Barber Tool Clipper Review: Andis Cordless Envy Li

In this video, I give you the first look at Andis’ new cordless lithium battery adjustable clipper. Is it as good as the Wahl Magic Clip? Give your thoughts.


Miguel Felix says:

if it had the regular master blade on it… plus the notches on the side that shit wouldve been an easy comp for the magic clip but since it doesnt. sorry its not that dope thanks

joe antebi says:

Can you use this on beards?

Cisco Damaso says:

Can you change the blade to the regular Master Blade

BZ bikelifeAtl says:

im aAndis guy, i do love my fast feeds tho. never been into wahl products at all. i need a set of cordless clippers bd.but if money wasnt a variable, would you go with the magic clips or the envy li..

hasan ucar says:

Can you use the master/fade blade on envy cordless??

Maurice Porter says:

thanks bro. im picking up some today. I was waiting on andis to come out with some that open up to a 1. #barberlove

jp3 says:

some of the worst clippers I’ve ever used I sold them asap

itchyvinyl says:

Hey man, congrats on finishing barber school!(H.Pirate shouted you out.) I’m already hip to your channel though. Great content. Keep it up.

semajbowens says:

Can they be zero gapped?

Cameron Sutton says:

With the envy the one magnet guard fits perfectly

sean Delgadillo says:

good looking on review gonna grab a cup

Luis Lourenco says:

Mine got a crazy noise and it got worsen after i have cleaned them up. Check my latest video of the problem i have I wonder if you have the same noise I have.

Milthebarber says:

I like this a lot I just HATE how it’s shaped like whale clippers I shy away from whale specifically for that reason

Louisiana Purchase Cuts says:

nice video but that a taper blade not a fade blade…

Jay T. Hairston II says:

If money wasn’t an option and you had to choose between Wahl Magic Clip, Wahl Designer, and Andis Envy which one would you hands down choose?

The Everything Man says:

Can a regular masters blade be used on these?

Nick Dalton says:

Just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS on your last day of Barber School, and let you know that I sent you a package to the school. Check with them because it was delivered to the front desk yesterday.

Lindemberg Ferreira says:

If money wasn’t an option and you had to choose between Wahl Magic Clip, Wahl Designer, and Andis Envy which one would you hands down choose?

Katy Wood says:

I have new Andis envy li clipper it’s rubbish

greg geo says:

i have wahl clipers and i know that fit some blades of a cliper to another if have two hole screws, because i want to buy the andis envy is there a better blade andis to fit in that cliper for another andis cliper like wahls between them?

King Rey says:

im stuck between these and the magi clip why do you prefer these over the magic clip? and how do they compare to other clippers such as seniors and masters

steeev0 says:

so wait, purple double magnets work good with the envy li?

Rani Barbiere says:

I buy the Andis Envy li Cordlless, and i like so much! Very powerfull, great blade opening..

matthew schreck says:

do the single magnet guards fit the wahl magic clip clipper?

Glenze Singleton says:

Thanks man, you’re still the only person on YouTube to do a review on this. Oh and there is another version of the nano guars that fit the envy better. It has the magnet in the middle so it doesn’t touch the screws

Yoshi Salinas says:

the double magnetic guards fit those envy li clippers????last time i tried them they were loose

Barber Toolz says:

Hello From the Black Widow Razor Family
We see you growing your numbers… Great job.. Keep pushing your videos.

Herman Clipperhands says:

Pretty much agree on it all! I do like the thicker cord on the magic clip, after a while the skinnier cords tend to go faster. I’d say general fading with these, and anything involving bald fade or shaping on textured hair for the magic clips

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