Product Review: Panasonic Wet/Dry Electric Shaver for Underarm Use by Women

Product Review: Panasonic Wet/Dry Electric Shaver for Underarm Use by Women

A viewer who is NOT a fan of armpit hair sent me this not-so-subtle hint that my underarm hair grosses him out: an electric shaver! I have never used an electric shaver at all before, let alone on my hairy armpits, but it turned out to be easy, fast and fun! I decided to shoot myself using it, so that any of my viewers who DO enjoy underarm hair can see how much hair I grow in one month.

I find it interesting that something as innocuous as armpit hair can be so polarizing. I would guess maybe 50% of my viewers HATE it, maybe 20% like it…and the remaining 30% are indifferent.

If you watch this, let me know in the comments where YOU stand — give this video a THUMBS UP if you *LIKE* hairy pits! If you *HATE* hairy pits, give this video a THUMBS DOWN! Let’s see who wins!!

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CallMeSupreme says:

I’m a woman an I get more armpit hair than that…

Carmen Andujar says:

How do I clean it after use?

mohamed g says:

Shave again

humlero says:

nooooo! use scissors in everything…

thebluetarp says:

Why did I just watch this?

Sbdawson Dawson says:

You look more soft with darker hair.

mtr82953 says:

You should try a safety razor. Very minimalist and super effective

1971irvin says:

Let me first say that you are very beautiful and if you have hair or not, does not mean that much…

jt james Nationalist says:

Sorry to be vulgar,you are really very beautiful

mohamed g says:

Shave your arm pits again

sara lorane says:

Uncover an additional innovation through Philips Norelco top notched best electric shavers using the 7810XL design.×42-male-facial-grooming-made-easier/

Munshi Anish says:

Wow beautiful armpit hair

Rich Greene rustic, tool man van says:

I LOVE your hairy armpits.
Sexy and beautiful
Like like like

Brian Bouman says:

Pits look great! You could go with one of each. Think I’ll go shave some parts…

ជា ជាប្យ Chea Cheab says:


Rafiq Arshid says:

This is too good but price is too more


I vote for shaved armpits and thin eyebrows on Females.

MrDjh66 says:

Either way fine with me

mark greene says:

Please keep shaving your armpits

Carl jhonson says:

I love hairy women, do not shave.

Lilly Cisler says:

Do what makes you happy, don’t make other people happy.

Dan Theburg says:

brings me to tears to see you shave those beautiful pits

Chris Bolton says:

I remember back in the day. When hussy was hairy. But the armpit hair is gross. Gots ta go.

Iftekhar Khan says:

Shave or else Fuck Off

TCL 5ser says:

At least that grows back and its your Adult Choice. But Circumcision is permanent removal of pleasure tissue and much more and its not a Adult Choice, its done against its owners choice by others imposition on them. Ban Circumcision till one is an adult, then they can choose to be permanently mutilated or not.

Rich Greene rustic, tool man van says:

Seeing you shave the hair off was just very sad to see.
Leave it pls

art vandelay says:

I bet that pussy is a bush

Kaitlin Miller says:

Wait…. makeup is personal hygiene…

Father to goldador 1 says:

Noooooooooooo don’t! !!!!!!

Kenneth Horton says:

Neutral. One half thumb up, one half thumb down. Don’t care. Educational. Unique video. In the history of the planet I don’t think anyone has ever made a video like this.

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