The Phisco Waterproof electric shaver can be used on wet skin or dry skin, it can be used in the shower too. It is easy to clean and the battery last for a few weeks (shaving once a day) It also has a precision trimmer for sideburns and moustache area. It comes with an led display to let you know how much battery it has left and a travel lock function, so it won’t turn on while it is pressed against things in your suitcase.

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Carlo Ciocca says:

I remember when I was around 14 years old and I tried to shave with my father’s electric shave… I had a terrible skin irritation in all of my face ahah

D InMD says:

Good work dude! looks like a solid product. Great review!

Reegan Church says:

Nice review Aaron! Hairs getting long now mate, looking forward to seeing what the next trim will be

Greg Taylor says:

Hey Aaron, that is Exactly what I use & mentioned in my last comment to you! That design style is the “Typical” Phillips/Norelco electric shavers that I used to use every day. I also mentioned that although fast & easy to use. As I got older, I only use the “flip up” trimmer for the most part to keep it trimmed.

When I said “I Hate Shaving!!”, I went from blades to that type/style of trimmer mainly due to me being lazy. That’s the main reason. So I always wear a baseball hat…..Always! Well maybe 98% of the time. It’s just my style I guess. I just keep my head buzzed short & slight stubble on my face & neck. The other main reason is I couldn’t grow a full beard, it always grows in spotty & I am not a hairy person in the least. Not even 1 chest hair yet!! Lol.

I know, too much information! Thanks for video my man! Take care….Cheers!

Gwen says:

cant wait to see you do the same with your head ! :p hugs from France ! 🙂

Bald Bearded says:


Shane 1 says:

Whats up bro? hope ur ok… jus watched this vid its quite cool… i still cant have a clean shave myself i jus cant bring myself to do it lol…i also laughed through is vid mate the faces a man pulls whilst shaving…that plus speeded up equals a psychopathic look hahaha

Mladen Jerkic says:

Been waiting for a new vid haha, it’s a nice product. The hair is getting longer.

Ice Cube says:

u look much more mature with the clean shave face, but your face look so slim.

aJupacabra says:

No fresh fade
No beard

The sparkle in your eye is gone haha

Aaron Oddball says:

*A WATERPROOF ELECTRIC SHAVER, pretty cool huh? It retails at £39.99. Click the link in the description*

B R I N G M E E G G S says:

Have the same kind of one but it’s Phillips brand and too be honest man I hate them. The shaver bes good for two weeks then gets useless

hassan Waleed says:

Kid Aaron

4 at says:

Hey, does the dermaroller actually do anything to the beard? What is your experience using it?

Lol Lol says:

Shave your head again

Portals says:

Has massaging your hair made it grow quicker or thicker?

sus4b9 says:

I always find that rotary shavers give my neck really bad irritation. I tried different brands, using pre-electric shave, using them with foams and gels etc and they are always the same. The only electric shaver that works for me is a foil shaver.

gothicwigga says:

looks a lot better than a straight razor shave cus you still got some 5’o clock shadow going on. my only issue would be with having no adjustable length because i’d have preferred a tiny bit longer.

Jasmin Krijestorac says:

Looks much better than the straight razor shave.
You can definitely rock this look, especially with the dark hair. Looks really good

Cem Kiliç says:

I’ve been watching your channel for quite a while now and I can definetly say don’t, please don’t ever shave your beard again, it makes you look so sad lmao, you look very nice with beard sorry is just my opinion.
Btw you have one of the best self barber etc… Chanel, keep up with the amazing work.

Diego Ruiz says:

Shave your head with this electric shaver! The process and the result are very good!

Danchris345 says:

Nice mate you look so different what’s the next cut? Love the high skin fade here

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