2018 Wahl Cordless Senior Review | Magic Clip comparison

What’s Up guys? Today I will be reviewing the New Wahl Cordless Senior, and also I will be comparing it to Wahl Cordless Magic Clip.
This is my first review so let me know what you all think on the comments.

Wahl Magic Clip: http://amzn.to/2CUf0sv

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Tessai'sWorld says:

Where you get your apron?

Alyssa Llanas says:

How much are they if I order the cordless magic clip from uk Nd from who do I order them from

C.Cons84 says:

I have both clippers and what i have done is put the stagger tooth of the magic clip on my wahl cordless seniors and put the senior precision fade blade as it is called on the magic clip and boom. It now feels like im using my cordless seniors with a magic clip blade i like it, in my opinion the magic clip stagger tooth crunch blade you get a better fade then the cordless seniors precision fade blade.

DroidLife says:

Why not have them both!!!

Tuấn Nguyễn says:

magic clip or senior?

badbee00 says:

Wahl wants to make money off of the premium guards. I pay $5 per guard for premiums.

Antoni videos says:

Amigo davia saludos de Callao peru siempre aportando a tu grupo de facebook hoy tengo una duda espero q me puedas ayudar a resolver, yo quiero saber, si las cuchillas de la balding lo puedo utilizar en la magic clip cordiers espero q me ayudes con mi duda amigo

Barbearia Tico says:


Mike Demma says:


ijskonijn3 says:

Is it possible to zero gap the cordless Senior?

niku mnm says:

Great video man Thanks

limit less says:

Ecsatly the same


Hi ya can u bald a full head with the magic cordless ?

Mike Demma says:

hey man great video.. do you mind the crunch blade pulls hair?

Joe P. says:

Excellent review! Thank you.

Manuel Yesid Torres Palacio says:

What price do you have? I want one, in Colombia where I have it, do you have money for combia?

Magali Masson says:

Oh my god yes !Good video, Straight to the point with good actual informations ! Trying to choose a clipper and I wasted an hour just going through so many video that are just rambling and not really helpful at all , haha Anyway Now I am going to go watch more of your videos and sub to your channel .

Miguel Mendez says:

Why doesnt the magic clip come with the size 5 and 7 combs

Jermaine Reid says:

good clippers but no power ..

Ezeckial esp'e says:

Where can I buy the Senior clippers cordless

j emz says:

premium guards should of definitely been included in the U.S. sales as well. It’s pretty lame that Wal Mart Wahl clippers even have premium guards on some of the models they sell their lol

luis hernandez alejandro says:

Gracias David Falla por subir este video. Aprendo mucho con tus videos, me gustaría que hicieras un video de Cómo limpiar las Máquinas por dentro!!!

David Negrete says:

Good job but you didnt tell us about the battery life and which one better

Dereke Lowe says:

Thanks Man!

samad wille s.w.a.g says:

Who is the best wahl magic or wahl senior

Daniel Castellanos says:

Intro beat/song?

Татьяна Красовская says:

На русский переведите …

jeff23dog says:

I love the comparison between the two

xantidote says:

Can you use these to bald ?

charly charly says:

No podias hacer la comparacion en español ya q todos han hecho la mismo en ingles ?

Brian Tobias says:

If you’re doing house calls with cordless clippers, with a usage time of about 75 minutes, you can probably get about 2 cuts in. How do you charge it if you have more clients after the clipper dies?

Rap Carp says:

Where can I order that and how much?

diego palacio says:

Buen video. I’m in the US NY fallow us on instagram as 18-8 fine men’s salon Mamaroneck NY. Que sabes acerca de la la Wahl Sterling 4.

C.Cons84 says:

I did that took my magic stagger tooth cutting blade and put it on the Senior and boom got a hell of a combination now with the power motor of the senior and the stagger tooth blade which I think is true better for fading all on the 1 clipper.

Samuel says:

well done

Brandon Kirkwood says:

I’m left handed fam

alejosorio says:

Hola David.. Sería genial el video en español. Muchas gracias

edwin maldonado says:

Gud video dude..

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