Babyliss GoldFX Clipper Review!

the cordless babyliss goldfx clipper review

online academy:

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my iG @bossiocuts


cordless senior:
cordless t-outliner:
dyson blowdryer:
braun series 9 with cleaning dock:
braun series 9 w/o cleaning dock:
Andis Slimline Pro Li
$75 Wahl Magic Clip Clipper –
andis t-outliner
Andis Outliner blade
andis shaver
Astra Double Edge Razor Blades
Blow Dryer
Wahl Premium Guards

Wahl Magic Clip Clipper –
camera equipment:
canon 70D
canon 50mm 1.4 lens
voiceover mic
rode camera mic


Jaime Fernandez says:

Itz good 2 get 1 or not

Freddy Flo says:

Im curious to know how you zero gaped the clipper gold babyliss clipper? Keep up the awesome work great videos!!

Terius Taranto says:

Still putting out videos Tuesday and Thursday?

Bobby Lloyd says:

Everybody likes the way these look but I think they’re kinda gaudy looking :/

Mr. Nice says:

Babyliss trash af


So are they available for purchase online?? If yes where??

lucio villegas says:

I had no idea you spoke spanish.

Big Will says:

Thanks. I value your opinion man.

azziethebarber says:

Wahl senior 7000rpm babyliss 9000rpm

Terry Davies says:

Did you not zero gap the seniors then?

Bruce Truong says:

What is gold blade on your senior ? I couldn’t find them anywhere

Jon Atkins says:

Dam they trash bro? Lmfao

rockyroadbarber says:

Andis masters forever!!! Lol

djmaxxi lovemilf says:

Bring my beccero so that I can give him a haircut with that gold babyliss.

Bryant Zapien says:

What a click bait thumbnail

Jeffa Cuts says:


Salo says:

Dope review!

Terah Da Barber says:

can you do a video on your camera set up and the items you use????

James Bond says:

Nice clippers, how do I go about getting a pair?

Gottii C says:

Clipper came out of Austin powers gold member

f2smooth z says:

I know what you mean im debating to get either one

Elijah Gutierrez says:

They disrespect you and say your not an educator, because your killin it, and they be Jelly! Higher education is a racket and the majority of people with a college education and (massive debt) Regret It. Keep doing what your doing bro. I’ve been working as an engineer for the last 10yrs and hoping I can become a barber someday. I’ve used your content as a stepping stone already. Thanks

Chris Garcia says:

Chris try a wahl fade blade like the one the senior brings … it should fit , it might take
That line out faster

Blake Tsosie says:

You need the truth about Monster so you stop that too

Barber Cisco 661 says:

The reason the envieling was so hig like an apple party is because they know they made it for a low price high profit. Ahahaha. Its nothing compared to the OCTANE BOY. No party bullshit needed. It just WORKS

Ari Ari says:

Shit i have kne

clinton beverley says:

This is the one review from the one person I was waiting to hear. Clint Breezy and the Breezy clan believes in you and love the whole Tomb45 movement. If I could request maybe health tips from you in a bit more detail because your journey is crazy! And you are looked up to by thousands. Mad respect, well deserved. Thanks big homie.

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