Barber Tools Clipper Review: Oster Fast Feed

In this video I give my review of the Oster Fast Feed clipper.

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J wallace says:

Keep up the good work, I’m still in school going thru the journey with you man.

bigfellaoo7 says:

I’m going to get either the fast feed or 76. how do they both cut body hair and thick beards completely off.

jose batista says:

What size detachable did you take the cutting blade off of? Let me know I want to do the same thing. I’m thinking about using my oster 0A cutting blade. But before I do, I would like to know because I don’t want to take apart more than one detachable before I find the right size.

Jason Nguyen says:

Thinking about going to barber school but have never cut Before in my life. Any advise you can give to me I would appreciate the knowledge thanks

John Adams says:

What are you doing with that hideous rat nest hanging from your face?

LokoTripper says:

I’m just about to start barber school and I am torn between the Classic 76 and the Fast Feed

I know it’s ridiculous for me to ask but can you please tell me the difference between both of them ?? and which one is better for beard trims and haircuts ?? Thanks


Fast feeds or wahl seniors?

Abel Ruiz says:

i don’t like my fast feeds, they don’t have enough balls for me, i gotta go over my hair several times especially when i don’t use a guard. i prefer my seniors

Stanley Hogue says:

my favorite clipper. don’t get hot.

Caleb Rabion says:

Hey bro if you can will you do a review on the Babyliss pro detachable blade clippers? not the old style that look like the 76 but the newer design.

Fade Master James Lee says:

I have more trouble with my fast feed! never wants to cut right and leaves trails. my andis masters never work right either.

Nic says:

I shave my head with a #1 (1/8″) guard on my crap conair clippers. I just bought the fast feed, do I need to buy a guard to do the same haircut?

Chito Cutz says:

I got mine for 105$ 🙁

Outsida2K says:

Nice fast feed review @cleancutztha1

Josh Hernandez says:

Good clipper i just cant zero gap them. Is there a way to zero gap them without replacing the moving blade with a detatchable?

Ant Learn says:

So if you put andis parts on the oster,this is not a true review of the clipper then, no?

vick eightoneeight says:

Can I use the fast feeds to blend, or fade my beard? Thanks, for responding if you.

bigfellaoo7 says:

a number of months ago I got the expensive 76. I’m glad I did. It’s expensive and and probably over kill however I wanted something that could cut thick body hair and plow thru everything. very powerful. I only use it 2 to 4 times a months. yes its a commercial clipper. will lasts for years.

Jay The Barber says:

do u suggest ordering clippers off Amazon?

JB Passout says:

come to islam bro nice clippers

J wallace says:

I own a pair of speed line and its my favorite clipper for fading.

Gmaine says:

you should consider grabbing the ceramic coarse cutter blade, crisp cuts

pimpinruben899 says:

if i zero gap some fast feeds and they are on closed position will it be ok for balding?

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