As 2018 rapidly approaches, I show you my starting lineups of clippers. Their are so many clippers and trimmers to choose from. What’s yours? Leave a comment, and don’t forget to like and subscribe.

SHOP AMAZON: http://amzn.to/2DkVmJj

Tools & Equipment I Used:
Andis Supra ZR: http://amzn.to/2BeI4IN
Andis Cordless Envy Li: http://amzn.to/2mP63Jc
Andis Slimline Pro Li: http://amzn.to/2DSLweW
Andis Blackout T Outliner: http://amzn.to/2rjYy2g
Vincent Barber Case: http://amzn.to/2FxQhLD
Camera Canon 80D: http://amzn.to/2Bboey3
Rode VideoMic Pro Plus: http://amzn.to/2Dsn4U0
Vlogging Lens Canon 10-18mm: http://amzn.to/2DfWFp7
Haircut Tutorial Lens Canon 50mm f/1.8: http://amzn.to/2FRfpwT
Lens Bundle Canon 10-18mm & 50mm f/1.8: http://amzn.to/2FPogyQ
Neewer Ring Light: http://amzn.to/2Dj7h6B
Green screen: http://amzn.to/2DffJ6K
Neewer Tripod: http://amzn.to/2EQ0amg

Detachable Blade Haircut Tutorial: https://youtu.be/Af832t9xPaQ
Fake Supreme Review: https://youtu.be/T-AUsjqvSJI
Cordless Clipper Review: https://youtu.be/x50C6R7r4MU

Follow me on IG: Idoitbarber

Instrumentals produced by: https://www.youtube.com/user/CHUKImusic


malcolm daniels says:

What else did you add to your Barber shop

661 Choppin says:

Fuck Joe Rogan, fakest nigga in the industry!

Game play with IRdog says:

Magiclips, slim li, Philip shaver, that’s all

DEVIssION5 says:

From where can I buy the T outliner gold blade ?

Dj Allstyle says:

1)SupraZR 2)Wahl Magic Clip 3)Andis Phat Masters 4)Slimline Pro Li & 5)Fading combs

Manga The Barber says:

My starting 5
1.)Andis BGR
2.)Cordless Magic Clip
4.)Blackout Outliner
5.)Envy li with pro alloy fade blade

wasco money says:

anyone know what the purpose of the shape of the envy blade ? and can a masters blade fit on them

Izzy The Barber says:

Wahl Senior , Andis Masters , Wahl Retro , Andis Profoil , Wahl Hero

john wooard73corvette says:

Oster model 10 , fast feeds , another fast feed , T finisher and a Wahl detailer. I use the Andis  new pre. guards that fit on the 000 for the model 10 and they fit on the fast feeds to .

Brendan Harkin says:

Did I miss something or did u just show 4 clippers, not 5? Lol

661 Choppin says:

Andis fade master
Oster octane
Superliner Li
Irving straight razor/any electric razor
Andis phat
Greatest set up of all time

661 Choppin says:

Guys, you dont need any Pro Mate blades, doesnt make a fucking difference lmao

HumbleCutsByDrew says:

Love it man!

bzorro1 says:

What do you use to bald out brotha?

Bridgette Clare says:

i have to send my cordless magic clips on FOR THE SECOND TIME!! im solo mad at wahl…

itchyvinyl says:

Strictly Business

Fito King says:

I hate the Andis Envy. I Had them and will never buy them again

Mike Ward says:

Good content, what type of blade is on your Andie envy cordless.

Rey The Barber says:

I wish i could afford some cordless here in el salvador im only makin $2 a cut so one clipper and one trimmer i gotta do with what i got

Spencer Cowan says:

1. Andis T-Outliner w/ GTX blade
2. Wahl Magic Clip Cordless
3. Wahl Retro T-Cut cordless
4. Andis Master
5. Wahl Senior w/ taper blade

I’ve been wanting to try the JRL clippers as well as the Babyliss Volares, but haven’t had the opportunity to yet!

MoneyOverFame says:

What’s the best clippers for home use?But still getting a quality build and cut. I need clippers that don’t use detachable blades. I’d rather use guards for safety because I’m not an elite barber yet. I just need something to keep my deep waves looking crisp.

cassidy s says:

5. Magic clip
4. Big mag
3. Oster 76
2. Jrl freshfade 1000
1. Andis bgrc

Lisandro Sifuentes says:

wahl 5 star senior .wahl icon .wahl magic clip wahl detailer wahl balding clipper

X thabarber says:

I bought the Andis envy over a year ago and i HATED them but my starting 5:
Andis brgv
Andis GTX
Wahl magic clip cordless
Wahl sterling 4cordless
Andis slimline pro li

Ace OfFades says:

Wahl Senior
Andis Master
Oster 76
Andis GTX
Wahl Detailer

Roberto Vega Millican says:

Surker sk805?

Wavy Avey says:

My starting: Classic 76s,Andis beauty masters,Andis GTX,Cordless Magic clips,Wahl designers

661 Choppin says:

Its not that Pro mates dont hit, its that THEY HIT THE SAME lmaoooooo dont wsste your money kids.

xZoggy says:

detailers, magic clips, andis uspro cordless li, super taper and slimline pro li 🙂

661 Choppin says:

No matter how much you hypnotize man, you can’t convince us xD

Daniel Cooley says:

Wahl Senior, Wahl magic clips, Wahl detailers, Andis slimline pro li, and Oster octane… but I wanna switch to the supra zr, I’ve heard that they were good

Nathan Johnson says:

Good video man, subbed

Luii Clips says:

Holy crap you look like coach k

Jason A says:

I would change your ig name it kinda looks like idiot barber but spelled wrong

Kyle Osborn says:

Phat master, Supra Zr, wahl cordless Senior, bevel with T blade, wahl Hero will always be used in my arsenal I got a bunch of other essentials too, but those are key.

DroidLife says:

I had the envy li for a year and they SUCK!

lukasz herczakowski says:

3 cordless pairs Babyliss V blade lithium pro
Kemei 2600(magic clip)
Kemei 1990
Trimmer Kemei 5021(wahl detailer)
Shaver foil Kemei 1102

Mike Ward says:

Just got a pare of them.

Cake Boss says:

No Whal Magic Clips…? Or Oster 76…?

Travis Lilley says:

wahl 5 star senior, andis masters, wahl detailers, oster 76, andis gtx, slim lines li for kids.

Terry Williams says:

Great vid

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