Which Braun electric shaver to choose?

Want to know which Braun shaver is the best for you? Watch this video to learn more about the differences between the Braun shavers and find the one that will best suit your needs.

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Buy Braun Series 7 shaver http://us.braun.com/en-us/male-grooming/shavers-for-men/series-7
Buy Braun Series 5 shaver http://www.braun.com/global/male-grooming/series-shavers/series-5.html
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Scotty Bee says:

my dad just brought me the series 9 chrome one its my first ever shaver love it

Staša Peršolja Bučinel says:

Why do you censure the comments you dont like?

Sixto Rivas says:

l think this is a money organization they always come with new stuff

TheLordstrider says:

i am thinking to buy Braun series 7 the 760cc-4 or 790cc. are they both Dry and wet compatible? or are they both dry only?

Jamie van Vliet says:

wtf he didnt spoke about braun series 1 i wanted to know about that one. He literally talked about every single one besides the series 1. btw series 3 or 1? my gf bought series 1 but i wanted series 3 and i got the bon so i can change it and pay a little extra is it worth it? im not so hairy but i have a sensetive skin so i want a good machine?

celestialfix says:

Braun, please bring back the 6520——it was the best basic razor anybody ever made.

SuperMurrayb says:

That was a good quick description of the various Braun shavers.  Every Braun I have owned since my first, an Intercontinental, has given a good close shave but my new 5040s shaves faster than previous models.

ItzKev says:

Get Braun Storwman into this it would be epic. Record when he shaves off his beard he even uses BRAUN.

Warm Mint says:

Can a shaver purchased in Canada (110V), be used/charged in other courntries with 220V? Is it okay if I only use an international adapter?

Herr alpenjäger says:

German Engineering

bbq10 says:

If I won’t one I just go and buy one but it’s the other men that can’t afford $250.00 rasors

zlistcelebrity says:

I have the series 9. best thing ever

TG Sam says:

He should leave some gowned beard, shave himself in the video just like the owner’s daily use, then set up the cleaning center, wash the used shaver by using the cleaning center…………. I think this way will be attracting more people to try, not just talking the displayed new product on the table, not using them.

Ritvik Sardana says:

Help plz
I have a braun trimmer which i bought in 1980’s could anyone help me to tell which model is this?

Kaiserlichehoheit Leo von Preußen says:

I own the Series 3, Series 5 and also Series 7 Braun Shavers. The Series 3 doesn’t seem to shave well at all and I am very disapointed. The Series 5 is great and it shaves very good. Cleaning it is easy using hot Water. The Series 7 had the best shave of the three and it is also easy to clean by rinsing it under hot Water. I have never used the cleaning Dock with any of these electric Shavers.

Ebtsam Mohamed says:


مك. ko

Sean Moran says:

I love my 5 series, but the trimmer stopped working after a month. is there a tip to get it to work?

MasterChiefCH says:

Gibt’s das Video auch in Deutsch?

キングクリストファー says:

Series 5 is good enough guys, trust me, I think series 7 isn’t so great, I’ve had issues with it such as issues with water resistance and the back cutter is really small. Get the SERIES 5 WATER (Braun Series 5 5040s) it’s the best shave trust me, I shave my head too :). The cutters are affordable, Oh don’t worry about the Braun cleaning station that thing is a waste of money, use a quarter cup of vinegar, water, dish detergent and disinfectant alcohol, use a brush to wash any soap scum, cleans it like new every time.

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