What Is The Best Barber Foil Shaver?

What’s the best Barber foil shaver? Well we compare 5 popular foil shavers on the market to see which one we feel is the best of 2018. We look at the Braun Series 9, the Wahl 5 Star Finale, the Andis ProFoil, the Kemei foil and the Babyliss Pro FX 02 Foil in this ‘best of’ video as they range from one of the most expensive to one of the cheapest options.
Get the foils here:
(If you are from the United States)
Braun Series 9 https://amzn.to/2Agq17b
Wahl 5 Star Finale https://amzn.to/2BHFltk
Andis ProFoil https://amzn.to/2AatsvZ

(If you are from the United Kingdom)
Braun Series 9 https://amzn.to/2QPBpkI
Wahl 5 Star Finale https://amzn.to/2GzUNxh
Andis ProFoil https://amzn.to/2AeuJlP

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Our Essential Barbering Equipment
Our favourite all round clipper https://amzn.to/2vEq0qy
Our favourite fading clipper https://amzn.to/2KA8hpw
Our favourite heavy-duty clipper https://amzn.to/2AWg6Xo
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Our second camera https://amzn.to/2A46ycj
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Kamaruzz Syafiqq says:

Sorry i cant continue. Youre making me want to clear my throat.

H Fish says:

Just got the andis a week ago. They cut like a champ. Sharp as hell! Just don’t press it into your skin when shaving or you’ll get much irritation. Just let it glide.

Neville Newsam says:

Hi there great review what voltage does the babyliss use I’ve ordered one from the us and would I need a step down voltage converter

gabriel torres says:

What is the name of the object you used to dust powder on him?

Ban Delay says:

I bought a BaByliss Pro Foil FX 02 after stumbling on this video last week. It just arrived yesterday and after one use I can confidently say it’s the closest shave I’ve gotten from an electric razor. Totally psyched! I didn’t think a machine like this existed. Bonus that it looks like a giant Zippo lighter.

R Berg says:

So, how much did Babyliss pay you to say all these good things about their razor, eh um, I mean their “foils” ?


Which one cuts closer walh finale or andis?

Daniel A says:

AWESOME VIDEO! This is exactly the kind of reviews people are looking for! Keep up with the videos!

eatpolo says:

Loved your review! What is that accent? American+ Irish??

Gladstone Williams says:

Would you use the Babyliss pro fix 02 foil on someone with sensitive skin or a black man?

Real G says:

your channel is amazing bro, helps me a lot, greetings from Argentina ☺♥

Lol says:

do you have to get a voltage converter to charge these? im in the uk

ebecuttin says:

Solid video

Dj Shoals says:

Does the Babyliss leave razor bumps on the face???

xHibachi24x says:

Amazing video! The quality here is amazing.

Jose Lopez says:

How often do you replace the foil head on the babyliss shaver??

J M. says:

Review remington please

Jennifer Coverston says:

I have used Babyliss / Andis and Whal my favorite is Babyliss

Smittie SayJacc says:

So with the Andis foils can you do a freestyle finish over a cut as you would do with the magic clips to get the little hairs that’s sticking up

marcshadows says:

I’m trying to look for those babyliss foil shavers for my gf. Would you happen to know where I can find them?

Baldcafe says:

Scottish or American? I was so stumped by the accent…

Run Beast says:

Hi Rum Barber, thank you for putting your time and effort for making this informative video , great work , could you please add a link in description where i can buy BaByliss FoilFX02 in Europe.

Kenneth Barrington says:

Andis doesn’t work to well on the neck imo

mario figueroa says:

with the videos you make and all the info I can’t understand how you only have this amount of subscribers that it’s crazy you are supposed to have at least a million

Srt4- Man says:

Damn ..you talk alot ..and really slow !!! …you sound drunk

D D says:

Just received my Kemei foil shaver this morning, loads of black oil on the foil keeps appearing? Any idea if that’s normal/what to do

James Mason says:

I might have to check out the Babyliss.

Ambitious Cuts says:

The extra trimmer on the machine is terrible (braun 9 series) better off using trimmers.

And to get that very faint bald line out, turn the braun sideways, and lock the head in with your hands

precise barbershop costa rica says:

nice video im going to get that babyliss anda see how its works thanks for the info.

Cata Cruz says:

Hay en español plissss

Carlos Velázquez says:

Were can I buy the BaBylissPRO FOILFX02, in the USA? Thank you!

Jon Hayes says:

have the andes, works aight

James Querney says:

Where do you get replacement blades for the babyliss one?

Jordan Beer says:

Where can i get the babyliss in the uk?

ADB 507 says:

The rank is:
1) babyliss
2) braun
3) andis
4) wahl
5) kemei

Simon Pratchett says:

The Babyliss is only available in the US. Going to order one now 🙂

Dominic Ofa says:

Great review thank you I was just looking over the babyliss shaved

Ambitious Cuts says:

What’s the bulb think that sprayed powder or alcohol?

I use the braun 9 series (they are powerful and going a little over a year, same original foil, with wash tray. (Original wash refill case, new solution every week).

Rich Powell says:

Can you recommend a shaver that is for bald heads. I’m looking I stop using a razor. But still keep that smooth shave

Jesus Hernandez says:

Hey man I really want another barber’s opinion on the panasonic line of shavers i think they are better than the braun and are much cheaper.

Alex says:

Can the best foil shaver shave as close as a safety razor or a straight razor?

Chaz Robertson says:

Rum, Gr8! Foil Shaver review… I’m another note, I a Jazz lover, as you can tell from logo.. Yo! Dude, I go to tell me the artist and name of that background Jazz music you are playing during your review.. I would say from my experience in Jazz music, that it’s a Jazz guitarist who is the feature artist and who most likely created the music.. The saxophone player is awesome also.. Dude, you have to drop me that album & artist.. ASAP!

Tight Cutz says:

Panasonic v5 compared to the Braun. For the price and performance I enjoy the Panasonic

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