Top 5 Electric Shavers

Top 5 Shavers are available at Amazon here:
1. Braun Series 7 :
2. Panasonic ES 8243A :
3. Braun Series 3 340 :
4: Panasonic ES LA93 K :
5. Panasonic ES LV61A :

More info:

Here is a list of the top 5 electric shavers based on my personal experience. The shavers have been rated with a scoring system which looks at shaving performance, value for money, user reviews along with what features they have an how much the maintenance costs are.

So this list is not the 5 best shavers based solely on shaving performance, therefore you need to take your type of facial hair into consideration. This is why I also recommend you visit the site to get more information on each shaver, along with information on how to choose a model based on your beard thickness.

This list of the top 5 razors should supply everyone with a shaver which will meet their needs, but again it’s worth checking the full reviews on the site for more details, and also to find a good sales price.

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sputnic says:

Very good reviewsCan there be alot of diffenrence betvene foil and rotary , if one does not work well ? Like my rotary .

360atGOD says:

I ordered mine based on this, better be right !

al nav says:

No Philips brand review?. Do you work for Panasonic?.

Che Dourado says:

Put the top five in description. Nice video. 😉

jaedbl67 says:

Braun is horrible. Where is Norelco? Poor advice.


how can you be sure that panasonic is more expensive than braun series 7?here in uae braun is more expensive than are guiding everybody to your brand..which is be honest..

Michael Jai White says:

PLEASE ANSWER!!!!….when im cleaning the shaver, is it suppost to make a buzzing noise and do i take it out when it stops buzzing and what do i do when i take it out and its still wet? can i use it when its wet with the blue liquid?

Nicholas Carroll says:

Hi got very hard need good shaver what one

JordanicusRex says:

trying to decide between the series 7 and the la63… Will most likely go with the series 7. I’ve had absolutely terrible experience with even high quality electric shavers in the past, but my skin simply gets too irritated from cartridge and even de razers now.

Seif Eddine B says:

well, I wont lie about it, the rotary shavers will leave some hair uncut, But ! its far more comfortable than anything else (I had a low-end panasonic shaver but its pretty much useless and it hurts when it start snatching hair from my face, can’t say about your high-end models). The hair left after the shaving with a rotary philips model can be easily cut with a normal razor (it takes 10 seconds, hassle free).


now im pretty sure..that you are really working for braun don’t fool everybody.

elvin NA-T says:

what could you recommend me i need if i have a few hair around my face and around my chest ?

Paul O says:

Edwin Jagger DE89 for the win !!! 

skoubydoo says:

better mic?

r0bi16 says:

Can you use these on your head?

Олександр С says:

Why on the 3rd place Braun Series 3 but not Series 5?

Rull Mourn says:

the (Remington F5 rechargeable foil interceptor shaver) is longer lasting , closer shaving, better designed, higher quality and least expensive razor than any of the ones mentioned in this video.

Carlos Carvalhal says:

I prefer Phillips Series and Sensotouch 3D or 2D are the best

ThePaulpope says:

I couldn’t decide between the 790cc and LV81k …so I bought them both. Use each on alternate days. Even my neck in now as close as it used to be with a blade. Fantastic reviews ! Thanks

chefron8 says:

The Braun 3 series is crap. It’s made in China not Germany, you can’t buy parts for it beyond blades and the trimmer is only held on with plastic push pins that will randomly snap off due to the vibrations of the razor. I had one let go in 3 days and one let go in 2 years. Braun is not the company it was.

Amir Fitness TV says:

philips serie 9000 is the best

primestayminecraft says:

Can anyone else hear sethbling’s outro?

Barry Robinson says:

Very well presented. Covers all the bases. Clearly presented and easy to understand. Very much appreciate taking the time and desire to do these reviews…bravo!

Robert Weich says:

How is there no Norelco on here?

PSH says:

Thank you for the amazing work. Just bought the Braun s7-799cc , thanks for making it easy for me to choose.

dacieralmeida says:

What about Philips?

Seif Eddine B says:

@electricshaverguide, you didn’t mention any philips shavers ? is it because you hate the brand or something ? I have the AT890 and it does a pretty good job ! needless to talk about other high-end philips shavers which cost twice the AT890… just asking 🙂

Skyrivers V says:

My Panasonic arc4 esla93-s passed away. Would you recommend to get the braun series 740s-7 or 799 model or buying again another arc4?

Marto Rambo says:

just buy a shaver and shut up

LivedSF says:

What would you recommend for a smooth close shave?

corey84douglass says:


DoMeneX says:

im starting to grow beard, which shaver should i buy/use considering this is my first time growing beard

Bacon and cheese has been stuffed into a crust says:

What kind of douchebag uses disposable razors? Are you 12?

ANGELO13111 says:

can i shave my genitals with these?

Sai Nair says:

I purchased Braun series 350cc online. I just wanted to know if I could use it under shower. ?

Hamza Ahmed says:

Can you do a review on the Wahl 5 star shaver or Wahl custom shaver? They seem to be pretty popular

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