This is not a shaver: OneBlade reviews | Philips | QP2520

Watch as a OneBlade user shaves with the Philips OneBlade for the first time. Disclaimer: Early buyers of OneBlade were given points for prizes in exchange for sharing their feedback and videos about the product.

Philips OneBlade’s revolutionary technology allows the electric hybrid styler to it to trim, shave, and create clean lines and edges on any length of hair. Our unique shaving technology integrates a cutter that moves 200x per second, never shaving too close to the skin so your skin stays comfortable. Smoother than a beard trimmer, and more comfortable than a shaver, OneBlade will blow you away.

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Alex K. says:

can this be used to shave the chest ?

aapddd says:

This thing really works. I use it once a week to get rid of the long stuff and finish with a quick regular blade and foam for ultra smoothness. I have thick hair and it shaves with no problems or pulling at all. It seems a little rougher on the skin in comparison to other philips shavers but a lot quicker too

danyal manouchehri says:

Use glass sharpened with a hammer you weak men. You have been conditioned into consumers. Just shoot your beard off with a gun.

Alexander Macneil Gray says:

A cow could have licked that so called beard off your face

C Lee says:

thats a kick butt hot shaver and the OneBlade rocks too!

jasonglen87 says:

haha how can a company review there own product! havnt even watched the video but here’s a guess. it’s a positive review

Red Raw says:

One blade but how many batteries

Swisha Stan says:

Just bought one, works pretty good for AA men

Reyman786 says:

Looks great just what i need. Going to buy one ASAP

Mrozek says:

Its add, not review lol

Ome Shahid says:

#willne diss track

boop says:

This guy looks like my old teacher

Leeroy child Roe says:

Very very very very very very bad

Fencejumper619 says:

I notice a lot of dry shaving. What about shaving cream?

Charlie Rattle says:


Eyewanders Foto says:

It chews up my neck horribly. I like it as a trimmer, but as a shaver it’s horrible for me personally. All sort of irritation and rash afterward. I’ll still with my DE razor for shaves.

Md Abdul says:

That is crazy what the fudge just like that I really need buy one thanks for the review

Tony ORourke says:

Using dry I found it left behind bits of stubble. Had to go over again and again so not time saving. Then there’s the mess. Chest, basin and no doubt all over the floor, dry bits of beard all over the place. So you spend more time cleaning up than with traditional wet shave. I will continue with it as wet shave from now on. I didn’t feel it was that close a shave after all and all the faffing about I might stick to real blades. As an emergency when I run out of blades, tick. For sculpting heavy stubble, tick. As for a daily shaver, nah. Sorry Philips, its a disappointment from me.

Joe Little says:

Just buy a straight razor on eBay.
Never buy another razor again.

unlockthepower says:

Just buy a safety razor and some blades. It will last you the rest of your life and the blades are cheap. Forget all the over priced gimmicks.

Vikas Pandya says:

mach 3 all the way

Tyler Glockner says:

Am I mistaken, but you said beard.. Not bum fluff

wegottagamer says:

Your eyes tell me a different story, looks like its pulling when you shave?

Fruitz YT says:

This is so satisfying xD?

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