Barber Tool Clipper Review: Wahl Balding Clipper

In this video I review and give my thoughts on the Wahl 5 Star Balding Clipper.

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Michael Cherri says:

hi..can you put a balding blade on the 5 star magic clipper ? i heard a barber did that…it that true ?

Abdikhaliq Abdalla says:

can i shave it with both my public and private parts ?

Lukas Pompa says:

could you use them for simple short back and sides haircuts with longer guards too ?

Raidergeek34 says:

I have the wahl designer and use it for balding. Would be a worth it to upgrade to balding clipper

El Foxx says:

Got the wahl balding blade on Wahl Designers

Derrick Smith says:

Powerful Clipper!!!

Marc Duarte says:

I still own my Whal Balding clippers and they still suck and now finally buying my Oster Clippers, The Whal’s  blades are chronically misaligned and since don’t use the guards I get bitten by the blade and it continually snags the hair! I will be so happy when I am not using these anymore.

Cody says:

if you shave your head with this does your head feel smooth or does it still feel prickly?

Garrick White says:

You’re right a balding clipper is a must in your arsenal. I had the first balding clipper which were red & black , then I bought this version what you are reviewing. Now I have a senior modified into a balding clipper. I took the blade and lid and put it on a senior , love it.

Wahl intentionally made the curve in the cutting blade to stop the pulling and snagging of the pores. I took that cutting blade off and put a regular cutting blade on because it’s the stationary blade that’s doing the snagging because of the pointy fine teeth, sand the pointy edge down on the teeth and that should solve the problem.
Again I love mine can’t go without it..

Jesse Martinez says:

What you mean by set it one time bro?

LakeShowBarber says:

does this cut closer than the outliner blade?

christoforos xenofontos says:

balding clipper cut more than T-outliner??

Tal Schnaider says:

Its work without cable??

classic1984 says:

My non zero gapped wahl detailer cuts closer than this brick. Anyone actually getting a closer cut with this over their trimmers?

Jhon Jhon says:

cut or turn down music in future reviews, super distracting

Josh Pippin says:

good review man, i was gonna buy this clipper but instead i bought the 00000 detachable blade, which cuts about the same length ( i think the balding clipper is supposed to cut a little closer) would you say they would both be about the same?

iAm G14 says:

I just got my Wahl balding clipper and also the Andis GTX because wet shaving was giving me hella razor bumps/irritation. I also got the ON THE MONEY BLADE SETTER for the Andis GTX and MAN!!!!! I had a bald head equivalent to what I normally get with a Safety razor in about 7-10 minutes! I didn’t use the Wahl Balding clipper yet but I did test it on different areas on my skin including the lower neck area in the back and this updated blade is nice… no biting at all! When I bought these from my local Sally’s store I asked the clerk to show me the clippers before I purchased to make sure I hade the new blade AND that it was aligned properly! You guys should do the same… you’re spending your hard earned money and should get what you’re paying for!

Damian Toledo says:

Hey bro I was just wondering if you had any tips for me on how I could get started to learn how to cut hair ? I’m only 15 & you usually have to be 18 to go to barber school. I’ve asked some barbers if they would mentor me & show me some stuff but no one really wants to. So I’m kind of lost on what to do

Keem H says:

Hey man, check it. I rock a bald head and don’t always feel like using a safety razor. I used to use trimmers and I definitely agree with you about burning then out over long time use. Would u recommend these balding clippers or the Wahl 5 star shavers?

Nick Dalton says:

“This Review Right Here…” Keep it pimpin, Pimpin!

Jay The Barber says:

I bald with my detachable with I suggest.

Remon Starr says:

Hey! Does this balding clipper cut as close as the trimmers like: wahl detailer, and t-outliner etc… Is there any difference?

Jeton66 says:

Thanks for the review bro
One question
When i shave my chest i always get pimples and red skin
Do you think this Clipper is also good for getting a clean chest cut to almost zero length?Thats what im looking for…

KEVIN Kwillz The Barber WILLIAMS says:

I just got this like four days ago and its beast mode

kingsaco says:

Nice review @cleancutz. Have you had any issues with the blade poking your clients skin? I normally stretch the skin and lay the blade flat on the scalp.

Kevin Rawson says:

What do you cut your own hair with?

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