Babyliss 880 Hair Clippers | Product Review!

Lowest price i found for babyliss 880:

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my review on the babyliss 880 clipper. designed for professionals and being pushed hard at the hair shows! i decided i had to check them out. good clippers all around. but for me they just don’t make the cut. andis masters and wahl senior still remain the best of the top tier!

Please watch: “Haircut Tutorial! Temp Fade with Twist on Top using Fast Feeds”


The Kid9103 says:

You can put WAHL blades on it. So I’m thinking that maybe you can put a WAHL 2 hole slide and zero gap them.

Feliciano Ortiz says:

i not fp

ChicagoSneakerHead says:

what type of cut was that

Jerry Govea says:

Hey Chris I have question why does the lever of my andis fade master move while cutting ?

Jonathan Jordan says:

Hey where did you get that white fade comb?

Chu Giang says:

This will be a very entertaining tool :Hair Clipper, Hair Trimmer, Shaver
– Your phone will vibrate repeatedly and making buzzy sounds, the image will be loaded from the camera, making you feel like holding a real hair clipper.
– Use the apps to do a prank on your friends and watch them freaking out in fun.

beugen2001 says:

Compared to the cordless magic clip how is it ?

Eduardo Xavier says:

Ela é concorente da Andis fade master? ela quece muito tambem,

christoforos xenofontos says:

the blade(babyliss pro) is good??

Alfonso Guerrero says:

whal senior is the best

Freday b Broussard says:

Hey Chris I’m about to pull the trigger and purchase the babyliss fx673 what are your thoughts on babyliss products. I did see your review on the 880’s

xHibachi24x says:

I was curious if you’ve done any videos with these clippers. The only other YouTuber I’ve seen use these is RealBarberTV (Jose).

Mr071lulu says:

Thanks for the info

Mass Amazement says:

I’m in the process of buying new clippers. would really appreciate your opinion bro. Do you prefer the Andis Masters, Oster Fast Feeds, or Wahl Seniors?? I was leaning towards the Masters Black Label..

Marlon Martinez says:

Should of shown the full haircut

Michael Cherry says:

Hi! Does it heat up very much? How fas, if it does?

David Mercado says:

How would you ask your barber for the haircut you did in this video???

Styles by Yates says:

Thank you I had reserves about Babyliss when I found out they were made by Conair. Your review helped me a lot I’m gonna stick with my masters and cordless magic clip.

AmandaDupnik says:

Love these for the over all clipper cut, just need something to get a little tighter to the head.

CallmeMilton says:

thanks for the video! just some constructive criticism here. i think if you lowered thr background music a little it would make for a better viewing experience. just my $0.02

Phresh Men’s Salon says:

Good review. I was gonna try them but I think I’m gonna pass.

Buster Fade says:

Very good clipper

Ruben Cisneros says:

Does help because I swear by my seniors

Bang BangNorth says:

Chris can you get your hands on some BabyLiss pro Gold Titanium Trimmer? They’re similar to T Outliners

Styles by Yates says:

Thank you I had reserves about Babyliss when I found out they were made by Conair. Your review helped me a lot I’m gonna stick with my masters and cordless magic clip.

Anthony Morgan says:

Thanks 4 the insight!! can always count on you for clipper reviews!

David Vee says:

I know this is a little unrelated to the content, but is it best to call andis to order the original purple guards? I heard from somewhere andis altered them and they only sell the new ones, if you want the older ones you gotta call. Is this true?

chad volkers says:

They look like a clipper and flashlight put together.

Feliciano Ortiz says:

lol, but great review, keep doing what u do, stay blessed

patrick phipps says:

them clippers are rubish they drag badly. they vibrate makes ur hand tingle. trust me they are for home use only


I switched the blades to a wahl’s Fade master blades & A-1!!
Wondering/ next see if I can get ceramic corse blade in there( fast feed style).

ericrtz562 says:

I personally replaced my masters for these, there is a way to zero gap them much easier that it is with the masters too. these will be classics one day flawless design in my opinion.

Patrick De vera says:

Hello mr bossio! Just ordered some of your shaving gel and I am excited to use it! Also I have a question.. What kind are those flat top combs and where could I get one? Please get back to me when you can I know you are busy. Thank you!

ad44891 says:

good review…but whats the best cordless trimmer n your opinion thx brah..keep up the good work

robpower72 says:

they sure do look nice

Feliciano Ortiz says:

im, lost, fp mean the cut look ugly, cause when i mean bad, i mean like the best cut iv seen

Brother Hood says:

logo is tough too!

called it str8 down the middle re: babyliss trimere

Feliciano Ortiz says:

and i live in florida, like 2 hrs away from headlines

Sko TV says:

Background music is so annoying and loud…

Feliciano Ortiz says:

crap, i mean did u think i ment the cut look ugly, cause it doesn’t

Kurt Nguyen says:

do you mind doing a tutorial on the haircut featured in this video? Keep up the good work

Time 2 Motivate says:

Hey brother just a heads up. I clicked on the link to your website and the message stated the following : The owner of has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website. I thought I should point this out to you. Check with your site Administrator so that they can secure your website properly. This could lead to fraud on your site.

The Barber's Chair says:

Check my Instagram @bazan_cuts and YouTube taper tutorial bro . Leave me some feedback ! Subscribed u. Keep them coming !

Spukthebarber says:

Hi there…is any posibility to make zero gap on this clipper ?!

jtunezproductionz says:

do you have more modified t outliner blades?

Federico Millan says:

eres lo mejor

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