and pop up trimmer. The razor is waterproof and can be used wet or dry — with foam or cream and in the shower.

Thanks to Ann and the team at Phisco for sending me this test product. visit the average guy tested Amazon page to shop for many of my #approved and wish list products:


Manuel Carrasquillo says:

Just shaved with the Phisco and a little Gillette Foamy sensitive. What a great shaver! I was in and out. This was most likely the best and closest shave I’ve ever had with an electric shaver. I’ve used other big brands and have been disappointed from their performance but this Phisco will prove to be a great value if it holds up well. The shaver’s construction seems pretty solid so I don’t think longevity will be an issue. I had some very slight irritation around my neck but it was very minor. Like you said…. Nothing a little Harry’s can’t handle. Overall, I am very impressed with Phisco. Solid product, very good shave, great price.
-I may need to try and see how this thing works with some Dr Carver’s shave butter.

Rafał J says:

Ja wolę zwykłą maszynke są tańsze

Barry Bettell says:

I purchased a phisco razor after my philips one gave up on me, I like it but ive never had a classic wet shave and I feel like im missing out, Ive had a dollar shave club starter kit just sitting here but never used it

pkj77 says:

nice test and video

Igor Wapovalov says:

One Blade the best!

Rafał J says:

Po co pianka skoro to golarka elektryczna

Volty De Qua says:

I suspect that you put some acid in that shaving cream. 🙂

Manuel Carrasquillo says:

All of your reviews are great. I enjoyed the one you did on the 2015 Ford Explorer. My wife and I ended up purchasing a Limited model. Thanks for your Average guy reviews.

IAmVenom says:

Sucker For Marketing Approved

Mike Vance says:

Thanks for the review. Have a wonderful weekend!!

Mike Morales says:

Reminds me of the old Philco brand from Ford.

B-MAN says:

I’ll stick with my Sensor/ sensor excel…OR!!! A braun series 9

Muhammad SSKT says:

Video Idea: make a video about all the different shaving tools you have used of the years(electric, double edge, etc) and maybe give pros and cons of each.What ive noticed alot among guys( especially teens like me) is that they want a cheap(ish) shaving tool that minimizes ingrown hairs and rashes and having a lost like that would maybe attract more viewers

Mathieu Blache says:

Shame shaved!

V B says:

I’m hitting target today to get me some of that Gillette foam mousse bruh , but I’m sticking to my one blade !

Tyler Mason says:

Thanks for that review. I just got mine in the mail, Im going to try it in the am and see how it does on the head.

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