Shaving Tips for Men Using Electric Shavers

Top 5 Shavers available at Amazon here:
1. Braun Series 9:
2. Braun Series 7:
3. Panasonic ES LV61A:
4. Braun Series 3 340:
5: Panasonic ES LA93 K:

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Here are my shaving tips for men who are using electric shavers. These are tips based on my personal experience with these products and hopefully some of them help you out.

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Neel Parekh says:

I didn’t use foam

komz says:

lol guide for electric shaving? rofl, Razors Forever

7oby Whaymand says:

I used to love electric shavers whereas nowadays they don’t seem to work for me. They vibrate but they are not cutting. Never used to be the case.

Jeff Hartmann says:

I’m using a braun 4605 ain’t shaving right y???

Morris Falker says:

I noticed these electric shavers are only made for YOUR skin. It looks so easy and goes away just like that.
Shave against the grain ? I don’t think so, not with my sensitive skin. I’d bleed to death.
Pre-shave products are hard to find and not recommended for my CoolTec 4S (says the manual)
I’ve had so many electric shavers and the CoolTec is the best ever made for sensitive skin.

VideosToWatch ghrfhrtghtfh says:

or just let your beard grow and not look like a kid

Helder Quintas says:

thx good review

Pankaj Sharma says:

Thanks. It’s very helpful

Pankaj Sharma says:

Thanks. It’s very helpful

Karl Hans says:

Hi i have 3 questions:
1. Can i rinse the blade with water while I’m shaving to clean off the cream and hair particles, is it water proof?
2. Are there any dangers of injury with the electronic blade?
3. Are electronic shavers recommended for shaving the crotch?

endless grey says:

I love how my $140 sensotouch 2d gives worse results than the $70 Philips model…funny how that works

mrebsawy says:

I am really having a problem..i never used a razor to shave my beard..and i used the shaving machine that i can shave my beard and the one i can cut my hair with..and i really dont want to put razors or use machines with razors and foam..what type of machine i should buy that can let it so clean without using foam or letting it grow quickly?

Joshua Yap says:

Its this okay with soap?.

RogerWazup007 says:

For shavers that can be used wet with shaving cream or dry, which is best or closer?

j morr says:

You need to speak up

galina tokova says:

when you have acne on your face do not shave with Razor blades.

Shaving with razor blades can make acne worse and may cause it to spread. Use a shaving machine with a Plastic Cover ( plastic covers the razor blades to prevent damaging acne…use a walh machine with a plastic cover that goes over the metal razor blade. the metal razor blade is covered with a plastic piece to prevent damaging skin.


Ha 117 comments… Now 118 but who’s ready for halo 5?

Tom Page says:

To many mean comments on here.I don’t agree with electric shavers but to each there own.just my two cents worth.

Boreeng Vajay says:

I like watching you shave, bro! Good job.

KDDthebeast says:

I’m 14 and I got a Braun Series 7 for Christmas 😉

chrishasaclue says:

are u wearing pink nail polish?

DR Fabio says:

What do you think about BRAUN 130S ?

nemakur says:

This really helped me. Thanks 😀

Helder Quintas says:

I purchased the Braun series 7 after watching your reviews and I Love it.I am a truck driver and I love how fast and how easy I get a fresh shaved face with this electric shaver.Once again Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction.

Bridgette Leeder says:

This is great for us single moms who have to teach our sons. Thank you for this.

David K says:

You look like a virgin with a clean shave..

Neel Parekh says:

hi trimmed mustache for the first time with an electric razor would it grow and would it be thicker??

Woodshadow says:

well I guess thanks for the tips.  Tried several expensive electric razors before and never had luck.  From what I can tell they either wont work with my skin or they sound like too much work.  I will just stick with the old fashion way.  

Juan says:

I don’t just electric shavers since 10 years ago and I decided to give it another chance.
I’ve just acquired a Panasonic ARC3. It’s not the most expensive but it’s supposed to be good.
But I’m dissapointed. Some hairs are very difficult to cut, even if I try many times from many different directions.

I think I’ve seen you, in one of your videos, using a pre-shave lotion. Do you advise any brand?. If possible something easy to find in other countries.


Evolution Knowledge says:

electric shavers are good for daily shaving, not for shaving a beard.
if you have a beard you have to use a beard trimmer or a single blade razore to chop it off
i have had so many shitty experiences with razors bc my beard is thick

jaedbl67 says:

Irritating; music drowns out voice. Common sense helps. Good luck.

invented peanut butter says:

Won’t recommend the first one gave me a lot of razor bumps

Jamal Aljabal says:

why is the always a “getting used to” period? Just cut my hair


I have a 6 years old rechargeable electric shaver.I was wondering how often should I update to new rechargeable electric shavers?

Darsh Parikh says:

Which shaver do you use on a deglaze basis ?

Is it ok if I only shave once in two weeks ?

I’m having irritation after shaving should I use aftershave or a beard oil ?

ابراهيم بيغ says:

I have a question, Do electric shaver cuts 3 to 4 inches long hair ؟

Mervin Lee says:

hey guys! In this video, it says to shave against the grain and why is this important? thanks!

AWeebleWobble says:

How to shave like a man:

Step 1 – Use an electric shaver? Throw it away.
Step 2 – Use a cartridge razor? Throw that away too.
Step 3 – Use canned shaving gel? Trash it.
Step 4 – Buy a straight razor, a strop, a brush, and some shaving soap.
Step 5- Use the items mentioned above and start shaving.

Congratulations, you now shave like a man

(Optional: You can start out with a DE before a straight, still manly as fuck.)

MrTrainREX says:

This sounds like more work than regular shaving with a razor!

barbar on o says:

And this shit grow and grow

Slobodan Djordjević says:

skateline nbd

Teegee Eff says:

Skateline NBD music

BigMeech Ghandi says:

This is also a video for women with pubes. Don’t discriminate!
We also need those close shave tips

Roman Hebert says:

Question Can you also use a wired electric razor or do you have to use a wireless one

ajay60610 says:

Could you recommend a beard trimmer please.

Subhash Patel says:

can you tell me why is foil shaver used for

Drayson Roberts says:

I think first washing your face will remove oil from the whiskers so that the razors won’t slide across them making shaving more effective at getting a closer and less repetitive shave.

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