Shaving w Electric Razor : Which Pre-Electric shave product is better?

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detsportsfan18 says:

I’ve never used that kind of electric shaver, always the circular rotary models. I’ve seen mixed reviews online about it, is it one you’d recommend for long term use? Thanks for the great tips & video!

John Gerlang says:

Shit I thought afta was an aftershave. Guess I never payed close attention. Great video as always.

Mark Neff says:

Thank you. Very helpful.

Cobbleshoes Elfwood says:

An excellent video.

Mr Useless says:


Under The Bus says:

I’m Asian. The facial hair you grew in one day would take me 3-4 days, possibly longer.

NWOODS000 says:

I learned how to shave in high school and Ive been using Afta aftershave ever since, thats 16 years now lol, time flies. Afta is a great brand and very inexpensive.

Tony Vento says:

Very informative. I’m a lectric shave man, but I’l try Afta. TY.

Scott Warmbier says:

I think where ‘Lectric shave may have an advantage is with less “stout” beards – my father used both but went through far more Williams than than the Afta. I believe the main idea around the ‘Lectric Shave was to help the whiskers stand up for a closer shave and to help clean and lubricate the cutting bar. If you have thicker whiskers or if you’ve skipped a day the Afta would likely be your go-to. I sometimes use the Williams ‘Lectric when I use an electric (I have a beloved Remington too as well as a Braun) to shave my head and the smell always reminds me of my father who passed in 2007. Great content George (as always) and when my beard comes back to that 2nd shirt button I’ll make the trip to Philly (or wherever you’re at) for a shaping and a head shave!

Dylan Goss says:

This is why I growed a beard so I don’t have to shave. Shaving is bad for a European descend like us whites are. Our forefathers in the European tribes

Michael Lomazzo says:

Wow great side by side results thanks used electric shaver but growing my beard now and using your information thanks

Joseph Tribie says:

Great video! Just one question…can you use Afta as an after shave balm, as well?

Scott Johnson says:

Hi George. I’m a straight razor shaver as well but I keep a travel Braun with Me to clean up with in a hurry. I’ve been using the Williams lectric shave for a while. I haven’t tried afta pre. I do have their post shave. Thanks.

crossnote says:

When comparing the pre-shave credit card sound with the after shave sound on the Lectric side (left), the two were nearly indistinguishable. So I’m not convinced. You’d think the Remington would shave adequately enough (pre shave or not) to have a larger difference even on the Lectric side.

Terry Brankin says:

Thank you George, this was very helpful. Do you recommend Remington over Norelco or is it more a matter of taste?

Alex says:

Could you do some videos on straight razor shaving for begginers?

Bret McNamara says:

Great video George! Looking at getting my first electric razor, so this was some very good info! Cheers buddy!

Mike Carey says:

Alwas Lectric Shave. But then again I use Clubman aftershave and talc.

Richard Bustamante says:

I switched from the Norelco to the Remington Electric Razor with Afta and got a better shave. Thanks for the recommendations!

Rustifer says:

Same here. I get those bumps if I shave with a razor more than twice a week. I usually just let it go till the next time I shave. Just this week I purchased a Braun battery powered razor just for that reason. It’s not a real close shave. But it doesn’t look as bad as it normally does after two days of not shaving. I’m going to be on the lookout for that Afta product, and give it a try. Like you, I prefer the razor. But too lazy sometimes to shave that way. I doubt there is any difference in actual time. But I can shave on the way to work with an electric. And that allows me to “shave” a little time off of my shaving. Pun intended.

Jeff Puritz says:

Using an electric on my scalp saved me from unpleasant shaving accidents! I would feel lost without it

Aristocob says:

That was a fun showdown. Thanks for sharing.

Brit Mk 2 says:

I use an electric razor for back and sides of my head and i keep getting ingrown hairs at the back but none at all on the sides, strange :s

Akumetsu says:

Wondering if you could could give me advice. I recently shaved my beard of 3 years off due to noticable flaking and dryness–Im guessing because of this summer heat. Even with a clean shaved face, my chin is still flaking. Any products I should use to exfoliate/hydrate my face? Never experienced this before.

Jack Straw says:

I’ve been using the Williams product for years, heck I didn’t even know about the Afta potion so……I’ll try it, thanks.

Glenn Conner says:

Thanks for the comparison. I don’t like aftershave lotions mostly due to the scent and I feel my face feels sticky when I use them, even lotions with aloe and such that supposed to cool your face. After I shave I use isopropyl alcohol, and then wash with soap and water a few minutes after. This is probably harsh and leads to my irritation. I didn’t compare closeness as my criteria is limiting irritation and I did try different pre-electric shaving solutions over the years. I used products for both in shower use (wet), as well as dry shaving. I have used oils like shave secret and even standard oils like vitamin e oil and baby oil. I’ve tried standard shaving creams like Barbasol, gel creams like Edge, creams for use in the shower, and products like Afta and Lectric shave. In the end and currently I also found that the Afta provided the better protection against irritation bumps, especially on my neck. It really works for me. However Afta is not always easy to find. Supermarkets almost never carry it, but they all have Lectric Shave. Supercenters like the ‘Marts’, can be hit and miss as to if they have it that day or not. So I bought a case of 24 from the internet because it works for my skin.

DL Lambert says:

My beard is strange. I use Harrys, razors. I shave 2 times a week mostly. I tried electric styles but they never worked well. Harrys razors are online & now in many super target stores, USA.


I yousd affta i like it and it also cools razer bern.thanks for this video it is osome.

Brad Ashlock says:

Creative audio!

George Bruno says:

@Aristocob here you go

Lasmiranda Dennsiewillja says:

I think the world has seen enoth beard videos, thank you!

Eric Gadberry says:

Love this video! Not shaving by no means but I think a shaven brother of mine might like this! Thank you sir!

Chandra Sekhar says:

Lectric shave’s Icy Blue pre-shave liquid is much better than the Green Tea formula that you have used. Thanks for the video!

gemini1998 says:

I use coconut oil with my philips electric shaver. Anything else makes me break out for a week. I have thinking of maybe getting a philips OneBlade, if you’ve ever heard of it? Was also thinking of a braun but not sure what model is best for the money..

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